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Thaisie avatar 8:32 AM on 10.10.2008  (server time)
Prince of Persia king

I just don't know what to say about this franchise. It's great. I mean, when I was a kid I played the first Prince of Persia and to be honest: I hated it. As a kid I didn't like platforms, I liked adventure games, plus it was a pretty old game. ( At 1998 I started to play games at the age of 6 ) I liked Zelda and Mario and stuff. So the Prince of Persia in the 90's were history.

But yeah, at time of 2000/2001 I discovered Prince of Persia 3D. I was shocked how pretty the game actually was. But it was also not MY game. It was too difficult for me and I got bored. The Prince was ugly ( in my opnion ) and I couldn't get further than the first level.
I cannot remember what lvl 1 was like, but I searched on the internet and discoverd that it was a prison.. I know, bad memory...

Knowing that Prince of Persia doesn't suck at age of 14, I was very disapointed in myself. But hey, I got a gamecube, saw Prince of Persia Sands of Time in a store, bought it, and loved it.
The prince looked very cool, especialy when his clothes were ripped off. His blade skills, Farah, the graphics, so gorgeous. Control the time was also a great idea. The puzzels were not frustating, but great. Superb. Super for a gamecube ( and of course the other consoles ) 9/10

Sexy Farah:

Good action:

Well, because I was a poor little kid with a stupid paperjob I coulnd't afford Warriors Within. Quite frustrating. But later, when even The Two Thrones came out, I bought a 3 in one pack. Knowing that this would be a super offer and a super investment I started again with Sands of Time. Then The Two Thrones. Sands of Time was better. WW was more fightinh than adventure/puzzle. For some folk great, but I missed the feeling from Sands of Time. The dagger is gone, instead you'll have a stupid coin. Timecontrol with a stupid coin. But it wasn't a bad game. The fighting combo's were great and the bosses look very dangerous. So 8/10 wouldn't complain.

In the 3 in one pack you also have The Two Thrones. This is a great game, so amazing! Speed Kill is so adictive. You're just be anxious to kill someone with speedkill. The Dagger of Time is back, Farah is back, Vizier is back, but in a new story. Super! Puzzles are a bit of easy, but it doesn't matter, it's not frustrating as Zack & Wiki. The Dark Prince kinda suck in my opinion, but it is a really good thing they added it. Graphics are really good, it's just the best I would say. 9/10

Yeah, Ubisoft rulez, but everything has an end. ( almost everything ) The Sands Chronicles are done. So we thought Prince of Persia is done. Hell no. There is a new one of course, old news I guess.

My opinion about the trailers I've seen, well, the Prince looks kinda weaker than the Prince from the Sands. And then the women. She looks nice, but not Farah. But hey, new things is also good. But when I seed how the Prince walks on walls, it seems so unreal. I mean the other 3 parts are also a little bit uneal, but this is going to far.
I'm not going to complain, because I haven't played it. I'm willing to try it.
See the trailers for yourself.

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