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Happy Birthday Mr.Workmengs

Did I miss a memo or something? Usually we celebrate DTOID members birthdays with a CBLOG full of happy birthdyas. And since today it┤s Mr.Workman┤s birthday (well at least according to Facebook wich never lies). HAPPY 100 YEARS RON!!!!!!! You┤ve always been a champ


Penny Arcade nailed it today

If you haven┤t visited today┤s comic, here it is: http://www.penny-arcade.com/ I really laughed hard on this one. Reminds me off when I first played MArio 64, and I am pretty sure Mirror┤s Edge will make me feel exactly like that.


Little, really little Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts Footage

Browsing through Kotaku I found this IGN video where they show some footage of the Square Enix party. And between all the non important footage you can see a little bit of Final Fantasy Dissidia, of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. And since I am a huge, huge, Kingdom Hearts fan I couldn┬┤t resist myself from posting the video:


I make the Halo cardboard armour kid cry to sleep at night

This kid, will cry to sleep to sleep every night after watching my epic carboard mastery. I spend 3 days cutting, and pasting, and thinking how do hell I am supposed to create a costume made of cardboard. But I did it! I grabbed my wetsuit, my old snowboarding gloves, my light sbaer, and my cardboard crafted armor plate, shoulders, helmet, and chest thinggie. AWESOME


Teta┬┤s E3 2009 Predictions (sorta NSFW)

After reading Shipero┬┤s E3 2009 predictions, I thought to myself: Hmmm, he┬┤s so right. But, thinking a little bit about it, i must conclude that he missed the biggest announce of all the announces ever announced. Yes, he ...


DTOID shirts in my Rock Bands

So, I was bored today and decided to try the Add art feature in Rock Band. And what better thing to draw that some Destructoid in there, and even better if it┬┤s stuff you want but you can┬┤t get (sounds like the real purpose...



Tonight I decided to join the MGO match games and have some fun with the DTOID community, this is my recap...


Teta fixes some Destructoid drawings

My last drawing had some people missing, and since paper can hold anything, i just drew then with a help of Electr...Gynecologist Cobra. Did I miss someone this time? Also, shitty photos of final drawing: Uno Dos Tres


Teta draws some Destructoid 14

So, it┬┤s been almost 2 weeks since I drew something... But I was in a really bad mood. Like really bad. This Friday I was drawing on my work papers (as always) and came with a idea I couldn┬┤t refuse to draw this week. Not...


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