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Thaisie avatar 3:35 AM on 10.12.2008  (server time)
Top 5 Most Annoying Fighting Character

I love fighting games. They're so addictive. Surviving mode rocks. So everyone has it's own character that owns everyone. But there are also characters who are annoying and a pain in the ass.
Here's my top 5.

Axl Low - Guilty Gear
Yeah, it's personal, but I hate this guy so hard that if I ever meet him I'll crush him with a bat.
His combo's with the scythe his so annoying, I can't do anything against it. So if you're going to play Guilty Gear with me, take him.

Sagat - Street Fighter
I hate long range characters, they're so annoying. You'll have to get close and hit them before he hits you with his ass long range attacks. So yeah, enough reasons to hate Sagat from Street Fighter series. At first he was a boss, another reason to hate him because people make bosses annoying to make it difficult for us. But it's only frustrating.

Astaroth - Soul Calibur
I'm fan of Soul Calibur, but not from Astaroth. Also long range and huge like Sagat. His axe is annoying when spinns around like a Beyblade. Guard Impact is the only thing against it in my opinion, or just run away.

Raiden - Mortal Kombat
I hate Mortal Kombat. But I just play it becaue my friends play it. So yeah, I picked Raiden because of his supernatural shit he's doing. Lightning, flying and whatever. He teleports everywhere, like a crazy Dragonball Z character. Dead or Alive 4 boss is also annoying. She teleports and makes powerfull combo's to shit you up.

Bass Armstrong - Dead or Alive
What the fuck. This sentence was the first thought when I fought agains Bass. I always lose against him. At least 2/3 times in a row. In surviving mode, I got to 15 with La Mariposa. My first time scoring so high, yes, all happy. And then mister Bass comes in and crushes me like an ant. I can't play with him either. He is slow, his fighting style doesn't fit me and his voice is terrible. Enough reasons to hate him.

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