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Thaticanyaks's blog

9:32 PM on 05.10.2011

More love from Square Enix

They are good on their word, I got this awesome framed concept art from Square Enix today! So sweet. Thank you all once again Destructoid and Square Enix!   read

12:03 PM on 04.25.2011

Thank You Destructoid!

Wanted to show my thanks, I won one of your art contests you hold and I just picked up my prize from Square Enix when I went home for the holidays. Thank you and Square so much!, I've been a struggling artist for a while now...   read

7:18 AM on 02.11.2011

A gamers profile page

I redid my blog and added a new bio page. I hate writing a bio about myself they sound so forced and tacky. This was my alternative, hilarious yet informative, from this you know where I went to school, how old I am, and that I suck at rock climbing. Check out my newly remodeled blog too   read

7:20 PM on 02.10.2011

Please HELP a Destructoid in distress!

Silent Hill Downpour has been holding a contest for the last few week to create a graveyard sculpture to be put in the cemetery of the newest addition to the Silent Hill series. Well after a few weeks they are down to the fin...   read

3:43 AM on 02.04.2011

Silent Hill Concept Art Contest

Thank you Destructoid for making me aware a while back that there was going to be a facebook contest for Silent Hill. Draw a grave marker for the graveyard in the new Silent Hill Downpour. The top 3 winners get their statue t...   read

3:01 AM on 12.24.2010

Merry Holidays

Merry Xmas Destructoid. Have a cookie, I got red ones, green ones, stars, and even a holy ghost :) They aren't perfect but they are covered in icing so everyone wins.   read

11:17 PM on 11.30.2010

Tonberry Fish

Another creature concept. "There are many things that can kill you in the deep, the Tonberry Fish is the only one you see coming" ~Capt Gearbeard Also I'm starting up my very first website. I have this idea of drawing out the whole thing, links, icons, buttons, and even the text. Don't know how to make a website so an on going process.   read

8:12 PM on 11.12.2010

Cabinet Art

This is the side cabinet art for the Draw Fire arcade game that I designed. Draw fire is a classic 16bit space shooter that I helped design, it's a pretty sweet little game so try it out nothing fancy but its a throw back to top down shooters. Free download for PC and Mac.   read

4:51 PM on 11.02.2010

Some new work.

I always feel weird when i post on this site I fear it out of place. My work as a finished product has no relevance to video games but it is however inspired by video games. I grew up in the golden age of gaming I was just ...   read

3:02 PM on 06.29.2010


Finished the next character of this series for the fantasy based game company I'm doing artwork for. Bought myself a new box of sexy Prismacolors, actually have a palette of 24 colors instead of the 10 I used for the other t...   read

12:13 AM on 06.17.2010

Priests and Tentacles

I just finished my second concept art for a fantasy based game. Did him in the same style as my goblin, colored pencil on bristol. Just wanted to share it with you guys, I always get great feedback from everyone here. I sti...   read

10:03 PM on 05.25.2010

My first Sprite...sort of.

So I work for a company called P.C. Richard & Son, Those from NY and NJ will know what I'm talking about. Its a high end electronics and appliance retail store. The company has a mascot which is a giant whistle with arms and ...   read

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