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Terry 309 avatar 6:14 PM on 02.08.2014  (server time)
Rambles: Why WOW sucks: Guilds

So i'm incredibly bored and have nothing to do so i thought i'd bring this point up. I played WOW in the past and it got me into the Warcraft franchise and the lore which was pretty cool. However this doesn't stop WOW from being a bad game. Why is WOW a bad game? It's not in the games design or programming that is for sure, it's the community that have dragged this game downhill.

  Now obviously this is nothing new. Blizzard games have terrible communities in my opinion, they're all full of elitist scumbags who don't give a damn about anyone other than themselves. WOW is the second worst blizzard community, first obviously being Warcraft 3 and it's infamous DOTA but Warcraft 3 was not an MMO, it was a RTS with a campaign and local matchmaking, and then there's which provides a similar experience to walking down the streets of detroit after dark and having hobo's throw trash at you *sigh* at least there was Mafia made by Dark.Revenant, love that game.

 World Of Warcraft is without a wonderful experience... if you enjoy collecting random quest items and killing the same wolves, you fought at the start of the game, reskinned and resized over and over. Ok so it starts off pretty bad but the game does manage to entice you with it's soundtrack, particularly in the night elf starting zone... but i chose to mute the soundtrack because i'd rather play other music through my speakers.

 The fun part comes when you hit level 16 and you get to do instances which are pretty much a separate zone that only you and anyone who's partied with you can enter. The pve instances are by far the best part of WOW and are what keeps the majority of players from playing... unless they PVP which is, according to Wowcrendor, for brainless idiots and asshats... (particularly in arena's) i make no comment on that one.

 Why are instances so fun and enticing? it's not the trash mobs, thats for sure. Art design helps in some cases but the main feature is the games boss battles which feel epic because you're teaming up with up to 5 players, make it to level 60 and you could be joining 25 players, that is... if you are approved of.

 Of course that level has scaled massively and you now have to be level 90 to enter raid instances, but that is not all. You also need gear, a talent tree that can tank/heal (or a warlock) and a dedicated group of players who aren't complete imbeciles. The best way to get gear is to do heroics over and over and over and over and over....

over and over and over and over and over (ok i'm not exaggerating, but lets stop) and the best way to get a group for heroics, particularly a competant group is by joining a guild. Guilds make everything faster... so long as they're active, have a stong playerbase and aren't all complete elitist pricks. Sadly such guilds do not exist and you will begin to wonder why they exist, regardless your best option is to use LFD or the dungeon finder (a feature i never got to experience unfortunately) and eventually after running around the capital city for 20 minutes you'll finally get a group together and start dungeon crawling.

 Once you've managed to aquire all the gear you need from heroics (which usually takes about 10 - 10000000000 hours), you'll eventually be able to access the raid instances which are simply put the best part of the game. Seriously, what can be more satisfying than having 25 people mow down a huge boss?

 Now lets not get too carried away here i'm supposed to be talking about the negative elements to wow, lets get back to the meat of the problem, guilds. If you want an in depth description of guilds in WOW, click this link:
oh and click this link too:
(video's belong to Wowcrendor, had to mention them because they perfectly sum up this game, go watch him if you don't already). Anyways, guilds are supposed to be a group of friends whoplay and chat with each other. This is sadly not the case, the true definition of guilds is as follows: guilds are an unpaid full time job made up of a group of WOW players wanting to get good gear to show off to everyone (like anybody cares). People dedicate their lives to their guilds (hence the reason why WOW has earned the reputation as one of the most addictive games ever made) and they will raid with their guilds every week.

 Now there are a few guilds out there that are made up of a group of friends, but those guilds tend to die out very quickly once players hit level 90 and once they do, they leave and join a raiding guild so that they can become uber l33t. Guilds are a terrible experience, i was coincidentally made guild master of the first guild i joined just because the former guildmaster had given up, i thought to take this opportunity to build it up, which i did, it was pretty bad and inactive but it did have a few regular people,usually 1 or 2 online.

 Now this is back when i was an immature, childish brat (we all were at one point) and i shamefully admit to getting frustrated at the game and nerd raging at the rest of my guild (was probably a bad idea) this went well enough until the guild menbers brought me up and told me to hand over the guild temporarily which i did reluctantly due to the fact that one of my irl friends was in the guild and was more trusting, but he did keep his word, not before leaving the guild afterwards and joining a new guild, after that the whole thing fell apart so i took this opportunity to join another players guild. This is what i got.

 The first guild from what i remember was a roleplaying guild who often did a few heroics. This guild wasn't that bad, in fact it was kinda funny as the chat was actually rather populated. The problem is that the guild leader was a paladin, in other words he is a self righteous prick and a braggart which was pretty annoying, thankfully he was juvinile enough for me to put up with him but i left the guild due to the fact that i wanted to join a more dedicated heroic running guild rather than a roleplaying guild.

 The second guild was a raiding guild, the chat was completely dead... until this immature guy game on who constantly made some dirty jokes, i played on with his humor, obviously in a juvenile manner, not insulting anyone, we were just having fun. Then the guildmaster logged on and kicked us both due to talking about a sensitive topic. Now i didn't even bring it up but the other guy said something that obviously enraged the guild master and because i was involved, i was kicked immediately, i did resolve the situation in a mature manner (surprisingly) but he still wouldn't welcome me back to the guild, his loss i suppose.

  The third guild was a roleplaying guild, i was invited by a friend and though i wasn't really into roleplaying all that much, i joined out of repect that he was a friend and so that i could actually have a friendly chat with friendly people. The next day, i logged on, coincidentally in the area some of the guild members were roleplaying in, i was in a rush so i jumped on the table and walked out. Turns out they didn't like that and ordered that i was kicked out of the guild for distrupting their rp. Fortunately my friend invited me back after being kicked by an officer but i declined due to the fact that i wasn't prepared to be involved in a group of RP elitists and he understood.

 The fourth guild was yet another raiding guild, the chat was as bare as ever with the exception of people talking about strategies, the guild was also very strict with it's rules and i was put on a schedual. the next day i didn't attend the raid and the guild master started flaming me about it, even though i told him i would leave the guild, he still persisted, i muted him and carried on.

 The fifth and final guild was to be an up and comming raid guild, i wasn't told this however and it was a friend whi invited me to the guild. By this point i was tired of raiding and just wanted to do old school raids so i told hom that i'm done with raiding but i'll stay in the guild to chat. The guildmaster then got pissed off at me and we fell out.

 And then my account was hacked by a phisher, game over. Oh well, i got tired of the game ages ago by then anyways, i was already bored of raiding and i pretty much did the majority of the old school raids, missing only the battle for mount hyjal and blackwing lair. Since then i played the warcraft series, loved it, got the books, loved them etc etc.

 And so WOW still goes on, i would never return to it ever again, i don't want to pay another subscription fee anyways but looking back, i saw the problems in WOW. Being kicked from raids for having poor gear, running around the capital city looking for heroics, it was not fun... ok maybe it was fun in some parts but if i was to make an estimate as to the level of enjoyment the game gave me i would give it a 35% enjoyment and 65% utter boredom and frustration.

 It is hard not to invite people to play WOW because it lets to explore the lands of the lore at first hand, whenever you read the books, yoyu will remember the locations and npc's that were in WOW and you will see how legendary they used to be as opposed to how bland they are in WOW. Thralls story in particular is surprisingly interesting for someone who sits his ass on his throne all day in orgrimmar and then putting the dumbest leader ever in charge of the entire horde.

I am done rambling, hopefully i'll have something more constructive later.

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