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Terry 309 avatar 12:50 PM on 01.15.2014  (server time)
Top 10 Favourite Pokemon

Considering the fact that my last Pokemon blog was popular, i thought i might as well make another.

The rules are:

- No Legendaries

- Only 1 starter pokemon

ok here goes, i'm gonna bend the rules a little.

10: Ariados
Because he's a tarantula with a horn, he could learn psychic making him useful againt other poison types and bug moves which allows him to hold his own against psychic types, he looks pretty cool too as he is a spider. He could also use giga drain which made him rather flexible.

9: Electrode
Behold the almighty awesome face of pokemon:

in all seriousness, those eyes, that creepy grin, you know he's got a trick up his sleeve. Electrode looks like he is ready for some ass kicking, which he can deal out easily with his almighty explosion attack. Sadly explosion has been nerfed making Electrode less useful and unfortunately his movelist is by far the worst of all electric types. Still theres something strangely cool about him, dat smile.....

8: Koffing
Speaking of smiles, Koffing is by far the happiest pokemon ever, despite being a warhead on the verge on detonation, Koffing is always smiling, sadly his evolution on the other hand is the complete opposite and is why it is not on this list. I think Koffing speaks a strong message that people should keep smiling even in the worst circumstances, in his case, he's a bomb. There is a reason why i placed both koffing and electrode on this list.

7. Gengar
Gengar is easily the trollface of pokemon, as a fan of electrode and koffing, i had to put Gengar on the list. Gengar is the ultimate troll with moves such as destiny bond and abilities such as levitate (despite being grounded all the time) and his immunity to normal type moves. Theres something incredibly satisfying about using him in battle.

don't feed the troll

6. Raichu
Quite frankly, Pikachu is overrated, Raichu is vastly superior in every way. He is super fast and super powerful, he can learn quite a lot of moves and is great as a support pokemon to apply nasty effects such as toxic right at the start of battle, he can also learn grass knot giving him an edge against rock/ground types which are resistant against electric. Raichu is a jack of all trades, super fast, super versatile and looks cool, cooler than stupid Pikachu at least. Raichu for smash 4 plz sakurai!

5.  Gyarados
I don't know about you, but i bought that $500 Magikarp from that old man, best decision i ever made because i got this guy. Gyarados has helped me out a lot in the first 2 gens, sadly i didn't really use him in gen 3,4,5 but since he got his mega evolution in gen 6, i had to use him. Theres just somehing special and rewarding about trainign up a Magikarp and having it evolve in a Gyarados and who doesn't use the red Gyarados in gen 2? i used him all the time.

4. Weavile
Sadly Weavile wasn't available in gen 2, but i thought Sneasel was cool, Weavile ups that coolness rating by 100% Weavile will always be the ninja of the Pokemon series, pawniard will never compare ....ever.

In Pokemon Sapphire, my team were all/mostly ground type, i needed a dragon type in my team  (doesn't everyone) and flygon was the obvious choice, the only ground pokemon who can fly and that logic is simply why this Pokemon is awesome, i also like how his red visor's make him look harmless, covering up his cunning stare. Flygon is fast and in gen 3, he was my main dude. Sadly in gen 6 he has to compete with Garchomp Zygarde which are both statistically better Pokemon but Flygon is still awesome and is by far the most under appreciated dragon type. just make sure he doesn't get hit with ice beam.

the next two are both fire pokemon, because fire obviously = cool the first one is a fire starter, is it charizard?

2. Typhlosion
Nope, it's Typhlosion, The best starter Pokemon. Charizard is just a flying lizard, Typhlosion is a walking VOLCANO. Put it this way, if there's a pokemon that can curbstomp 5 gyms in it's own generation with ease, it deserves a place on your top 10 list. Bugsy, Jasmine, pryce, erika, janine are but a few of his many victims and jasmine/bugsy in particular are rendered a complete joke. Typhlosion is a beast, not to mention he's pretty much the only fire pokemon available for a very long time in G/S/C and is one of the few fire types available in johto and considering that he's one of the only pokemon who can learn flame wheel, he isn't stuck with ember all the time. Typhlosion makes Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal a cakewalk and unlike the other starters who have plenty of alternatives, Typhlosion is definitely the most logical choice for a starter pokemon because unless you're going to catch growlithe, you'll be stuck without a fire type pokemon for quite a long time, especially if you play silver. (Heck even entei is pathetic in comparison).

But once you get to Kanto, Typhlosion takes a backseat because....

The very moment i saw his sprite in Pokemon Silver, i was both intimidated and amazed at the same time, i wanted him. The first time that rocket exectutive sent out Houndoom, i had my eyes on him. Sadly Houndoom is a late burner (get it? burner?) as he is only available very late in the game and by then, your pokemon party will be level 50+, you catch Houndour at level 15/16 so if you want to get a Houndoom, you'll have to put the effort in to train him, which i did. Houndoom is the most badass pokemon in the history of pokemon. Every time i send out Houndoom, i feel a surge of awesomeness, it feels so cool to send out a Pokemon that spawned from hell itself. Houndoom is about as dark as Pokemon can get, how fitting it is that a shadow Houndoom was available in Pokemon Colosseum, the darkest Pokemon game yet, he was my main Pokemon in that game and many other games. I was pissed that they removed him from R/S/E along with Typhlosion in which i replaced them with Flygon but Houndoom is by far the coolest, most badass Pokemon ever, closely followed by Typhlosion, i would have given them a tie for first place but i only really used Typhlosion in G/S/C and in their remakes as he was hard to get in the other games. The other reason being this:

Best part about Pokemon X right there.... except i had to trade it for a Tyranitar mega stone because mega Houndoom wasn't available in Pokemon Y.....

Game Freak sure love trolling me don't they?

I'm hoping to make more top 10 lists in the future.

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