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10:46 AM on 10.07.2008

Castle of Shikigami III (PC)

My first blog post ever. The first time will be the best time. For information about me
check next to my avatar.
I'm going to review Castle of Shikigami III. Animé freaks might know this game,
however it's not that well-known. This game is also available for Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.
The screenshots are screenshots from the wii version!

The first thing to say is of course the genre. It's a shooter, only in animé style. No spaceships or planes, just some magicians who like to fly around and kick some ass. Your enemies though, are robots or strange creatures. It was an arcade game, converted into a console and PC game. That explains why there aren't much stages.

So it is known that the game is an shooter in animé style and it has few stages. The game itself is quite nice. You just press Z to shoot, hold Z and your character will do a special attack.
The special attacks are quite powerfull, but difficult to master. Your bullets will fly everywhere if you don't know how to use it. That's quite entertaining, but sometimes not.
You also have the bomb ability. When destroying enough enemy you'll gain bombs. Bombs are not the bombs you think, they're also special like the special attacks. These are easy to master. Ability's as stop time or spinning like a crazy guy to cut every asshole his but. Quite entertaining.

You have bosses and they're not easy to beat. The also have special moves and some of them are dangerous. You are able to see how many health the boss have, so that's quite handy if you ask me. The stage bosses are strange monsters, the end bosses are also magicians like you. All in animé style.

The graphics are nice. They're not perfect, but nice. You can play it in fullscreen and in window mode. ( the most animé games are in window modes ) The resolution in full screen is poor. You can't get higher than 1024 × 768 The bulles are nice and colorfull and the enemies are in 3d.

You can play the game in different modes, different grades and different styles.
From very easy to very hard you'll be busy for a while. There is musixmix mode, extreme mode, practise mode and director's mode. There are 10 characters you can play with each his own abilities.

[i]This game is worth me a 7. It's nice to shoot every monster away, but the game is really short. The characters are nice drawn and the backgrounds are nice. Music is good, really, I enjoyed the game also because of the music. It's like a animé serie.
7/10 I reccomend it for animéshooterlovers/[/url][url][img]   read

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