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I was bored and decided to battle Mikey on Pokemon the other day.
This is a little recap on how I remember the battle folded.

Lack of art is my fault, lack of correct use of english grammar is my fault too, lack of your interest on my story and drawing is because you are all going to hell.

I made this on my DS with the Colours application.

The battle folded like this:
We both first stood looking like idiots since the game shows the same image for both trainers...

We threw our pokeballs...

And Mikey sent his Emolga named Kyle...

Cool little Batman Pokemon...

I sent my Garschomp named Hairy Arms (no pun intended)...

Kyle peed on his Batman briefs...

Mikey withdrew his emolga...

And sent Tavion, his red crocodile with cool shades...

I used Earthquake...

And well..

He died... fainted.. whatever...

Then Mikey tweeted me something like FUCK!...

And decided to bring his A game...

A beautifull Charizard named Anakin...

So I sent...

My shiny Darmanitan...

Mikey decided to play dirty...

And destroyed the shiny pokemon with 1 hit...

I cursed in spanish...

And Hairy Arms did his magic, with ear bitting and everything...

So Mikey was stuck with his Emolga...

Sent him...

And well rock beats scissors and flying pokemon...

Poor old Kyle had to replace his teeth after that hit...

Hairy Arms roared...

And I claimed victory as a good pokemon trainer, taking my clothes off and stepping on my defeated opponent...

If this story pleased you, then post some ideas and add me on Pokemon so I can battle and create a story about it.
It may take me some weeks.

Also, anyone has a Mudkip and Snorlax that doesn´t want?
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