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Terry 309 avatar 10:51 AM on 02.10.2014  (server time)
Looking Back: Starwing/Starfox Review

Gameplay video

Starwing otherwise known as Starfox is a game that revolutionized the SNES with it's super fx chip which allowed for realistic 3d polygons as opposed to that of wing commander where the enemies appeared 3D on screen but they were actually just rotating bitmapped sprites.

Though it's graphical feat is not quite as recognized today, the Starfox series has bolstered it's fanbase with it's later installments which are significantly more accessible and have enhanced graphics and gameplay, though there are a few traits that the original Starfox game has which makes it stand out such as the first person targeting reticule which made first person perspective actually playable, annoyingly on the second level it seems to force you into it from the beginning but you can return to third person with the select button.

Starwing/Starfox is an on rails third person/first person space shooter where you go from planet to planet and shoot bad guys on the way, it's a good old fun arcade style shooter which is ridiculously addictive if you're the determined type.

One thing to note before playing this game is that it is old and the 3d polygons aren't very detailed and there are some perspective issues. The camera is also wider than your flight space so if you try and go along the boarders, you will hit an invisible wall which can be annoying, especially if you're trying to avoid flying objects (yes i'm talking about Sector Z) but these are it's only flaws. The difficulty could also be considered a flaw since if you run out of lives and credits you have to restart the entire game from the beginning, this game is strictly for the hardcore, so anyone new who is interested in getting into the series i would recommend playing the later installment, Lylat Wars (Starfox 64) which is a remake of the original Starwing (Starfox) but much easier to grasp than it's predecessor and more forgiving. Those looking for more of a challenge may want to seek this out (or you could play Starfox Assault on gold difficulty).

Believe it or not, these are all the same game just different names, though Starwing did have different planets such as Fortuna which never truly appear in either Starfox 64 or it's 3ds counterpart and Zoness which never appeared in the original Starfox.

There are three paths to choose from, each path sends you through 3 differrent planets, not including the obligatory Corneria and Venom. There also seems to be a distinct difference in difficulty between the paths. The story is simple. Corneria is under attack by Venom, led by the evil scientist Andross who has made himself emperor and wants to take over the world. You have been hired by the Cornerian army led by General Pepper and your job is to stop Andross' forces from reaching Corneria and ending his reign over venom.

The best part of the game is by far it's presentation. There is simply nothing quite like Starwing. The level design is great and there are lots of hazards, special effects (especially in the Space Armada level) and a wide variety of enemies. Every level you are faced with something new, so game play stays fresh and intense, there is blaster fire everywhere, it is simply the most awesome space shooter of it's time. The soundtrack has a unique funky disco style that is very memorable though despite this there is a level with a more sophisticated ball room style music. Simply put, there is nothing like Starfox's soundtrack and strangely enough it adds to the space flying experience and it is somewhat fitting, sometimes it makes you forget that you are a mercenary space pilot and you feel more of a disco junkie.

There are also quite a few secrets to find in each of the levels where you can find yourself getting sucked up into a black hole and onto a completely different path or.... somewhere else.

Believe me, it is pretty damn awesome.

In conclusion, Starwing is a must buy for fans of the dying space shooting genre and it provides an experience unlike any other game out there, if you're new to space shooters, it is worth a pick up but it will take some practice, there is a training option so you can learn to play through there, however it is still a difficult game but it is short yet sweet and it's not the hardest game out there (and I say space shooter not shoot em ups because shoot em ups can be borderline impossible in difficulty, this is a completely differrent genre), just considerably more challenging than Starfox 64/Lylat Wars.
Presentation: Masterful
Gameplay: Excellent
Music: Excellent
Lifespan: Very Short
Would you replay? Yes

Overall Score: Excellent


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