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ThatNintendoFan avatar 9:57 PM on 07.03.2013  (server time)
Metroid Prime HD

Another E3 and no new Metroid. I was waiting for it, gritting my teeth, but Retro Studios did not give me what I wanted, even though making a Donkey Kong isn't exactly a bad decision. Despite the lack of a new iteration in the unfortunately neglected series, I'm still hoping that they release a HD version of the first Metroid Prime.

Yes, yes. Technically, Metroid Prime has been re-released already in the compilation, Metroid Prime Trilogy. And Nintendo is not exactly one to release HD remakes of its games, despite what they are currently doing with The Wind Waker. But Metroid Prime is one of the best games of all time, and I personally think Nintendo is not taking the Metroid series as serious as they are taking Mario and Zelda (I think every fan can relate).

A Breath of Life?
The Wii U is struggling as we speak to gain a proper fan base and a new Metroid game could kick start some sales for those people looking for a 'hard-core' (even though I personally don't like that tag) game. A new Metroid game would be stupendous but a HD remake of the award winning Metroid Prime could wet many fans lips as we wait for Samus's proper (I'm pointing at you Other M!) return. 

Metroid Prime on the Wii U could have some new features, like placing the Inventory and Map on the Gamepad screen (which is most likely), off-TV gameplay and a change up of the controls to make playing the game less awkward, all while sharpening out the landscape, making the game more immersive. 

Honestly, making a HD remake of Metroid Prime could get a lot of people buying the Wii U and it would surely give some of the more passionate Nintendo fans something to 'brag' about. Imagine a game that looked so great but in HD! In fact, if Nintendo wants to go the safe route, they could just release an HD version of Metroid Prime Trilogy which could be just as great.

What do you guys say, guys? Metroid Prime HD or is it best to stay it in the past, as a beautiful, Gamecube classic?

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