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Thaisie's blog

12:32 PM on 11.10.2008

Top 5 Weirdest Dance Styles

Number 5 Linedance Number 4 Jumpstyle Number 3 Weird Dance Number 2 Tectonic Number 1 Rave Dance   read

2:43 PM on 10.29.2008

Why I should buy C&C Red Alert 3

My reasons to buy Red Alert 3(Xbox360): * Red Alert 1 & 2 rocked! * It's a nice RTS for your Xbox360 * The ladies are nice! * I like science fiction RTS * The Empire of the Rising Sun rocks! * Tanya is back * The Allied Presi...   read

6:14 AM on 10.14.2008

Top 5 Hottest Ladies Fighting Games

Iff I had a chance to meet someone in real life from a game, I would choose someone from the Fighting Games. DOA, SC, SF etc. they all have nice characters. Here's my top 5. 5 Talim - SC Yeah, I like Talim. My favorite SC II...   read

3:35 AM on 10.12.2008

Top 5 Most Annoying Fighting Character

I love fighting games. They're so addictive. Surviving mode rocks. So everyone has it's own character that owns everyone. But there are also characters who are annoying and a pain in the ass. Here's my top 5. 5 Axl Low - Gui...   read

8:32 AM on 10.10.2008

Prince of Persia king

I just don't know what to say about this franchise. It's great. I mean, when I was a kid I played the first Prince of Persia and to be honest: I hated it. As a kid I didn't like platforms, I liked adventure games, plus it was...   read

1:15 PM on 10.09.2008

Shikabanehime Aka

Alright, I was looking for a nice animé serie to watch. My first option is to look for It was a succes, because this ís the season for new animé releases. And of course I found a couple. To tell the trut...   read

10:46 AM on 10.07.2008

Castle of Shikigami III (PC)

My first blog post ever. The first time will be the best time. For information about me check next to my avatar. I'm going to review Castle of Shikigami III. Animé freaks might know this game, however it's not that well-kno...   read

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