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12:32 PM on 11.10.2008

Top 5 Weirdest Dance Styles

Number 5

Number 4

Number 3
Weird Dance

Number 2

Number 1
Rave Dance
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2:43 PM on 10.29.2008

Why I should buy C&C Red Alert 3

My reasons to buy Red Alert 3(Xbox360):
* Red Alert 1 & 2 rocked!
* It's a nice RTS for your Xbox360
* The ladies are nice!
* I like science fiction RTS
* The Empire of the Rising Sun rocks!
* Tanya is back
* The Allied President's catch-phrase is cool ( Vote 4 me, if you want to live )
* The music is hot
* The cover is great
* The graphics are great ( Especially the water )
* Nice units
* I like Emma Atkinson
* Einstein is back!
* The cast is awesome

Conclusion: Buy it!

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6:14 AM on 10.14.2008

Top 5 Hottest Ladies Fighting Games

Iff I had a chance to meet someone in real life from a game, I would choose someone from the Fighting Games.
DOA, SC, SF etc. they all have nice characters. Here's my top 5.

5 Talim - SC
Yeah, I like Talim. My favorite SC II character. She isn't hot or something like that.
But she's cute. The SC IV version of Talim is the cutest character I've ever played with.
Especialy when she's wears her Kity suit with the blonde hair. Great...

4 Cassandra - SC
Whoa, another SC character! Cassandra is blonde, green eyes ( in SC IV ) and has
a sexy stance. Her throws are terrific. Her kicks are splendid. Her attitude is great.
Alright, she doesn't have boobs like Ivy or Taki, but boobs are not everything in life...

3 Cammy - SF
At young age I thought she was ugly. But when you grow up your taste changes. And also the girls.
Cammy is blonde ( yeaaah ) and has a musculair body. The blue eyes fits her hair and she has
a cool scarf on her face. She wears a cool barret and a militairy outfit. No big boobs, but also no problem.

2 Ayane - DOA
Ayane is maybe one of my reasons to but DOA Xtreme 2. ( People say the game really suck, I don't know ).
Purple hair, sexy outfit and a cute face. She also got quite the boobs. Her ninja style fits her totally. Sneaky fast
and sneaky sexy. Cool...

1 La Mariposa/Lisa - DOA
Woow, this is it! My number 1 favorite Fighting Girl! Brown skin, quite big boobs and a sexy outfit.
The mask is really important. Without mask she isn't pretty as with the mask. The first outfit rocks.
The second, third and fourth not. The way she dances around is greaaat. Perfect voice and a nice
fight style. Delicious!

3:35 AM on 10.12.2008

Top 5 Most Annoying Fighting Character

I love fighting games. They're so addictive. Surviving mode rocks. So everyone has it's own character that owns everyone. But there are also characters who are annoying and a pain in the ass.
Here's my top 5.

Axl Low - Guilty Gear
Yeah, it's personal, but I hate this guy so hard that if I ever meet him I'll crush him with a bat.
His combo's with the scythe his so annoying, I can't do anything against it. So if you're going to play Guilty Gear with me, take him.

Sagat - Street Fighter
I hate long range characters, they're so annoying. You'll have to get close and hit them before he hits you with his ass long range attacks. So yeah, enough reasons to hate Sagat from Street Fighter series. At first he was a boss, another reason to hate him because people make bosses annoying to make it difficult for us. But it's only frustrating.

Astaroth - Soul Calibur
I'm fan of Soul Calibur, but not from Astaroth. Also long range and huge like Sagat. His axe is annoying when spinns around like a Beyblade. Guard Impact is the only thing against it in my opinion, or just run away.

Raiden - Mortal Kombat
I hate Mortal Kombat. But I just play it becaue my friends play it. So yeah, I picked Raiden because of his supernatural shit he's doing. Lightning, flying and whatever. He teleports everywhere, like a crazy Dragonball Z character. Dead or Alive 4 boss is also annoying. She teleports and makes powerfull combo's to shit you up.

Bass Armstrong - Dead or Alive
What the fuck. This sentence was the first thought when I fought agains Bass. I always lose against him. At least 2/3 times in a row. In surviving mode, I got to 15 with La Mariposa. My first time scoring so high, yes, all happy. And then mister Bass comes in and crushes me like an ant. I can't play with him either. He is slow, his fighting style doesn't fit me and his voice is terrible. Enough reasons to hate him.

8:32 AM on 10.10.2008

Prince of Persia king

I just don't know what to say about this franchise. It's great. I mean, when I was a kid I played the first Prince of Persia and to be honest: I hated it. As a kid I didn't like platforms, I liked adventure games, plus it was a pretty old game. ( At 1998 I started to play games at the age of 6 ) I liked Zelda and Mario and stuff. So the Prince of Persia in the 90's were history.

But yeah, at time of 2000/2001 I discovered Prince of Persia 3D. I was shocked how pretty the game actually was. But it was also not MY game. It was too difficult for me and I got bored. The Prince was ugly ( in my opnion ) and I couldn't get further than the first level.
I cannot remember what lvl 1 was like, but I searched on the internet and discoverd that it was a prison.. I know, bad memory...

Knowing that Prince of Persia doesn't suck at age of 14, I was very disapointed in myself. But hey, I got a gamecube, saw Prince of Persia Sands of Time in a store, bought it, and loved it.
The prince looked very cool, especialy when his clothes were ripped off. His blade skills, Farah, the graphics, so gorgeous. Control the time was also a great idea. The puzzels were not frustating, but great. Superb. Super for a gamecube ( and of course the other consoles ) 9/10

Sexy Farah:

Good action:

Well, because I was a poor little kid with a stupid paperjob I coulnd't afford Warriors Within. Quite frustrating. But later, when even The Two Thrones came out, I bought a 3 in one pack. Knowing that this would be a super offer and a super investment I started again with Sands of Time. Then The Two Thrones. Sands of Time was better. WW was more fightinh than adventure/puzzle. For some folk great, but I missed the feeling from Sands of Time. The dagger is gone, instead you'll have a stupid coin. Timecontrol with a stupid coin. But it wasn't a bad game. The fighting combo's were great and the bosses look very dangerous. So 8/10 wouldn't complain.

In the 3 in one pack you also have The Two Thrones. This is a great game, so amazing! Speed Kill is so adictive. You're just be anxious to kill someone with speedkill. The Dagger of Time is back, Farah is back, Vizier is back, but in a new story. Super! Puzzles are a bit of easy, but it doesn't matter, it's not frustrating as Zack & Wiki. The Dark Prince kinda suck in my opinion, but it is a really good thing they added it. Graphics are really good, it's just the best I would say. 9/10

Yeah, Ubisoft rulez, but everything has an end. ( almost everything ) The Sands Chronicles are done. So we thought Prince of Persia is done. Hell no. There is a new one of course, old news I guess.

My opinion about the trailers I've seen, well, the Prince looks kinda weaker than the Prince from the Sands. And then the women. She looks nice, but not Farah. But hey, new things is also good. But when I seed how the Prince walks on walls, it seems so unreal. I mean the other 3 parts are also a little bit uneal, but this is going to far.
I'm not going to complain, because I haven't played it. I'm willing to try it.
See the trailers for yourself.   read

1:15 PM on 10.09.2008

Shikabanehime Aka

Alright, I was looking for a nice animé serie to watch. My first option is to look for It was a succes, because this ís the season for new animé releases. And of course I found a couple. To tell the truth, I found 3 series which are nice to follow.

Let me say that Shikabanehime was outstanding on the list of animesuki. It had more than 1000 seeders. That's a hint you know. Next thing was checking anime news to check the genre and storyline."Supernatural" it said. Alright, I love supernatural series, so I chose this one as my first animé selection for this autumn.

It's about a boy who lives in a temple with his foster parents. On a night he discovers a dead girl lying in the temple and a speaking cat. Very confusing. But alright, let's continue watching. His foster father pushed the girl on her stomache and hugged her and she became alive.

Well, I'm not going to review this serie because I only watched the first episode. But it's kind of interesting. Shikabane are undeadpeople who have special powers. Good Shikabane beat bad Shikabane. Gunfire actions and supernatural powers are combined, so I liked the first episode.

Just go see for yourself! I reccomend it for supernatural fans, maybe for people who like gunfire actions. There is also a bit of mystery if you ask me....


10:46 AM on 10.07.2008

Castle of Shikigami III (PC)

My first blog post ever. The first time will be the best time. For information about me
check next to my avatar.
I'm going to review Castle of Shikigami III. Animé freaks might know this game,
however it's not that well-known. This game is also available for Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.
The screenshots are screenshots from the wii version!

The first thing to say is of course the genre. It's a shooter, only in animé style. No spaceships or planes, just some magicians who like to fly around and kick some ass. Your enemies though, are robots or strange creatures. It was an arcade game, converted into a console and PC game. That explains why there aren't much stages.

So it is known that the game is an shooter in animé style and it has few stages. The game itself is quite nice. You just press Z to shoot, hold Z and your character will do a special attack.
The special attacks are quite powerfull, but difficult to master. Your bullets will fly everywhere if you don't know how to use it. That's quite entertaining, but sometimes not.
You also have the bomb ability. When destroying enough enemy you'll gain bombs. Bombs are not the bombs you think, they're also special like the special attacks. These are easy to master. Ability's as stop time or spinning like a crazy guy to cut every asshole his but. Quite entertaining.

You have bosses and they're not easy to beat. The also have special moves and some of them are dangerous. You are able to see how many health the boss have, so that's quite handy if you ask me. The stage bosses are strange monsters, the end bosses are also magicians like you. All in animé style.

The graphics are nice. They're not perfect, but nice. You can play it in fullscreen and in window mode. ( the most animé games are in window modes ) The resolution in full screen is poor. You can't get higher than 1024 × 768 The bulles are nice and colorfull and the enemies are in 3d.

You can play the game in different modes, different grades and different styles.
From very easy to very hard you'll be busy for a while. There is musixmix mode, extreme mode, practise mode and director's mode. There are 10 characters you can play with each his own abilities.

[i]This game is worth me a 7. It's nice to shoot every monster away, but the game is really short. The characters are nice drawn and the backgrounds are nice. Music is good, really, I enjoyed the game also because of the music. It's like a animé serie.
7/10 I reccomend it for animéshooterlovers/[/url][url][img]   read

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