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Thaticanyaks's blog

9:32 PM on 05.10.2011

More love from Square Enix

They are good on their word, I got this awesome framed concept art from Square Enix today! So sweet.

Thank you all once again Destructoid and Square Enix!   read

12:03 PM on 04.25.2011

Thank You Destructoid!

Wanted to show my thanks, I won one of your art contests you hold and I just picked up my prize from Square Enix when I went home for the holidays. Thank you and Square so much!, I've been a struggling artist for a while now and this was a boost to my confidence.

I was pleasantly surprised as well, I was only supposed to get a signed copy of the game. But they sent a 2nd package a few days later with the PSP and another copy of the game with a letter saying there's another package on the way lol with a framed and signed piece of concept art from the game.

Thank you once again! This is my favorite site in all the land!

T-yaks   read

7:18 AM on 02.11.2011

A gamers profile page

I redid my blog and added a new bio page. I hate writing a bio about myself they sound so forced and tacky. This was my alternative, hilarious yet informative, from this you know where I went to school, how old I am, and that I suck at rock climbing.

Check out my newly remodeled blog too   read

7:20 PM on 02.10.2011

Please HELP a Destructoid in distress!

Silent Hill Downpour has been holding a contest for the last few week to create a graveyard sculpture to be put in the cemetery of the newest addition to the Silent Hill series. Well after a few weeks they are down to the final round and I managed to hang in till the end.

The final round is all up to "Likes" over at the Silent Hill Facebook page. So if any one out there would help support my work I would be really appreciative.

Here the link to my entry in the "Be buried in Silent Hill" contest.!/photo.php?fbid=190526417635091&set=a.190526267635106.40269.112170395470694
All you have to do is "Like" it. (Note) You need to "Like" Silent Hill's facebook page before you can like any of their images.



3:43 AM on 02.04.2011

Silent Hill Concept Art Contest

Thank you Destructoid for making me aware a while back that there was going to be a facebook contest for Silent Hill. Draw a grave marker for the graveyard in the new Silent Hill Downpour. The top 3 winners get their statue turned into an actual in game statue that will appear in the new installment. How fucking sweet is that?!

So I worked the last few days on some sketches and just finished my concept and sent it in. I'm normally a very political competitor. Doing the victor goes the spoils and fair play and all that chivalry is dead malarkey. This time though I'm out for blood haha, I really want something I designed in a game, it would make me all nippley.

Anywho here's my submission:

I wanted to go with something that felt like the town had slowly changed and twisted it into it's own morbid personality. I used the idea of the steel support rods inside the statue growing out him like vines to give it that unnatural damage. I referenced one of my earlier drawings for that "head back screaming pose" and accentuated the length of the torso to open up his abdomen to show a web of rusty steal bars. This took a little longer then I wanted it to but I like the end result, it gives off a really eerie feel.   read

3:01 AM on 12.24.2010

Merry Holidays

Merry Xmas Destructoid. Have a cookie, I got red ones, green ones, stars, and even a holy ghost :)

They aren't perfect but they are covered in icing so everyone wins.   read

11:17 PM on 11.30.2010

Tonberry Fish

Another creature concept.

"There are many things that can kill you in the deep, the Tonberry Fish is the only one you see coming" ~Capt Gearbeard

Also I'm starting up my very first website. I have this idea of drawing out the whole thing, links, icons, buttons, and even the text. Don't know how to make a website so an on going process.

8:12 PM on 11.12.2010

Cabinet Art

This is the side cabinet art for the Draw Fire arcade game that I designed. Draw fire is a classic 16bit space shooter that I helped design, it's a pretty sweet little game so try it out nothing fancy but its a throw back to top down shooters. Free download for PC and Mac.

[embed]187688:34061[/embed]   read

4:51 PM on 11.02.2010

Some new work.

I always feel weird when i post on this site I fear it out of place. My work as a finished product has no relevance to video games but it is however inspired by video games. I grew up in the golden age of gaming I was just old enough to play atari and intellivision as it debut'd itself to the world. Creatures and monsters from games like earthbound, final fantasy, castlevania, wizard & warriors, out of this world, games with such unique people and things living in them. I use all those images and ideas to fuel my own work. When I see some living moving creature that is the very defination of originality I shutter with glee. I want to be able to replicate that same giddyness.

Basically what I'm trying to get at is I hope the dtoid community would offer themselves to be my audience. I work very hard on my pieces and the people I make my work for are the people like you, the sophisticated gamers, the creative minds, the entrepenuers of interactive entertainment. <3 My hope is that I can get inspired by the communities comments and hopefully get some new ideas and concepts. I am just begining to understand my craft and I think feedback is a necesity to g   read

3:02 PM on 06.29.2010


Finished the next character of this series for the fantasy based game company I'm doing artwork for. Bought myself a new box of sexy Prismacolors, actually have a palette of 24 colors instead of the 10 I used for the other two drawings.

I like the series but the company I'm working for is starting to get a little flaky. I'm worried this will all be for nothing.



Also I redid my blog nothing fancy or anything but check it out, It has some of my other work when I was weird and confused and was doing "Fine" art.... <3

Tyaks   read

12:13 AM on 06.17.2010

Priests and Tentacles

I just finished my second concept art for a fantasy based game. Did him in the same style as my goblin, colored pencil on bristol. Just wanted to share it with you guys, I always get great feedback from everyone here.

I still have about 8 more characters to do:

Archer (Human Female)

Dont know what to do Next.

I also did a unrelated job for the same company. I have to do a "Titan" character, a front view and a rear view. Finished the front, since it's for a different project I used markers this time and I BANGED that out. Markers get the job done so fast, I had no idea. They give a unique look too, almost comic book style, even added some inking afterwords to really give it that illustration look.


P.S. Who do I talk to about adding an "Art" Tag to the "Tag your post" drop down menu? There's a good amount of artists on here with a lot of game related art. :)   read

10:03 PM on 05.25.2010

My first Sprite...sort of.

So I work for a company called P.C. Richard & Son, Those from NY and NJ will know what I'm talking about. Its a high end electronics and appliance retail store. The company has a mascot which is a giant whistle with arms and legs and a pair of head phones. They dress him up for different departments (Cooking appliances, he's wearing an apron and a chef's hat and so on) but they don't have a "Video Game" themed whistle dude because the video game department is new.

I convinced them to let me take a stab at it and I went Old School on them. I 16 bit-tized their mascot. I'm hoping they approve it lol.


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