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Terry 309 avatar 10:33 AM on 08.29.2014  (server time)
Quick rant: Define the "Adventure" genre...

Very short blog, just something i want to get off my chest

First I'll give my definition. To me, Adventure games should be open world games with plenty of freedom, when i think of an "Adventure" game, i think of games such as Skyrim, Gothic etc. But wait a minute... those are RPG's, not adventure games! Oh really? Yes really. Adventure games are actually linear puzzle games with minor action segments.

Come on people, lets face it. The adventure genre is just stupid. How is Zelda an adventure game when you're on a linear path throughout the entire game with tonnes of puzzles? Please try to tell me one Zelda game that isn't linear and don't mention Hyrule field or anything like that, just because it's a huge open plain doesn't mean that the game itself is open-ended. You still have to visit the temples in a linear order.

Plus... nothing but puzzles... and this was the best level too.

Then there's those point and click games on steam, sorry but how are they adventure games? All you're doing is playing "where's waldo" but with miscellaneous items scattered around a static screen. How the hell is that an adventure? It's a puzzle game, A PUZZLE GAME!!! Just because a game isn't a Tetris clone doesn't mean it's not a puzzle game, look at Portal for example, Portal is basically Zelda minus all the action elements. Metroid Prime is another one, minimal combat sequences, lots of puzzles and bosses are puzzles in disguise for the most part.

Why do we keep calling these games "Adventure games"? Can't we just look at them logically and say that they are action puzzlers? I'm sick of being misled by this horrible genre. Sorry for the short ass blog but i believe I've said all i need to say without repeating myself, I'd like to hear all your thoughts on this as it's something which had been bugging me for a while now.

Oh and if anyone knows an adventure game with 0 puzzles, feel free to inform me of it (I know about The Walking Dead).

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