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Teta avatar 6:42 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you don't know about boobs

1. They don't really bounce as you see in my avatar...
Wait what?...

Well, since this community rocks, and we are all in love and in a sharing mood, I'll share my 10 things with you...

10. I am a psychologist with an artist heart
Well yeah, I already graduated from psyochology and I am "working" on my thesis for my degree.
But, since I was a really shy boy, with no brothers or sisters to play with, I developed this drawing when I am bored thing, and it never stoped.
I really wanted to be a comic artist when I was young, but it faded away. I never felt I was talented drawing, I just enjoy doing it.
Also, my camera is broken and that's why I stopped doing the videos.

9. 99% of the people think I am a drug addict
And I don't do drugs. I am sure my parents where/are the drug addicts and they really abussed them when I was growing in my mom's uterus, and that`s why I am a bit insane.
Since when acting childish and different start being an indicator if drug addiction?

8. I was fat in school and that's how I got my Internet handle
Yeah I was fat in school, and I had man boobs. That's why the oterh kids in school started calling me Teta (boob in spanish). With the years and constant hearing I developed love for the nickname.

7. I am gay for anything Star Wars related
Yep, Star Wars geek. I am also gay for anything Stitch related, Stitch from Lilo&Stitch.
So yeah, I owned Star Wars "Mario Kart" game for the PS1. And enjoyed it.

6. I am actually ashamed of my bouncing boobs avatar
Yeah, I am actually ashamed of them. But they represent my name so well that I can't change them.

5. I cannot catch anything in the air
I am the most clumsy guy ever. As Niero stated in his 10 things... even if my life depended on catching something in mid air, I just won't be able to catch it, Not a pencil, or ball, or elephant in mid air. I just won't be able.
But I do love action sports, I love surfing and I actually spend all my money playing paintball regulary. I am not good, but I love doing it.

4. I am pretty sure I am a better person when I am drunk
And if I am not, I still preffer being drunk.

3. I still own my Atari
Yes, it is my grandmothers Atari, my first console was a NES. But I managed to put the Atari in a bag, and it's somewhere in my garage.

2. I still can't beat Super Mario Bros 1
And I always wanted to, but I get frustrated really qiuck.
Stupid Koopa and his stupid axes and bridges and fire and lava.

1. Sugar and cinnamon are the reasons why I live every day
Yes, I am sugar addict. If I don't eat sweet or candy I turn really cranky, really quick.
Maybe this is why I enjoy so much playing video games and why people think I am always in drugs, since I am in a constant sugar rush and there isn't something better than smashing buttons in front of a TV when you have a sugar rush.

And I love this community, like a lot.

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