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So, you may remembered in the middle of last month, Dtoid had an all nighter wth Capcom over Lost Planet 2. Good times were had. People were sleep deprived, they kept showing off these kick ass cupcakes, the Capcom guy passed out early, and I kept asking for Tactix's hat. That was an awkward night where I actually went to bed early to try to get some sleep. Obviously didn't happen, but that's ok! Instead, I won the last comment contest of the night and got a big box of swag!

Fuck yeah signed by Niero!

(That shirt is actually from a previous contest I didn't know I won until I checked my email. :x)

Signed by Jun Takeuchi.

I actually got the poster early, and a Lost Planet 2 shirt, but the shirt is in the wash right now.

Huge thanks to Destructoid. You guys have been rocking for a long time now. Keep it up!

I am about to solve one of the great mysteries of life for you. One of those unsolvable questions of gamer life has just been given an answer and I am going to let you guys and girls in on it. Ready?

What defines a game as hardcore? What defines a game as casual?

Nothing. It's the player you define as hardcore or casual and how far they are willing to take the game.

Take this for example. My mom fucking loves Zoo World on Facebook. If she isn't working, she is playing Zoo World. She is hardcore about this game. He has three different browsers open, she has spreadsheets going for what kind of animals to breed, she works with people on Facebook to find exploits to get unlimited animals, she has Firefox open with 20 tabs refreshing over and over to multiply her zoo worth. It's insane. I hate it. It lags the whole house internet and I can't play Bad Company 2. She is hardcore about that game.

I play Halo 3 occasionally. I have all the map packs, but I still only boot it up once every few weeks. My rank is always reset back to 1 when I play. It's an easy game for me to just jump into and shoot the shit (literally) and have fun. I don't have a problem with this. Halo 3 isn't a game I plan to play for hour and hour and hour. It's just a game I bought because it was the multiplayer game to own for 360. I am really casual about playing Halo 3.

You can't really define a game as "casual" or "hardcore". Anyone can play any game. It's just how much a person is willing to take said game. SHMUP's can be played by anyone. The hardcore players will be finishing it in one credit without dieing. Anyone can play Demon's Souls, but if you're me then you can run through the game blindfolded knowing all the exploits and tricks. Sure, people will sit around on Facebook and play Farmville or Zoo World just to occupy time, but it's a person like my mom who take it to the next level. It's not about the game, it's about the player.

And personally, I think it always should have been thought like that.

I loved the header from last week, so I'm using it this week. I also have no Photoshop skills to make my own. AND I'M LATE! Christ, I am fucking this up.

Wait, where's Y0j1mb0?

Riiiight. He's busy playing some crazy new game. Final Fight 13 or something? I dunno.

Burnout Paradise

Time: 7pm EST; PSN Host: Darkwhitehair

Expect some Cops & Robbers action. If you don't have the DLC already, what the hell are you even doing with this game anyway? Do you hate fun?

White Knight Chronicles

Time: 8pm EST; Host: Qraze; PSN Tag: qraze

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Time: 9pm EST; PSN Host: Jack of all Trades

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Time: 10:30pm EST; PSN Host: Corak/IronPikeman

If you show up, Corak will treat you to a Michael Myers match. What is it? I have no idea. Go play some and find out.

SOCOM: Confrontation

Time: 12pm EST; PSN Host: k0wb0y-b33b0p/Moosehole

If I do happen to stop by for this, please stand as still as possible so I can earn my Tilly.

MAG PLAYERS! I wouldn't surprise me if Elsa or other Dtoiders were doing something MAG related tonight. Comment and coordinate below with each other and get something going.

This is the worst FNF post ever.

I don't know how many people here listen to podcasts or watch videocasts, but I just watched Co-Op from last week because I missed it and they take a seat and talk about multiplayer heavy FPS'. It's kind of insightful to see people talking about the two "worlds" of FPS', those being console and PC, and how they compare and what they do differently. Now, I've played both platforms for a long time so I know both sides, but sometimes a heated argument will come up about how FPS' preform on PC compared to console or the community of PC shooters compared to Live and some people just don't get what the other person is talking about. I think this lays it all out very well and it's a good watch. If you have a half hour to kill or are sitting at the computer and have some space to run a YouTube video, watch this.

(And yes, I posted two blogs close together. Blow me. Spur of the moment.)

If you've bough a DSi because it had slightly better hardware inside it, you've probably been disapointed since no one has actually taken advantage of this new stuff. DSiWare sucks pretty hard too. It seems like the DSi was a bit of a flopped idea, which is sad.

But now we have something totally awesome that compliments the DSi...

KORG DS-10 was a little music program for the DS that came, got talked about a bit, then went. It was sad because I thought it was very cool but could never get my hands on a copy. This was made by the music company KORG and it mimiced KORG MS-10 synthesizer alowing you to make all kinds of synth tunes.

KORG made another version called KORG DS-10+ which released in September in Japan. It came with enhanced features over the last version and some only for the DSi. XSEED took it upon themselves to publish this in the US and it comes out February 16.

I can't wait to get my hands on this. I always think DJing and mixing music and synth stuff like this is cool, but to get my hands on something simple like this that I can carry anywhere is exciting. To have something that takes advantage of the DSi is very cool as well.

1:22 PM on 01.02.2010

This is just going to be some random thoughts on gaming I had at around 1am and decided to get down...


It kills my soul to see people think originality is a bad thing. On a forum I go to, someone posted a video for Gametrailers GotY pickings. Every console but the Wii was Modern Warfare 2. This obviously pissed people off, but then someone brought something else as equally enraging forth...

"Guys at least that was totally predictable, you should have seen the Gamespot awards, they were such bullshit. Demon's Souls beat Dragon Age for RPG of the year. Yeah, it was that bad."

Now, don't get me wrong here. Dragon Age is a fantastic game, but as far as gameplay goes it is nothing terribly new. Even the story follows BioWare's known four part premise. I'm not bashing it for that. Demon's Souls, on the other hand, gave us completely original ideas and one of the most talked about games of the year (for all the right reasons). Every person I know who has bothered to take a stab at it has come away saying "That was something." And Gamespot, the most well known video game site who I known for reviewing games under questionable standards, gives it their game of the year and that is a BAD thing?

Stop playing video games.

I need to play Uncharted 2 more. I've beaten the story mode and played some of the multiplayer, but not for more than an hour total. Tonight was FNF and we played Uncharted 2 and it was the most fun I've had playing a multiplayer video game in a long time. Not once was I yelling curses at the top of my lungs or slamming my desk in rage over some bullshit death. Uncharted 2 doesn't stop the fun at player versus player tho. Survival and the co-op missions are great. They already supported Uncharted 2 with a free update. I'm willing to pay for DLC additions. I don't often say that.

It also has Elsa's dream perks. When you reach highest rank there are perks you can buy (You buy perks with in game money you ear from matches.) that will put you at a disadvantage. Something like half health, more damage from melee attacks, half ammo. Pretty cool to see that.

Playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix makes me wish Street Fighter 4 was true 2D. Me and Yojimbo played a few matches and it was awesome fun. Now that I figured out charge characters (something I never understood for years) I like I think I played a pretty mean Guile. But every time I play Street Fighter 4 I think about STDH come to like the game's graphical style less and less. Yeah, people will probably remember it down the road, but I don't think it will age as well as something like STHD or BlazBlue. At some point people are going to look back and think "Man, Chun-Li looked really fucking weird in that game." Ya know, if they aren't already.

Despite my attempts at not to, I'll probably buy Super Street Fighter 4 too. I hope Dudly is in it, and I hope his gameplay is intact from Street Fighter III. I doubt it is because it was juggle heavy and the only person who uses juggles heavily in SF4 is Sakura, and we all know how well that worked out. (Hint: She's fucking terrible.)

This year, I will complete more games than last year. You can see me listed on the Dtoid Complete Game List 2009 (check out part 2!) with less than a dozen games beaten. That is not even a game a month. That is sad. So this year I'm aiming higher. Even if it's just one over. I'm starting with Torchlight.

I'm going to buy a Wii before the end of the month. Yeah, for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and some other things I missed like No More Heroes (even if it is coming in HD) and MadWorld (even if it was just alright). Yeah, that backlog I indirectly mentioned above is only going to get bigger.

Anyway, that's it. Happy New Year Dtoid.