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Terry 309 avatar 5:46 AM on 07.19.2014  (server time)
10 ways to make Pokemon better (Mild language)

I've had many thoughts about what direction the Pokemon series could go and i have many ideas as to what they could do with it, i thought i should list them here to see what others think about them. As it stands, Pokemon is starting to become a very dry
uninspired series which is aging terribly. I believe these 10 ideas would bring life back to the pokemon series and give Pokemon fans something different than just Pokemon Modern Warfare 69, the return of LT Surge (i wanna buy that actually, sounds fucking beast).

#10 Clans + Co-op
Ok so they've been in the game since... Diamond/Pearl? Regardless, i think they need to expand on this feature. Give players a ranking system too and perhaps have a clan logo/badge that they wear. You could also play co-oparatively with clan mates too by inviting them to join your game and you can explore the region together, they can double battle with you too or even just challenge you on the spot.

#9 Easier character customization
Instead of having to go to clothes shops, why can't you just change your characters appearance directly on your trainer card. And remove the clothes shops entirely, just give the player the ability to change their appearance to how they see fit including their facials directly from the trainer card. Heck, OR/AS hints at customizable Pokemon, how about instead of just dressing them up for contests and stuff why don't they just let us customize the appearance of pokemon in battle too? It would help give players pokemon a bit more personality.

#8 Enough with the 10 year old kid who leaves home trope
You know a trope i like in games? Tropes that make you awesome at the beginning but you lose it all. Kinda like Assassins creed. Start your trainer off as a well known and respected gym leader who is popular amongst the masses and give him/her a full team of level 50's... then a certain incident appends causing him/her to lose them all and he/she has to snag them back (see #3) from the people that took them and you'd have to regain your reputation back as a trainer. I think that would make a great story arc to begin the game (see below). As a kid, i wanted to be cool, so why can't they make us cool from the get go?

#7 An actual storyline
Pokemon Colosseum did it, so did Pokemon XD. Surprise us guys. I don't care if game freak have to collaborate with Genius Sonority to make it happen, let us play a hero for a change instead of some kid with ambitions. I know it seems like i'm replacting one cliché with another but it's about time this series did something differrent. Oh and remove the Pokemon League and make Gyms totally optional, perhaps like a sidequest. Becoming Pokemon master comes second, saving Pokemon from the evil doers comes first. Heck we don't even need a criminal organization, how about an evil pokemon? Kinda like Mewtwo, something original for a change.

#6 Egg Incubator
My god this is needed. The egg incubator can manually set the EV growth and nature of your Pokemon, based on your parents, you would also be able to learn hidden moves guaranteed if they have them. You also get to pick an ability and the egg hatches in real time (it could hatch with the game turned off) basically it would be like the purification chamber in Pokemon XD but for eggs. Oh and every Pokemon would have perfect IV's, no bullshit breeding like crazy. Breeders would still have the luxury of obtaining shinies so they can continue to have fun breeding hundreds of the same Pokemon if they so want.

#5 Difficulty Levels
I know Black/White had this but they need to bring it back and give you the choice right from the beginning. Some players want a challenge where as others want to breeze though it, adding a hard difficulty would allow us to relive out childhoods and play through a challenging game where gym leaders Pokemon would be 10 levels higher than yours again and you'd have to use your brain more rather than just spamming the same move over and over and win like in Pokemon X and Y.

#4 Achievements

Hang on there, i know what you're thinking "don't turn Pokemon into an achievement whore game" but lets face it, it already is. I can guarantee that 80% of hardcore Pokemon fans are achievement whores already. Now of course, there are no literal achievements but the point is that players make achievements of their own plus they do challenges such as nuzlocke and stuff, what if the game made record of this stuff and rewarded players for doing it? Thats where achievements come in. From everything to pokedex completion, reaching a certain level, fully Ev training a Pokemon, beating the game on multiple difficulties, or just simple tasks such as catching 20 Pokemon in an ultra ball (remember, this is a game designed for kids) or catching a legendary in a pokeball or even just an achievement for evolving a Pokemon for the first time. Now you're probably thinking... why do this and what's in it for me? Well you know all those event legendary Pokemon that everybody wants? How about actually unlocking the ability to capture them in game? Unlocking so many achievements could reward players with new areas to explore containing legendary Pokemon like Celebi or even Arceus so that everybody has equal opportunity of getting legendaries but it would still require a lot of effort to accomplish as they would have to get a certain number of achievements for them to appear so only the most hardcore Pokemon fans will be able to get them. I think this is the biggest reason for achievements as legendaries are so easy to get right now and pretty much everybody has them. Thats not to say that we should remove conventional legendaries, oh no, casuals should still keep the thrill of catching legendaries as everybody else and those legendaries will be just as powerful as legendaries you would obtain via achievements.

#3 Bring back shadow Pokemon+snagging

Shadow pokemon were cool and i believe that they should return, especially considering the fact that Pokemon XD expanded on them so much. Snagging should return too, perhaps it could lead to some achivements such as "snag every Pokemon" heck you could even breed shadow Pokemon to make new ones should you wish to purify them. That way you could play as an evil trainer muhahahaha fear my shadow Pokemon army!!!

#2 New Game +
So many RPG's have it today so why not Pokemon? In fact, Pokemon would be perfect for new game + because you can carry over every single Pokemon in your box, as well as online battle data and pokedex data. You could play the game all over again, perhaps on another difficulty. Lets face it, nobody wants to lose hours of grinding Pokemon by starting a new game and although Pokemon Bank lets you do this... kinda, it would be better to have a new game + anyways because it's more than just the Pokemon and it wouldn't cost $5.00 a year, plus you can carry over other data too.

#1 Be a Gym Leader

This would take secret bases to the next level, imagine if you could be a Gym leader... you could design your own badge through an emblem editor like in Mario Kart and unlock new items to build your own puzzle for people to get through. You could also hire trainers by kicking their asses and sharing phone numbers like in Pokemon Gold/Silver so they can join your gym and act as obstacles to defend it. You could challenge other players gyms online and every players gym would have a records board of everybody who challenged it, whether they won or lost. You could also set up a clan gym where other players can join and replace the ai trainers so that if anybody wants to beat your gym, they have to go through your clan mates first. There would be two different types of gym challenges, ghost and online, there would be a different ranking board for each one. Ghost gyms could be challenged any time whereas to do an online gym, you'd have to send a request to another online player to challenge it. The difference being that online challenges let gym leaders bring clan mates to join so that everyone could battle in real time and the ones who aren't battling can spectate.

I think this would not only help spice up the competitive PVP but it can also bring back the secret bases in a whole new style plus you can be a gym leader, who wouldn't want to be a gym leader?

Anyways those are my 10 ideas, i could picture the perfect pokemon game in my head... i do so every day. I hope one day, this will happen and then everybody will be happy.

Forgive the mess on #8, stupid editor...

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