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I grew up with games, I was there for the begining, the golden age of gaming and have seen it mature to what it is today. I want to be a part of the gaming world, I'm a starving artist trying to get into the field of game design. I work as much as I can on my art and continue to push myself so please check out my blogs and visit my site

They are good on their word, I got this awesome framed concept art from Square Enix today! So sweet.

Thank you all once again Destructoid and Square Enix!

12:03 PM on 04.25.2011

Wanted to show my thanks, I won one of your art contests you hold and I just picked up my prize from Square Enix when I went home for the holidays. Thank you and Square so much!, I've been a struggling artist for a while now and this was a boost to my confidence.

I was pleasantly surprised as well, I was only supposed to get a signed copy of the game. But they sent a 2nd package a few days later with the PSP and another copy of the game with a letter saying there's another package on the way lol with a framed and signed piece of concept art from the game.

Thank you once again! This is my favorite site in all the land!


7:18 AM on 02.11.2011

I redid my blog and added a new bio page. I hate writing a bio about myself they sound so forced and tacky. This was my alternative, hilarious yet informative, from this you know where I went to school, how old I am, and that I suck at rock climbing.

Check out my newly remodeled blog too

Silent Hill Downpour has been holding a contest for the last few week to create a graveyard sculpture to be put in the cemetery of the newest addition to the Silent Hill series. Well after a few weeks they are down to the final round and I managed to hang in till the end.

The final round is all up to "Likes" over at the Silent Hill Facebook page. So if any one out there would help support my work I would be really appreciative.

Here the link to my entry in the "Be buried in Silent Hill" contest.!/photo.php?fbid=190526417635091&set=a.190526267635106.40269.112170395470694
All you have to do is "Like" it. (Note) You need to "Like" Silent Hill's facebook page before you can like any of their images.



Thank you Destructoid for making me aware a while back that there was going to be a facebook contest for Silent Hill. Draw a grave marker for the graveyard in the new Silent Hill Downpour. The top 3 winners get their statue turned into an actual in game statue that will appear in the new installment. How fucking sweet is that?!

So I worked the last few days on some sketches and just finished my concept and sent it in. I'm normally a very political competitor. Doing the victor goes the spoils and fair play and all that chivalry is dead malarkey. This time though I'm out for blood haha, I really want something I designed in a game, it would make me all nippley.

Anywho here's my submission:

I wanted to go with something that felt like the town had slowly changed and twisted it into it's own morbid personality. I used the idea of the steel support rods inside the statue growing out him like vines to give it that unnatural damage. I referenced one of my earlier drawings for that "head back screaming pose" and accentuated the length of the torso to open up his abdomen to show a web of rusty steal bars. This took a little longer then I wanted it to but I like the end result, it gives off a really eerie feel.

3:01 AM on 12.24.2010

Merry Xmas Destructoid. Have a cookie, I got red ones, green ones, stars, and even a holy ghost :)

They aren't perfect but they are covered in icing so everyone wins.
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