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Just an outspoken fan of rpg's and gaming in general who likes to rant about first world gamer problems because there are so many.

My blogs mostly consist of reviews/rants of games of all generations, particularly rpg's. I try to blend my reviews with both facts and opinion so that people can see from my own experiences and decide for themselves. i will also tend to review older titles because i still believe that there are few people out there who haven't played these awesome titles and deserve to give them a chance.

Oh and as for some negative's you might point out, i can't spell for my life and my grammar is terrible. Plus i like to exaggerate my points a little to make things more fun, yet some people are dense enough to take them as fact.

Here is my response to those intelligent enough to point them out:

Heres my review rating system:

Masterpiece (Same as masterful but for overall score, will be based on opinion), of course it won't be perfect in every way but it will be close to perfect, no game is perfect.

Masterful - Perfect in every way (Formerly 9.5+) (definitely pick up the game if you are a fan of the genre)

Exceptional - Goes way beyond expectations (Formerly between 9.1 and 9.4) (definitely pick up the game if you are a fan of the genre)

Excellent - Does what it needs to and provides a first class experience (9.0) (definitely pick up the game if you are a fan of the genre)

Great - Does what it needs to, provides a high class experience (8.5-8.9) (recommended to all fans of the genre)

Good - Does what it needs to and provides a very enjoyable experience (was 8.0 - 8.5) (recommended to all fans of the genre)

Satisfactory - Does what it needs to, provides an experience which is just enough to satisfy the player (Formerly between 7.5 - 7.9) (Reccommended to read the review if unsure)

Decent - Does what it needs to, experience can very depending on the players tastes (Formerly 7.0-7.4) (Recommended to read the review if you plan on picking up the game to see if it's for you)

So-So - Not for everyone, has some issues, may be worth a try if patient enough to cope with it's flaws (Formerly 6.5 - 6.9) (Reccommened to read the review if you're interested in the title)

Flawed - Alot of flaws, difficult to recommend, some may be able to pass them by but will require a lot of patience (Formerly 5.0 - 6.4) (Reccommened to read the review if you're interested in the title)

Awful - (Formerly 4.9 and below) (If you see this, don't pick the game up for this catagory)

Kill It With Fire - (Same as Awful but for overall score, based on opinion which in this case is usually right if you see the game, you know what to do, don't buy this and if you do, get some gasoline and a match)


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Too short (Formerly 5.9 or below)

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My favorite games:

Valkyrie Profile 2


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Title says current gen because next gen hasn't truly began IMO. Eternal Sonata is flat out dissappointing, i expected a lot more out of it than i actually got. Sure the game has a lot of things going for it but in the end it falls apart because it doesn't manage to pull it off. After playing the game and reaizing this dissappointment, i looked up the game and realized that i wasn't the only one. I guess sometimes you have to take risks to find those hidden gems and this game seems to be one of them... but it had a huge crack in it which could never repair and it was on the verge of crumbling to dust... which it did over time.

If i could describe Eternal Sonata in two words it would be "wasted potential". Eternal Sonata takes a huge risk with it's story concept in the sense that you are essentially playing out a dream. The game tries to explore philosophy a lot, in fact it does this so often that it feels misplaced. The game itself is short, the story is pretty basic and appears to have been rushed. Had the story had a little more depth to it, it could have made an impact on me but in the end it turned out to be nothing more than a rushed attempt at what could have been an interesting story but the storyline isn't the main issue here. Even if the story was fleshed out, it still wouldn't have saved the game from it's combat system.

If it was, then we wouldn't be stood here discussing philosophy in total darkness for seemingly no reason now would we?

The combat in Eternal Sonata isn't terrible, nor is it enjoyable. It's just boring. There is simply no strategy and if there is, it's barely noticable. For starters, the balancing is way off, some characters flat out suck such as Polka and Claves whereas others are ridiculously strong. I personally used Viola Algretto and March as they seemed to be the best combination to me. Jazz, Salsa and Falsetto are ok too, Chopin and Beat kinda get stuck in the middle.

The problem with the combat is simple, even a 5 year old could point it out. All you're doing is mashing A and then pressing Y at the end, that is it. That is the combat system in a nutshell. It's the worst kind of button mashing where you're given a slow paced turned based battle system and you're given a few seconds to unload everything. There is no cost for anything, only time. So you want to use regular attacks first to save time and finish with a special, that way you utilize all the damage.

The game also likes to seal off any form of strategy for a long time. Only once you reach about the halfway mark are you able to perform more than one special attack and when you do, you find out that you have to hold down Y for a couple of seconds to use it which is stupid considering the time gauge forces you to be rescourceful with your time. By the end you have the ability to counter attack and use special attacks, sure it's something and allows you to vary your combat a little but most of it comes down to timing. You see there's a guard mechanic which is all about timing. If there is one thing Eternal Sonata does right it's keeping the players attention in battle... because you pretty much have to concentrate or else you won't be able to deal the full amount of damage. Of course the tedium and repetition of the combat will lead you to being unable to concentrate and as such you will make one mistake like missing the enemy where the long ass animation will take off 1.5 seconds from your 4 second timer and this happends so often it's unbelievable.

Another mistake you can make is by using your special attack too early (which have long animations) and not pressing Y at the end of a combo. You can also end up wasting echo's by using the wrong special attacks. This is not due to the player being bad at the game, this is due to the player not being fully attentive to what is a dry combat system. Everyone knows that when you fight a boss, you wait for 24 echo's then you use your specials to get a harmony chain... at least in the second half. The rest of your characters just build them up and stay close to you. The problem is that there is no variety in the combat system at all, it's always the same thing time and time again with no real change in flow. Battles are all the same, build up enough echo's to make your attacks stronger (which is what they do) then press y to unleash all your echo's in a super powerful attack. Once party level 4 hits and you get harmony chains, you may skip a party members special to give more echo's to another party member. I found myself only doing this at party level 5 though because you get 3 harmony chains instead of 2 which allows that character who didn't use their special to use their special at full power on the other characters turn.

So i might be overfacing you with certain terms that you might not be familiar with but there is little point in explaining them. As this is a review however, i am obligated to so so. Echo's build up the stregnth of your special attacks, at party level 5 you are also able to use harmony chains at 24 echo's. Harmony chains are a fancy word for being able to use 2 special attacks in a row, at party level 5, a random party member is chosen for the third chain (which is unlocked at party level 5). Party levels are the games way of dumbing down the combat system for newcommers by removing certain features for a ridiculously long period of time. Party levels unlock new gameplay mechanics which try to imporve the combat over time but they don't amount to much. These are echo's, harmony chains and counter attacks. Essentially, this is the games way of keeping fresh but each party level has it's own set of strategies that the player is intended to use to get the most damage out of their attacks. Here are the strategies on how to win every battle in Eternal Sonata without fail (so long as you are good at timing your blocks):

Party level 1-3: mash A and finish with Y

Party level 4-5: mash A and use March's super nova/midnight cloud, follow up with another character who will combo until 24 echo's then use their special, then harmony chain. In party level 5, the only differrence is that you will want to stay close to march so you can use her chain, either that or just get a ranged character like Viola/Beat and use their ranged attacks. If you want to ensure maximum potential, use March, Viola and Beat, if you want better damage overall, get Allegretto instead of Beat but make sure he is nearby if you are going to chain with him.

That is basically it, you now know the secret to Eternal Sonata's combat system and can win every single battle without fail. Of course if you get lucky you can pull off a counter attack and use a free special attack (or build up extra echo's). There is very little point in going into any more depth in the game's combat, it's just boring, even though there are other features such as light/dark attacks, there's very little point as both light and dark attacks are copy/pasted from each other for the most part with differrent colours, so you're using the same attacks just with a differrent name and colour scheme. As such i can easily reccommend against playing this game for this reason alone. Eternal Sonata is a game which would have better off being a movie/visual novel for it's battle system is terrible and the investment they put into it has zero value, they could have just removed the combat and made it into a movie/visual novel. That way they could focus on the storyline and fill in some of the game's many plot holes.

It's a great shame really considering what this game was really going for. In fact it's one of the only games to even do it. Eternal Sonata is essentially a tribute to Frederic Chopin and instead of going on stage and performing one of his legendary pieces in his honor, a videogame was made instead, gotta give them points for originality i guess and i'm pretty sure that a conventional tribute has already been done. Heck, the game's ending music practically serves as one.

Eternal Sonata tries something new, it tries to tell the story of one of the worlds most renowned pianists whilst offering a truly beautiful fantasy world to connect the events between his life and the afterlife (though i highly doubt Chopins final moments were spent frolicking around with a bunch of celshaded pre-teens but i digress.)

I don't know if Chopin would be offended or pleased with the outcome of this somewhat dissappointing game but i can tell that they were trying to prove to it's audience that gaming is an art form that stands along all other forms of art including music. That is precisely what this game aspires to be and it failed miserably in doing so. To the game's credit, it was developed solely by tri-Crescendo who are predominantly a sound division for several Namco and tri-Ace titles, the latter of whom the company split from but has worked closely together with. Originally they worked together with other companies such as Monolith in Baten Kaitos and it shows through Eternal Sonata's own combat system with it's time gauge.

Eternal Sonata is the first project developed solely by tri-Crescendo and whilst they gave a good go at it, they were in unfamiliar territory when developing this game and it shows. Whilst tri-Crescendo are excellent at programming, music and even art design, their knowledge of gameplay mechanics is extremely lacking hence the incredibly boring combat system. It's obvious that they have taken a lot of ideas from other games they were involved in such as Baten Kaitos and the Star Ocean series and they tried to meld both of them into one. Unfortunately their lack of practice left us with a gameplay experience which was extremely lacking which ruins the entire game.

On the plus side, as the game is developed by tri-Crescendo, the gods of videogame music, it is natural that the music is as good as ever, which it is. Motoi Sakuraba, the composer behind the amazing Valkyrie Profile 2 does a great job with Eternal Sonata. Personally i wouldn't say it's his best work but it's still highly enjoyable nontheless, he even went so far as to perform his own version of Chopin's Revolutionary Etude as the game's final boss theme. I also really liked the IRL Chopin sections alot, i thought it was cool to learn about a historic musician i never really knew much about and the music during these sections made me realize how he came to be such a highly revered musician.

The visuals are also one of the game's strong points, i have to say that Eternal Sonata is easily the best looking cell shaded game i've ever played. The character models are designed really well as are many of the games town and field sections. It's almost as if the game was designed to be watched and listened to rather than played and it makes a lot of sense since combat is not tri-Crescendo's strong point. There are some interesting locations here and there too, they kinda remind me of Baten Kaitos a lot which doesn't surprise me. I like the colours and the sharpness of the visuals a lot, i also like the effects the game has occasionally. Eternal Sonata is possibly one of the most vibrant games on the Xbox 360/PS3.

It's quite sad that tri-Ace have lost themselves to the mobile phone market, here's hoping that the companies' most talented individuals leave the company and work with tri-Crescendo instead, that way we might see them make a truly amazing game one of these days. Until then, they should carry on working with other development teams where their skills are best utilized.

There really isn't that much to say about Eternal Sonata, it is admittedly a lazy review, all you really need to know is don't buy the game, there are far better games out there. I reccommend trying Baten Kaitos over this as it is also developed by tri-Crescendo but also Monolith. Additionally of course i would reccommend playing Valkyrie Profile 2, a game which succeeds in what this game strove to accomplish, to prove that videogames are a work of art.

All in all, Eternal Sonata is what could be defined as an epic fail on a large scale, if not a wasted potential which could have been vastly superior if they had the right talent on hand. Sadly they did not and as such i couldn't reccommend this game any less.


Story/plot: So-So

Presentation: Excellent

Gameplay: Flawed

Music: Excellent

Lifespan: Very Short

Would you replay? No


Overall: So-So


Photo Photo Photo

I think we all have one... or at least a few of them. I have quite a few that are worth sharing. Videogames can be as easy to love as they are to hate at times, there are good games and bad games and then there's those that you can't help but love no matter how bad they are and as awful to play as they can be, i keep going back for more. Allow me to list them here:

5. Gothic 3

Now i haven't finished Gothic 3 yet... too busy playing the vastly superior Mount and Blade Warband. Gothic 3 has a huge open world for it's time and lots of places to visit and explore with an open-ended storyline which you can easily forget exists. Part of the reason why i haven't yet finished the game is because i haven't explored it all yet. The last thing i did was prepare to attack Bakaresh only to find out that they don't follow me into battle.

The problem with Gothic 3? Thats easy, the horrible, horrible combat system or as i like to call it: stunlock hell. Now what is Stunlock hell? It's when your character waves his sword around like a magic wand and sword humps enemies against the wall. Gothic 3's combat system is essentially a sword shagging simulator. The problem with the combat is simply the fact that enemies are 10x faster than you and ever hit they do will stun you... only for them to hit you again and again and again till you die and you can't do anything whilst you are being hit. This usually means first one to hit wins. Essentially the combat is a game of luck. The balancing is off the charts too. Whilst humanoids are laghably weak, a pack of wolves can be extremely dangerous as they are super fast and deal just as much damage plus they dodge all your attacks by backstepping until you reach a wall so essentially, your goal in combat it to mash LMB until you reach a wall then get ready to shag them. Yes it really is that bad. Now lets see it in action:

Skip to 4:00 for bestiality porno

The game is also very buggy too. There were moments where my companions got stuck so much that i had to run back and find another path. I also managed to phase through a gap in the wall to get past an orc guard. There was also a point where after finishing every quest, my reputation wasn't enough to get into a castle, so i had to cheat to get it there. I did every single quest i could do.

Of course the community patch was so much better and a lot less buggier but still the game has a lot of issues. The animations are freaking laughable to say the least and the character models whilst ok for the most part, some of the facials look like peanuts. The main character is also uncustomizable but he has a pretty epic beard.

What this game does excell in though is the world itself. It's fun to explore in Gothic 3 and highly rewarding. There's a quest/treasure chest around every corner so there's always a reason to explore. The visuals are also very nice and have aged very well. Some of the music is nice though some of it got kinda annoying. There's plenty of enemy variety and lots of interesting ones though some frustrate the hell out of me. The enemy designs are very good though, particularly the raptors, they look awesome.

I also like the way factions work, you can side with a faction and go to war with another faction after completing enough quests... or if you're impatiant... and lucky you may even choose to charge in by yourself and kill everyone in town. Pretty much every NPC in this game is killable, theres no "unconciousness" like Skyrim, everyone can die. In fact it feels quite lonely after killing everything. Then again, Gothic 3 doesn't have much gender variety. The only women in the game are either erotic dancers or slaves. I think i saw 1 rebel woman, thats about it. Talk about stereotypes.

The world feels very gritty but not dark. The music also feels very hearty. As you watch the slaves work themselves to death you can listen to the calming background music. I particularly like the music that plays in orc towns, it sooths the soul.

Though i haven't yet finished the game, i have murdered both an orcish and a rebel faction and countless hashishin (those slaving bastards) and i have primarily chosen to side with the nomads. Though for the most part i will remain neutral to all sides. Because of the openness of the games story, you essentially make your own story. My goal is to eradicate the hashishin and to maintain the balance between rebels and orcs, earning a bit of money along the way. The game does have a charm to it that makes you feel like you're crafting your own quest which is cool. You're never distracted from doing what you want to do by the main story, you can go wherever you want when you want.

4. Star Ocean Till The End Of Time

Not one of tri-Ace's strongest titles but a great game nontheless. Now before you ask, no it's not the plot twist. In fact i actually liked the plot of the game. I felt Star Ocean Till The End Of Time had the perfect feeling of Science Fiction the series needed. It explored a lot of interesting philosophies and was accompanied with one of the greatest sci-fi soundtracks ever.

The music in this game is arguably the best in the Star Ocean series (closely followed by the first Star Ocean) and though it might not be as good as Valkyrie Profile 2, it's still impressive nontheless. I enjoyed the games melancholic themes as much as it's dynamic themes. It also has some really cool sci-fi themes. There's so much to like about the soundtrack and it really drives the game along.

Scary... but great elevator music in the background. Seriously Star Ocean Till The End Of Time is the king of elevator music.

What i hate about this game? Thats easy, the gameplay. Not just the combat, the gameplay. Whilst moving around the map isn't bad, the moment you go into battle, everything goes wrong. if you read my review of Star Ocean Till The End Of Time, you know exactly what i mean. You can read it here: Star Ocean Till The End Of Time Review. As i don't want to have to repeat myself, i will not go over the horrible combat system here but i will discuss the difficulty spikes. This game is filled with them. One minute you're breezing through it, then you go through a door and BAM, enemies will 1 shot you. It gets irritating, especially if there are no save points. Also the AI is dumb as shit, whoever designed the AI in this game didn't give a shit. I'll be honest when i say this, i would have probably not been as harsh in my review if Star Ocean Till The End Of Time had 2 player like in the Tales series (not including VS mode which was cool... if a little broken).

I just noticed... the characters are kinda creepy to look at...

Ultimately Star Ocean Till The End Of Time is one of those games you'll either love or hate. Me? I both love and hate it at the same time, it's a great game with poorly designed gameplay, at least to me it is. Any game which makes your fingers hurt after playing is poorly optimized and i believe this is the main issue with the game.

In fact i like to consider Star Ocean Till The End Of Time to be the JRPG equivelant to Gothic 3, especially considering it's initial release was godawful in Japan, just like Gothic 3.

3. Super Smash Bros (Series)

So i haven't played Smash 4 but know that Smash Bros is a series i have loved for a while now, i used to play Melee a lot when i was younger and i put so many hours into it. Just the concept of pitting two Nintendo characters against one another is cool in itself. I used to challenge lv 9 cpu with Pichu and it was great fun, occasionally i played with friends who did nothing but spam with Falco lol.

Smash also got me into other games such as Kirby, Star Fox and best of all the Legendary F-Zero. I must thank the Smash series for leading me in those directions because before that i only played games like Pokemon. Smash is half my childhood, the other half being Pokemon Gold, of course i was older when i played Smash and i missed the first game (until now). I started with Melee and it was so much fun, i wasn't competitive about it, i just wanted crazy fun.

That is until i was invited into a clan called Korlash. This was during Smash Bros Brawl. This is when i realized how toxic the community truly was and how overly competitive they were. You were looked down on for playing on any map other than final destination with items. Someone actually suicided and flamed me jsut because i turned items on. This changed my perception of the Smash series for good, a once loved franchise is now dead to me, i don't know why though. Perhaps the competitive nature of the game got the best of me and i kinda wanted to distance myself from it. That and the fact that they removed Pichu kinda made me leave the series behind.

Smash 4 wasn't exciting to me at all. I couldn't give 2 shits about it to be honest, what a turn around. I would have said that game had completely become a hate relationship had i not played with my friend and his GF who thrashed the both of us in the first match. It reminded me how much fun the smash games were, they were party games at heart and were all about the lulz factor. Watching my friend suicide with Falco is always so much fun and he does it every single time.

There were also cool elements in Brawl such as the stage creation and subspace emmisarry. Truly Sakurai is a talented individual but even still, his game no longer appeals to me and thats not because of him in particular, it's because of the fanbase which surrounds it. I hate the Smash fanbase, plus i'm glad i haven't been sucked in with these Amiibo's.

2. Space Engineers

Ok so this one is a little unfair as it's in early access. For those of you who don't know, i love games which allow me to embrace my creative side and Space Engineers does this well. the amount of options are staggering, you can save a blueprint of your work then copy/paste it into another world or you can simply use the blueprints as templates when you want to make lots of one thing.

I personally love building space ships, i've done so since Halo 3 with it's forge. Space Engineers allowed me to re-live those moments, only this time i can actually pilot my ships. Ironically though, most of my time spent playing the game has been spent building a huge station/city. It's an ambitious project and i've had a lot of fun doing it... but equally as much pain too.

Cars are cool too... but hardly useful in outer space

You see, the problem with Space Engineers is that there is no decorations/furnature. There comes a time when you become so invested into a project that anything that goes wrong gets you mega pissed. Now as i am essentially making a city, i have a lot of empty buildings, buildings which i would like to add interiors to. Same with my ships, i want to furnish them to make them look livable. Now admittidly, other games like Minecraft failed this too. Why is furnature so overlooked in games like this?

Now this is where mods come in, now there are lots of cool mods with furnature and stuff so i added them to my world and it looked great, it took hours to add furnature to every single building in the city but it was well worth it... or would have been.

Soon after, an update was released. This update corrupted almost every single modded world, including mine. The error message left by the developers was the most laughably unprofessional error message i've ever seen. As soon as the corruption was fixed, i reloaded my world and... everything disappreaered. Now i was mega pissed about this, of course i had backups but they were all deleted as well.

All that remained was my original, unmodded version (thank god i didn't overwrite that) and all the mods it once had, disappeared. If there's one thing i hate, it's losing things, progress included. I hate having to re-do things and i stopped playing almost immediately.

However, i recently had the urge to come back, i started again, this time without using mods. I hoped and prayed that the developers would incorporate some of the mods into the game. When i asked the devs if they were going to include furnature, they said "no, we're leaving that to the modding community". This is where the hate started. I paid for this game you know? I expected the devs to be more ambitious and give us more cosmetics. It seems they're not interested in that and are leaving that job to us. But why should they expect their paying customers to develop these things when they're so easy to do compared to other things, heck they're pretty much already on Steam workshop, why not intergrate them into the game, i'm sure the modders would be happy for the devs to do so.

Unfortunately the devs fail to acqknowledge it despite the obvious want from the community (hence the fact that there are already mods for them). It's like they're ignoring it for the sake of ignoring it when they could easily do it, they just don't want to or are too lazy to. I believe the former, they don't want to because they don't really care.

Another thing was the removal of ladders which was uncalled for. When they removed ladders, my ship was filled with holes and no way to get around due to the ladders being the main source of access. This pissed me off. The developers said they were bugged, sure they weren't perfect but this is supposed to be early access we expect an unpolished product and i personally found ladders to be one of the best ideas in the game (always wanted them back when i was making ships in Halo). Their exuse was "the ladders glitch out when the ship is upside down so we will remove them" but hold it one second, do we have to use ladders? No.

So you see, removing them doesn't fix the issue, it's not like it makes gameplay imbalanced, it just allows a more realistic form of traversing vertically but with ladders removed, now there is no way of traversing vertical passages realistically. Funnily enough, their replacement was "passage blocks" which were essentially the frame of the ladder (kinda like a hollow block with an opening)... just without the actual ladder. Passage blocks didn't actually add anything, you could still use your jet pack to go up ladders just like passage blocks, only passage blocks don't have ladders, so how are you meant to get up there should you not have a jet pack? Now crew members obviously wouldn't have jet packs whilst on board, if they needed to exit the ship, they couldn't do so without a jet pack. So essentially the developers have screwed me over, not once but twice, thanks developers.

To add salt to the wound, the devs have made deals with Moneysoft to release the game to XBOX ONE, have they no shame? Sure i'd understand if they were willing to actually give a shit about the ladders and furnature but it all makes sense now. They're just greedy, to confirm it, the next thing you know is the release of a retail copy, a retail copy for an unfinished product. How in the hell can they release something retail when it's unfinished? Explain that to me. It's not only misleading, it's just plain wrong.

Sure i admit, this looks cool but shouldn't you finish Space Engineers first?

To make matters worse, the revenue attained from these is going towards a whole new game called Medievil Engineers. At first i thought it was an april fools joke but it was true. Instead of investing money into their current unfinished project, they are investing it in a new project, worse of all it is also early access. What does this mean you say? They have two unfinished products on the market and this is comming from a team who abandoned their first project which was an open world mining game!

So put simply, i am very suspicious towards the devs of Space Engineers, i don't know where it will go but i still have hope. Here's hoping i can forget all this hate once the game is finished and then i will be able to write a review of it once it is complete, here's hoping it will be a positive review because this game's success is very important to me and i really want the devs to add furnature and bring ladders back. However, hope is all i can do, i cannot trust that the developers will do what i and manyothers want with the game. Will they continue to ignore our pleas? Will they add actual gameplay to the survival mode? Will they fix all the bugs? Will they even finish the game? All these questions remain unanswered and i have money bet on it that it will. God, early access sucks... but it's just so tempting!

If you play Space Engineers, feel free to message me on steam and we might play together, my steam name is terry 309, just realize that because the game is love/hate, i won't always play it and i may once again decide to quit playing it for a while. It's pretty much the only multiplayer game i have on Steam and even then, i rarely play multiplayer but to know people who do is good because after i've finished with my own world, i like to play with others, particularly those that don't grief (this game has a lot of griefers on multiplayer). I generally play creative the most as i find survival to be boring in it's current state.

Survival mode AKA Drilling Simulator 2015

In case you want to know what i've been working on, here it is: Eternus City

1. Warcraft 3

You saw this one comming didn't you? In case you didn't read my last blog, here it is: Warcraft 3 Battle.net review (pretty much). Warcraft 3 is an RTS, i've always been terrible at RTS, sure the strategy isn't a problem... but doing it in real time is difficult as you have to micromanage things and i hate micromanagement in real time because you literally have to do 3 things at once, those are building, upgrading and microing. Now i'll admit that i'm terrible at thing game, as much as i like to cloak that fact a lot. However as much as i dislike the actual genre, the campaign itself was enjoyable to say the least.

Did i forget to mention that Blizzard are awesome at cinematics?

The Warcraft universe is my favourite to date in pretty much all types of media. You have so many cool races/factions each with a lot of depth. I said it before and i'll say it again, i want a Mount and Blade crossover with Warcraft, that would be so awesome. With it's lore and deep racial backgrounds comes a fantastic storyline. I don't think any other game has reache the same levels of storytelling as Warcraft 3 as i have mentioned before. The 4 main races: Humans, Orcs, Undead and Night elves all have their own perspectives and each one you become attatched to (even though in the undead storyline, you are a bat shit crazy evil dude with a highly dominant bad concience who just happends to literally be a real being).

It is these multiple perspectives which i love about the game, one minute you're out murdering orcs with humans, the next you're murdering innocents with undead (so funny to watch the terrified peasants run away from your army of ghouls as you throw a death coil their way).

The first campaign is pretty much a rip off of Star Wars Episode 3... hopefully that in it'self isn't a spoiler but you see where this is going. However the rest of the game plays off much differrent to Star Wars and in my opinion, much more interesting. You see there is this extremely powerful faction known as the Burning Legion. These guys were introduced as the new enemy in Warcraft 3 and they are one hell of an enemy.

The Burning Legion are a huge army of demons who have devoured practically every single planet they've come across in their goal of erasing all creation. Due to certain events in the game's lore, these guys have become mindless and chaotic. Their ideals are not their own, yet their willpower is still string enough to continue with this pointless task.

We are Legion!

You see, originally, their task to erase everything was given to them by their leader, Sargeras. Sargeras was a former titan (the creators of the Warcraft universe) but after sinking into a deep depression due to having murdered countless demons, he sank into despair and became that of which he once slew. He practically became a demon god and he gathered all of the great demon lords from each race and granted them incredible power so that they can carry out his wish of erasing everything the titans created. Why? Because Sargeras grew cynical of the titans ideals, as his depression grew, he believed that the titans were wrong and that their universe should be erased in order to right their wrongs. This triggered the moment he was sent by the titans to slay the Nathrezim AKA, the dreadlords. The corrupted powers of the dreadlords twisted Sargeras' mind upon their death, essentially Sargeras was merely their pray. They turned his cynicism, his mistrust into hate, they made him believe that the titans were truly the evil in this world and that their creations must be destroyed to right their wrongs. As such, Sargeras did just that and broguth together all the great demon lords in the universe to form the Burning legion.

Though Sargeras is never seen in game, there are several pieces of artwork of him, this being the most recognized artwork. Come to think of it, he kinda looks like the final boss of Final Fantasy X.

Each world was torn apart quickly by this seemingly limitless army of demons. Eventually they found the world of Azeroth, the planet in which the majority of the Warcraft series takes place. The demons invaded and Sargeras came to their world through a powerful magic well but the summoning had failed and Sargeras remained there, trapped in limbo forever. Nevertheless, even with their masters fall, the Burning Legion continue to fight for his ideals. Warcraft 3 begins their third invasion... this time without Sargeras.

As you can see, the storyline goes very deep into the lore so only if you know the lore can you truly appreciate the storytelling this game has to offer. With so many diverse races and factions, each with their own perspectives and events, you can expect a truly engaging storyline with lots of twists and turns along the way and lots of interesting characters to play. If there was an RPG which followed this storyline, it would be amazing. Truly the best storytelling ever told in any RTS game period.

On the other hand, there's the multiplayer community. Now you probably already know how i feel about it after reading my previous blog but Blizzard seems to have a terrible track record when it comes to it's game's communities. Their games are filled with elitist douchebags who don't like to associate those with newcommers and in Warcraft 3 Battle.net, that is only the beginning.

For starters, Warcraft 3 gave birth to the worst game ever made (or should i say Mod) Defense Of The Ancients. This later followed with the creation of League of Legends, Heroes of Neworth and later the well known Defense Of The Ancients 2 AKA DOTA 2.

Warning: This video contains DOTA footage

Welcome to the world of DOTA!

This has led me to despise the Warcraft franchise, it hurts even more that Blizzard are making Heroes of the Swarm, trying to make an official Warcraft MOBA which is painful to say the least, it truly is but i can't blame them since MOBA's are so ridiculously popular it's unbelievable, shame on you all who play MOBA's and telling developers that you want more of them. MOBA's are the laziest form of game design behind facebook games. In fact, Candy Crush Saga has more effort put in than pretty much any MOBA, argue about balancing all you want, i don't care, i hate MOBA's, they suck ass if i were to choose anything to throw into Room 101 it would be MOBA's. Fuck them all and fuck the vile comminities which inhabit them, those degenerate fucktards who ban all newcommers to the genre and do nothing but insult each other.

The rest of Warcraft 3's online is vile too. You get the 4V4 RT community who are a happy bunch of fuckers, the DOTA community who are all elitist pricks and don't hesitate to insult each other, other battle arena games, especially anime ones have toxic communites also, sometimes even the worst. There are also roleplayers on there, i know a few of them and they're all two faced bastards, i know most of them from a game called Mafia, easily the best thing on there and pretty much the only reason to play Warcraft 3 online. In case you don't know, Mafia is based on the card game where you have to find out who's the mafia before they kill you. Add a lot of foul language, perverted/offencive usernames and a lot of funny deaths followed by a hilarious rage and you have a truly hilarious party game, the sort of game you would play after a couple of drinks.

Allow me to demonstrate some of Warcraft 3's most obscene custom games:

What do you get when you combine 4chan with Videogames?                                     Answer: Warcraft 3 custom games

Aside from all this, there are also custom matches hosted usually by clans who wait for their pray to join in and play against them, they then maphack and upload the video's to Youtube to humiliate them, they usually put the word "noobs" in the title so that they can get easy pray.

There are also clan 1v1's with randoms who seek a cometitive challenge. Usually the game name is 1v1 TM OBS ONLY SKILLED. You can actually watch these matches which is quite amusing as you can listen to other spectators slate off the players by pointing out every single little mistake made by each player and calling them noobs. It's funny because the same players who slate them off are too scared to play against them when they are challenged.

Finally there is the public chat. People will either argue, do what is called "twat trivia" or just pure silence. (I don't think people do Twat Trivia anymore, it was pretty funny though, perhaps the guy who hosted it left alone with his co-star named SuckMyWank).

Other than that, there really isn't much else to say about Warcraft 3, there's the world editor i suppose, i messed around with it but never got the hang of it.

All in all, i just want a Mount And Blade: Warcraft edition, that way i can play more single player without the RTS gameplay, plus the sandbox elements would be so much fun in a world with so much lore.

If only...


On another note, considering the fact that "awesome lists" have become a fad recently, i would like to announce that Heat and SeymourDuncan17 have been added to the awesome list.

Here's an update to this incredible list of C blog Legends (you could be one of them):

Awesome list:

The Scholarly Gamer


Mr. Hoffman

Shade Of Light


The Gameslinger

Sonic 429




Lord Spencer




Gray Times




And... Mr Andy Dixon

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Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Battle.net tour guide, this will go over the differrent types of people you will meet in each mode. Todays episode is 4v4 RT (the only episode) and i will cover all you need to know about it.

Warning: This will contain actual screenshots of 4v4 RT gameplay. As such be sure to expect a lot of offensive content due to the simple fact that is is 4v4 RT, i highly encourage you not to read this if you take offense easily. I will understand if you have to close your eyes for some parts.

If you don't want to read one of the worst blogs i've ever written, i strongly reccommend avoiding reading this garbage. This blog serves as a warning to everyone with sanity. Don't forget to failblog this horrible piece of garbage Dreamweaver so that everyone knows how much of a fail this awful piece of garbage they call a game is online. I really didn't want to write this blog but after the recent news conserning tri-Ace, i lost my sanity and wrote it anyways so get ready for some of the most awful writing you will ever see.

Now what is 4v4 RT you ask? It's basically games against random players (RT stands for Random Team) set up on the Warcraft 3 ladder which has been abandoned for so long yet despite this, players are still battling to reach the top of the ranking boards and have been doing so for 12 years. There are several differrent modes but 4v4 is arguably the most interesting mode, allow me to explain why.

So to play 4v4 RT you have to click the "play game" button at the top, then you select your race and pick 4v4, then you press "play game" at the bottom, simple enough for you? Then you sit back and enjoy the show. Now 4v4 RT pits you with other players, you will see four differrent colours on the screen, they are your enemies but don't kill them... yet. You see the bet that's faded out on the other side? Those are the other enemies, they will attack you so you want to attack them back.

Now what the game doesn't tell you is that 4v4 RT is actually Battle.net's 1v8 gametype. Yes, it is you vs 8 other players who all hate you and fucked your mother. Now you have several choices depending on how much fun you want to have and how much effort you want to put in, you may choose to alternate between choices. Here are your choices:

1.Build mass peasants and build towers in the base of the nearest player (the ones you see at the start of the game) then make them into guard towers, double click a tower, press A and click on their town hall.

2.Play Undead, unsummon all your buildings and send your units into red creeps. Then proceed to private message the enemy team and tell them what your teammates are building and watch the hilarity ensue.

3.Leave the game after joining, this is the most boring option but is often used if you have a Night Elf player on your team... wait did i say team? I didn't mean to say team...

4.Build an Altar and a burrow, get a Blademaster and follow the closest non-hostile enemy and when you see a treasure chest on the ground, right click it each time...and do it fast.

5.If you don't want to build a Blademaster, don't worry, just build any hero and do exactly as i said in number 4, don't make any units.

6.Get a Blood Mage and give him flame strike, then wait till you can see one of the colours near one of the goldmines (the ones that aren't occupied at the start) then when they build towers there, use Flame Strike on the towers. Optional: you can go to the hostile enemy base and annoy them, ou can then run all the way to where the towers are so that they can do all the hard work for you.

7.Play normally but keep your hero in base all game, be sure to build something to fool the others into believing that you're actually playing.

8.(This is the most fun one imo) play orc and build mass warmills around your base, alternatively you can build mass burrows. Try and challenge yourself to see how many you can build, my high score is something around 45, try to beat it (couldn't be bothered to count).

9.Go into the menu and pause the game as much as you can then save the game and pull out the plug from your computer. Not the best if you don't want to waste time, but if you really want to start a party, there's nothing better than this.

10.Download Maphack and play normally, be sure to do an appropriate build and look up guides online, your teammates will love you, your enemies will hate you. Sometimes you will be teamkilled if you're too obvious, if this happends then proceed with choice number 2.

11.Play the game without maphack. Most players pick number 10 over this but some choose to do this because they're "legit". I wouldn't reccommend this though as you will usually find yourself surrounded by 4 other guys who want to rape you and 3 other guys who will tell you to "uninstall WC3 n00b". Put simply if you pick this option, i really hope you enjoy eating dick.

12.Uninstall this piece of shit game... (beat the campaign first though). This is the best option.


Now lets cover the differrent types of people you will meet in 4v4 RT:


Everyone is secretly one of these. If you see someone on your team who is telling you what to do (see delegator), there is a 99% chance that they are one of these guys. Maphackers are like drill sergents and usually get the top scores at the end of the game. You may see them on the other side of the map a lot shouting at everyone to get their asses over there. Some maphackers prefer a more subtle approach. These are usually rare but they do exist. They will usually do this if the enemy team does something really stupid (like building 5 warmills).


50% of 4v4 RT players are this. Leavers quit the match leaving you to control all of their units as well as your own. Leavers are very common and there are several differrent types of leavers, these are:Trolls, Porno Addicts, Plug Pullers, Cowards and sometimes innocent leavers who have been dropped by hacks (this happened to me before)If you get one of these people, mimic them... unless you see an enemy player leave afterwards, in which case keep playing. Most leavers are...


These guys can be both annoying and amusing. Usually when someone does this alot, they are either downloading porn or you find out that their computer is actually a potato. 4v4 RT is truly the most educational experience in gaming. 99% of games are filled with at least one of these guys. Methinks Playboy should buy out Battle.net and turn it into a 24 hour porn streaming service.

Night Elves

A Night Elf player in action... gets two dryads trapped behind building.

These are the bane of every 4v4 RT player's existance. Some say that the chances of winning a match in 4v4 RT are lowered by 25% for every Night Elf player in the game be they on your team or on the enemy team. Night Elf players tend to be completely clueless and wander around on their own, usually creeping with a small army or rushing solo with a Priestess Of The Moon (with no units). Their favourite units are Hippogryphs and will often build them when the enemy team are building ground units. Night elves like to sit at their bases all game and are usually late to the party when your base is getting attacked. 80% of Night elf players can't be bothered to use their scroll of town portal, 20% of Night Elf Players like to do so after the enemy have left your base.

Night Elves like to play solo all game and do not communicate to others when they attack the enemy (without notice), this usually ends with their hero dead and then raging at everyone for being so bad at the game. When you're ready to rush the enemy, the Night Elf player is still creeping orange creeps, after waiting patiently, the enemy team arrives and you're stuck in the middle of the map in a 4v3, after tping back to your base, Night Elf players will attempt to fight back against the horde of enemies and fail miserably.Night Elves like to build exe's... a lot. The differrence between a vulnerable exe and a fortified exe depends on who's team they're on. If they're on your team, there is a 95% chance that their exe will have no ancient protectors. On the enemy Team there is a 99.99999999999999999999999% that they will.

Night elves love exe's so much that they will hog all the exe's on the map and when you run out of gold and ask for some, they completely ignore you. They will use these gold to build... *sigh* Hippogryphs and there will be so many of them it's laughable. They will all be webbed/molested by tanks, bats and even... yes, even by chimeras! And how that is possible? nobody knowsNight Elves will either get mega pissed when you're close by or they will happily accept your help (usually when they have no units and want to creep which 60% of them do). Those with Demonhunters will tell you to GTFO, they will then teamkill you because Night Elves treat their allies as enemies (Didn't i tell you that 4v4 RT is actually 1v8?).Night Elves like to hog the moonwells for themselves, even when their allies are on red health, they will suck up all the moonwell juice, even if their health is in green.In the rare occasion that the enemy will have air units, Night Elf players will tell all players to build anti-air, even though they have maxed out their food on Hippos.

Hippogryphs AKA hippos for short are unable to attack ground units but can damage weak air units easily. Usually you're supposed to mount archers on to them so they can attack ground and be more versitile. This guy however doesn't seem to realize that.

If you choose to make tanks, they will demand that you send the tanks to the enemy base. If you choose to do so, then there is a 99% chance that the enemy will send mass chims towards you or your teams base and the Night Elf player will blame you for not having tanks there when he specifically told you to use them to siege the enemy base, if you don't, the Night Elf player will get angry and leave but not before telling you that he fucked your mother over and under. Why they couldn't fight back against the chims with their hippos... nobody knows.

Night Elf players are often completely oblivious to pretty much anything that is going on in game and will usually be telling you to do stuff that you already did hours ago. Most Night Elves will complain that you haven't built an altar when you built an altar ages ago. Night elves often get pissed when you take exe, even when you say so beforehand, instead of objecting, they will completely ignore your every word and just build a tree of life right when you're building a haunted gold mine.

Usually, if you find yourself low on gold/asking for gold there is an 80% chance that it is due to having a Night Elf player on your team who will always take 2 exe's and will still ask for gold and lumber... possibly to take another one.

Some Night Elves like to go mass bears, this is usually when the enemy go mass air. As a result it is very rare you will ever see bears in 4v4 R/T and if you do, hope and pray you have someone making tanks because there is a 100% chance the enemy will be going mass air.

Some Night Elf players like to play Beastmaster, when they do, pray that they're on the enemy team. These heroes remain at level 1 all game and are mostly secondary heroes (in 4v4 RT). They never use any of their summons even though summons are the only moves they have. If they do use summons, they will get dispelled because Beastmasters are useless at tier 2 (at least in 4v4 RT where every single unit will be on the field). On the enemy team, Night Elf players will ALWAYS be fed gold and they will have an exe and will protect it no matter what. There is an 99% chance that their teammates will follow them and warp to their rescue the instant you attack. There is also an 80% chance that your allies will completely ignore your suggestion to attack the exe, and an additional 25% chance for every night elf player in your team. Once they get enough gold, Enemy Night Elf players will fast tech to tier 3 and get mass chims. There is a 99% chance you won't have tanks (or pretty much any anti air) when you see this. As well as covering pretty much every single catagory on this list, most Night elf players are...

Silent Players

These Players like to go Crypt Lord when you pick Dreadlord. These players like to attack the enemy main when the enemy have an exe. These players like to inform everyone that thier mother is a slut when their base is attacked because they didn't inform anyone of it. There is a 10% chance that one player in the team will notice, there is a 100% chance that that player is you.
These players like to creep when you're trying to rush. These players like to leave when the going gets tough. These players usually smoke pot. These players sometimes have a positive win/loss ratio in 1v1 and a negative win/loss ratio in 4v4, though most of the time they are both negative. You can find this out very easily by looking at their unit setup. If they have 4 riflemen on tier 3, they are the latter. Oh and did i forget to tell you that there is a 100% chance that these players will not warp to your base when it is under attack, they like to spend that time picking their nose or creeping. Their favourite hero is paladin and it usually stays at level 1 for the entire game.At the end of the game, these players are usually...

Blame Allocators

What the hell is this guy smoking?

These players are usually Orcs. Their favourite hero is Blademaster and their favourite unit is wyverns (sometimes none at all). These players like to steal your items when you're creeping (remember choice number 5?) They also tend to have a positive win/loss ratio in 1v1 and a negative win/loss ratio in 4v4. These players are very well acquainted with your mother, in fact they are MILF pimps. They like to comment on other players stats and telling them to uninstall WC3. Sometimes they will announce to the enemy team that if they win, it's because they were playing against the worst warcraft 3 player ever, that player is usually someone in your team, sometimes even you. If they lose, these players like to message you and challenge you to a 1v1, they will also save the replay and upload it to their facebook page and jerk off whenever they watch it, they will also edit the video to point out every single mistake you made and cut out any mistake they made, they will also cut out the time that you healed their ass with holy light. Their video is usually 9 seconds long, sometimes less.


These players are constantly telling you to build more towers, help them take exe, help them attack the enemy main (when there is an unguarded enemy exe nearby). They usually spend half the game sat at their base at level 1. Either that or there is a 100% chance that they are a maphacker and they know exactly what units the enemy is building and what they are doing. These players will always be in the right place at the right time, usually completely separated from their team. They do this so often that they become suspicious... only to you of course, to everyone else on your team he is pro and you are a noob. At the end of the game, the enemy team type "WTF MH" in all chat, possibly even earlier.If you encounter one of these players, be sure to get ready to initiate either choice 1, choice 6, choice 3 or choice 9. Or just send your entire army, press A and click on their town hall. If you have tanks, bats, raiders or chimeras, you have won the game... even though it says defeat at the end.

Team Players

These players communicate when necesarry, they don't get angry and they use death coil/holy light on you when you are hurt, they give you gold and lumber (but not too much) and they will also be the first players to warp to your base when it is being attacked. They will praise you at the end of the game for your good effort, even if you aren't actually all that good. These players will listen to you when you ask them to attack an exe or ping a possible exe close to the enemy base. Their favourite heroes are Death Knight, Paladin, Tauren Chieftain and Archmage. These players will always have 3 heroes and they will have the highest number of unit kills and hero kills on the scoreboard. These players will very rarely lose their heroes (and if they do it's because they get ganked by a Blademaster out of nowhere). There is a 100% chance that you will win with these players. These players will say good game to the other players and will leave directly afterwards. These players will invite you to a private match to teach you how to play if you ask them to.

Note: These players don't actually exist in Warcraft 3 Battle.Net

Plenty of this though...


Usually Night Elves. When these players are about to lose, they will uproot their tree of eternity (if you see anyone doing this, you can tell right off the bat that they are noobs) and will have it eat all the nearby trees at the back of the map. They will send wisps all over the map building cheap buildings in old creep camps, usually ones that can uproot. Their favourite units are wisps. Their favourite building is the Tree Of Eternity. Their favourite hero... wait did they have a hero? Let me check *goes to watch replay* hmm they don't even have an altar... how strange.

DOTA asshats

These players build an altar and produce a hero, their favourite hero is Axe... uh i mean Blademaster. They like to rush the enemy base and attack towers, they also like to run away when the going gets tough. On the scoreboard, they have the highest ranking for "items obtained" and the lowest rating for "units". They are usually bragging whenever they kill an enemy hero and tell the other players to go mid. The other players look confused and begin to leave when they hear this. Sometimes they will leave the game because a DOTA game is being hosted on customs and they don't wanna miss it. These players worship satan, their favourite game is DOTA, if you tell them that their favourite game sucks, it's because you're bad. They will then repeately say "you're bad" on a spambot even after you've left the game.


Usually Russian, these players are basically the same as silent players only they actually talk. Problem is, you can't understand a word of them. their favourite hero is usually the same as yours (particularly if you're undead and playing either a Dreadlord, Lich, Crypt Lord or tavern hero). If you pick Death Knight, be sure to pick Death pact, because they will go aura.... second and they will never ever use death coil on your hero. They are usually found on the opposite side of the map to you... usually out of Unholy Aura's range.They sometimes like to message you after a game, trying to tell you that they fucked your mother last night... but you can't understand a word of it and /squelch them.

Tower rusher

These players build only buildings and are usually delegators they will complain when you're not standing next to the towers. They will blame you when the enemy sends in mass bats/raiders/frost wyrms/pretty much any unit that deals siege/chaos damage. Their favourite words are WOOD and GOLD. Their favourite units are Peasants. If you encounter one of these players on the enemy side, there is a 60% chance that your allies will not help you +25% for every Night Elf player on your team.

Mass Tier 1 guy

These players usually have mass footmen/grunts/huntresses at the start of the game. They have nothing at the end. They like to feed xp to the enemy and die... a lot. They often like to follow the player around the map, stealing their XP. If they do, that player will usually respond with either. "Stop fucking following me noob"! Or they will just Teamkill them and their frail units. If they do it to you, ask them to go into allies tab and check the share units box. They are mostly Silent Players until the end where they blame you for not having web... when you did but they weren't there to see it. Even if you didn't have web... they could always build tanks which are the best AA in the game (except maybe bats though that's subjective) but they don't.

Base Camper

A Night Elf base camper in action

These players are level 1 all game and never tp to your base of join you in battle. They complain when their base is destroyed and you didn't help them against a solo Paladin rush. They usually have the highest tech percentage and 1 of every unit available in their base but they never use them.

People who think they're playing Sim City

I'll admit, i like to pretend to be this guy just for fun, heck i was this guy at the start lol (until i found the Warcraft 3 World Editor). People who build the coolest looking base ever... and it gets wrecked by mass tanks at the end. Still a lot of fun though. Not very fun if you have one of these guys on your team though and hilarious when there's one on the enemy team. Thier favourite building is Farm...sometimes Lumber Mill. Their favourite game is Settlers.


These players threaten to track you down and kill you. They're very angry players and absolutely adore the Blademaster hero.


Almost all Night Elves are this (usually the ones on the enemy team). Tryhards, like to pick Demon Hunter and ask for gold and wood from everyone. Most tryhards maphack though they don't delegate (they're Night Elves remember? Teamwork isn't in their vocabulary). Instead they creep like mad. You very rarely see tryhards rushing because you don't exactly need to try when you're rushing. Tryhards enjoy long ass games and like to keep their team waiting just so they can get the best stats at the end and prove their worthiness when they get the second best ultimate, Metamorphosis (though inferno is better imo) so they can get the most kills and look imba on the scoreboards (whereas if they rushed, the Blademaster would steal all of their kills). Tryhards love to bring in Chimeras... if they are on the enemy team that is. If they are on your team, they will make mass Hippo's because they're Night Elves...usually.

In the special case that the tryhard isn't a Night Elf (which usually isn't the case). They are highly likely going to be on your team and you are going to be rushed... hard.

Tryhards may or may not tp. They will only TP if they think you're worth defending, if they consider you to be a noob, they will ignore you and screw the game for everyone else, this goes for Night Elves as well, though they will probably win the game without you... if they're on the enemy team or using maphack that is (*psst* most of them are...)


Warcraft 3 wouldn't be the same without these guys. If you see one of them, send a private message to them at the end of the match saying "Well done". These guys bring justice to Warcraft 3 Battle.net, i am proud to be one of them. Teamkillers are the only people who know how to play 4v4 RT properly. Teamkillers are the only people who realize that 4v4 RT is actually 1v8. Teamkillers take advantage of the liberty that is Warcraft 3 Battle.net. If you threaten to report a teamkiller to Blizzard, they will laugh at you since it is impossible to ban/report anyone in 4v4 RT.

Most teamkillers are legit though some teamkillers are not. If you notice a teamkiller raging, they aren't actually a teamkiller, they're usually Psycho's.

Now that you know all the differrent kinds of players you will find in 4v4 RT, time to see it all in action:

I strongly reccommend watching this to take in the full experience of 4v4 RT.


Sorry for writing this horrible, horrible blog, i tried to stop myself, i really did but i just had to write about it i really did. Once again i apologize for putting this god awful blog on the c blogs, i really really hope i haven't scarred anyone by writing this and i really hope that people can truly forgive me for writing such a horrible, grotesque blog that had to be written. Don't play Warcraft 3 online, you have so much to live for guys!!!

I will hopefully... maybe do a review of Warcraft 3's single player campaign, should i end up doing so, this blog will act as part of that review. If i don't do it, i apologize, i hate making promises i can't keep.

Oh and R.I.P tri-Ace, you will never be forgotten.

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God this one has to be the hardest yet, i've anticipated this one for a while. I do have a few rules with this list though, first of all any dungeon song that will be mentioned in another list won't be on this one. Oh and only one dungeon song per game and no final dungeon music (because we all know what game will win that one...).

#15 Tales Of Symphonia ~ Search a seal

They're both basically the same song, they just sound differrent. These songs were the only good thing about dungeon crawling in Tales Of Symphonia, those puzzles are seriously a nightmare. Thankfully the calming music encourages me to move forward. Not very high on the list because there are better songs but still noteworthy as they are both nice songs.This song was competing with a few others but decided to go with it because it would be unfair not to have a tales game on this list, plus the other songs weren';t really all that notewrothy either.

#14 Pokemon Gold/Silver ~ Dragons Den

Does this count as a dungeon theme? It does to me as you have to go through a cave to get there but most of it is water filled with Magikarp and a few trainers (in Crystal). You're forced to go through it to get the final gym badge and i always felt it was kinda pointless, just a way to get you to use Whirlpool which you need the 7th gym badge to use because if you missed it the dialogue about the Pokemon League wouldn't make much sense. In any case, the music is catchy and memorable, it also feels a little eerie as if something's waiting for you. In the end the so called "dungeon" felt like a "pillow gauntlet" (got that line from Grandia 2).

#13 Legend Of Dragoon ~ Black Castle

This is probably my favourite area in the game, this music worked perfectly with the dungeon itself, the heavy percussion and eerie tone this song gives makes the dungeon feel all the more intimidating to the player. When i first entered this dungeon, it looked like a demented version of Disney land castle. Aside from the numorous random encouters, traversing this dungeon was surprisingly fun.

#12 Diablo ~ Dungeon

Oh god this one is just perfect... this song practically defines the feeling of exploring a dark underground dungeon. I love the siren noise in the background, i love the drum beats, i also love the part at the end which kinda gives off a sense of sanctuary in the dark hallways of the descecrated cathedral. There is so much to love about this song. I was going to put the Catacombs up here but i decided to put this one on here instead because it's the first song you hear and it sticks with you.

Why is it so low on the list? Because western music isn't usually to my taste. Diablo is the only exception but still there are so many other songs that deserve a higher placement.

#11 Grandia 2 ~ The Moon Of Valmar

This is the sort of song that you'd expect from an 80's action movie but it kinda doubles as a pretty cool dungeon theme too. Love the guitar in this one. It also plays whenever Millenia is on screen hence the cheeky vibe. This song kinda works with a lot of things but it makes a good dungeon theme nontheless.

#10 Shadow Hearts ~ Coffin Fetish

After entering quite possibly one of the most haunted villiages in RPG history (besides maybe Tristram) you enter the nearby castle for a very calming yet somewhat bizarre song, the change in contrast is refreshing. It kinda symbolizes the castle as a sanctuary from the demons yet there is something else lurking in here and you don't know what it is. It's like you've been thrown out of the frying pan into the freezer.

#9 Final Fantasy V ~ Fate In Haze

I had to put this one here on the list because it's one of the most memorable dungeon themes of my childhood. I love the tranquil feeling this song gives off, it feels almost too calm for a dungeon theme but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. So many memories playing this game, it was one of my first RPG's and probably the first one that really stuck out to me.

#8 Star Ocean The Second Story ~ Rescue Operation

This one is short but sweet, it has a great sense of urgency. It's also the first dungeon in the game which makes it all the more memorable. It's best to listen to this song on a loop... if you know what i mean. This game had a few other songs that could have made this list but this song stuck with me the most. I do wish it played more in the game though.

#7 Chrono Trigger ~ Undersea Palace

Easily the most memorable song in the game to me, it's even better than the final dungeon music imo(unless you consider the perfect ending which i don't). it really gives you the sense that you're comming up to the games climax which you probably are depending on what playthrough you're on. I won't say much more for spoilers but this song and this dungeon really highlighted the impending battle... you know what it is people, you've all played it.

#6 Baten Kaitos ~ Mystery Crystal

This could have made my top 5 town VGM's as it also plays in a town but i remember it more as a dungeon. It's pretty funny how you will barely hear this song in the entire dungeon, especially when you walk through the doors for one of the biggest surprises this game throws at you. Still a really good dungeon theme worthy of being on this list, i love the playful chants and of course the usual Sakuraba flair. In a way this song feels like a combination of Sakuraba's talents poured into one song with the added chants to give it some umph.

#5 Star Ocean ~ Ancient Ruin

Now this is an overlooked one, probably the best dungeon theme on the SNES imo, it really gets you pumped up for traversing dungeons and i love the bit where it changes at 1:29, it's just got a nice feel to it, i think the fact that it uses the SNES sound chip makes it feel all the more special. Sadly it doesn't play as often as i'd like but is still a great song as it is not only catchy but it's also got a good beat to it if you listen closely, i love the awesome bit at the end too.

#4 Infinite Undiscovery ~ Claridian Enchained

This song put me into a trance the very moment i heard it. There's just something magical about it, the feeling of both desolation and hope both flow through this song. Honestly one of the most surprisingly good songs from this underrated game. It stands out from the rest of the dungeon music on this list, the only reason it's only #4 is because the top 3 were decided at the very start of making this list. Say what you like about the game but it has some of Motoi Sakuraba's best work in it.

#3 Star Ocean Till The End Of Time ~ Expiration

I was gonna make another list instead on this one and this song was gonna be on it but i decided to put it here instead because it's more fitting. I wish this played in more dungeons in the game as it's just flat out awesome, everything about this song is awesome. More dungeon themes need guitar in them. This plays in the first dungeon of all places which was a great surprise once i first played it, i was hoping all the dungeon music was like this but sadly it only played for 2 of them. I could listen to this song for hours.

#2 Valkyrie Profile ~ Distortions in the void of despair

Like #2, this plays in the game's first dungeon and it's really catchy and awesome. Probably the most memorable song in the game imo, i dunno about you but this song makes me wanna make Lenneth do parkour all over the level because it really is that awesome, i really miss the ability to slide in Valkyrie Profile 2, it's the only thing the game was truely missing from the first game... not that it had much of a function in the actual gameplay but it just looked cool and made each level feel more platformy so you could do parkour and shit. Thankfully they brought it back in form of one of Lenneth's attacks. I guess Alicia isn't cool enough to slide around but she more than makes up for it with her teleportation powers though to be fair, after watching one of those scenes in the seraphic gate, i can kinda see why she doesn't. In any case, Valkyrie Profile has a lot of great dungeon themes but this one stuck out to me the most.

#1 Valkyrie Profile 2 ~ [Tiebreaker]

Do i really have to put up just one song for this? Well i'm not going to, i encourage you to play the game and listen to them yourself and decide for yourself which one is the best. Sure not every single dungeon theme in the game would make it to #1 (particularly the music for the optional dungeons which isn't bad per say, just outmatched by the rest). Of course this game is going to take the #1 spot in this catagory. The Valkyrie Profile games have the best dungeon music to date, courtesy of Motoi Sakuraba of course. All i will say is that Valkyrie Profile 2 is very differrent from the original in this catagory but IMO it's even better and that's saying a lot considering Valkyrie Profile made #2 for having great dungeon music also.

On another note, i would like to do other lists which may include the dungeon music from this game so i'm going to just leave things as they are for now. If you've played Valkyrie Profile 2, feel free to link what you consider the best dungeon theme in the game (between chapter 1 and 5 of course... you know what i mean...).


I need to play more games, there are still so many i haven't played either due to region lock or whatever other reason, i'm hoping to change this list one day once i play better games so don't take this as my final list. I highly doubt the top 3 spots will change though. Also remember that this list's rule is one song per game, if it wasn't then every list would be filled with Valkyrie Profile 2 music.

Now i'm going in with complete ignorance here as i haven't played every action game in the world. I know i'm gonna get a lot of shocked faces when people find out i've never played Bayonetta which is due to the fact that Sega originally published it and that i don't have a Wii U. Now i'm not sure if that game or oher games in the genre have impelmented these ideas, if i've been hiding under a rock, feel free to tell me what game does this because i haven't found it yet. Nevertheless i have played far too many Action games which don't maximize the potential of the genre. Allow me to explain.

Now if you know me, i like RPG's, i tend to stick with the more action orientated RPG's in this day in age because they're a lot less tedious and more interactive than turned based games to me. Yes turned based games have gotten old to me, i'm sure others find it differrent. In any case Action RPG's will also count for this topic because they are heavily action orientated, hence the title. So i'm looking at you Tales series.

Now Action games can be fun, when i've reviewed Action RPG's based on gameplay, i sometimes think to myself "this could be better but it's better than most" then i proceed to give it a glorified rating for accomplishing what most games fail to do... even though it could do a little better. Now Valkyrie Profile was one of the first games to do action RPG's right. It's ons of the few action RPG's which allow you to control your entire party all at once.What irritates me about most action RPG's in particular is that they have the AI control your teammates. Why is this you ask? The answer is simple... controls. The controller is both your best friend and your worst enemy when it comes to action games, particularly if you're developing them (or at least that's what i'm guessing comming from someone who's only experiences developing anything was in RPGmaker). Sure you can't have too many buttons as it wouldn't be erganomically viable for gaming (i'm looking at you keyboard and mouse >.>). Erganomics are a thing most gamers don't pay attention to when it is a very important factor in hardware design particularly for controllers. Sometimes even game design can be erganomically terrible, just look at Star Ocean Till The End Of Time and for that matter, God Eater Burst as well (that camera literally killed my hands).

Easy to hold but stiff buttons ~ Ps2 controller

These are important factors to take into account when you're developing any kind of game be it action or not (try playing Warcraft II The Dark Saga on PS1 and you'll see). It's a well known fact that some games work better with a controller, and some work better with a keyboard. Heck there are some games which do better on a touch screen. I'll give you some examples.

Painkiller is a 100% keyboard and mouse game, without a keyboard and mouse at your disposal, you will find yourself underprivilidged as the game was designed with keyboard and mouse in mind. I played both the PC version and the console version and to prove it i will give you the very reason why Painkiller doesn't play very well on a controller. Bunnyhopping. If you're playing Painkiller on PC your fingers will be planted on WASD and your thumb on space bar (using conventional controls that is). Your thumb will repeatedly be pressign the space bar so it will constantly moving.

Pretty much this

Your fingers will be held onto one or two of the WASD keys. On a controller however, there are two buttons which are used for bunnyhopping (i'm looking at Hell and Damnation for the PS3 here) those are X and L1. Now L1 is inconveniently placed just above the fire button so your index finger will be tired from pressing it repeatedly as the L1 button is stiffer than the space bar (this is a major issue with the erganomics of sony brand controls) so if you try to bunnyhop, your fingers will hurt soon after, this cripples you making the game 100 times harder on higher difficulties.

Action games however are more suited towards a controller. Though i've never played an action game on a keyboard (props if you have) i don't believe it would be erganomically fitting simply due to the fact that it has an estimated guess of 60 buttons (too lazy to count) all compressed together. Action games are all about the thumbs, pressing the face buttons to use crazy attacks. It just wouldn't feel right attacking with fingers, perhaps there's someone out there who disagrees but i can easily assume that most people would agree with me on this.

So the controller is the only tool of choice for action games. If that is the case, there is a limit to the amount of depth an action game can do and although we haven't reached that point yet (which is strange, as is the very reason why i'm writing this blog) we will do one day and when that day comes, action games will reach their peak potential and it would be impossible to give them any more depth without making the game too clunky to play. As such, action games can only go so far... unless we get Virtual reality in the future and i'm proven wrong and even then there are only so many actions the human body can do. What's next? A game which is controlled by the players penis movements? And then how are women supposed to play? (One of many points SEGA didn't consider when they developed their Toylet. Oh SEGA, how utterly oblivious you are to pretty much everything). In any case you get my point, as interesting as it would be to accellerate in a racing game by getting a hard on, i think i'll pass.

SEGA's idea of innovation is a wee bit flawed

Anyways enough of all this silly talk, time to try and find a way to maximize the potential of an action game and create the best theoratically crafted action game we possibly can. My body is ready to take up the challenge of creating a theoratical videogame. Is yours?

So first i'd like to take a look at Valkyrie Profile. Four face buttons, each to perform a certain action. This gives games a lot of opportunity to customize. Ok so lets look at Tekken 6. Four face buttons which each perform a certain move. It is possible people! Now we look at Tales of Xillia, hold down L1 and holy shit moar moves! These ideas need to be combined to make a perfect action game and whilst fighting games have complex combinations which are not noob friendly, i'm going to ignore them for now as they are very difficult for players to get used to.

Now Devil May Cry is probably the first action game which comes to mind (or hack n slash whatever you wanna call it). Fighting game enthusiats may consider Devil May Cry's gameplay to be a "dumbed down fighter" which it practically is. Action games are not supposed to overwhelm the players with options, they are supposed to make the game easy to pick up and play. As a result, diagonals, zigzags, loops and whatever those hardcore fighting games do with the control sticks are ruled out. However, the face buttons, the triggers, the bumpers and the right stick are all there. Those are the tools we have to play an action game. My job is to make the most of them and i will use those games i mentioned previously to do so.

For starters i need to adress this point. Why don't action games allow the player to fully customize their controls to their liking? Why can't we map all the face buttons to sword attacks in Devil May Cry? Sure we wouldn't be able to jump but that is exactly the point. To create a control scheme that suits the player and to provide possible handicaps for the most hardcore of players to give the game better replay value but to be able to make up for it by using other actions.

Devil May Cry 3 did this with it's style system, but it was only for the B button. Now imagine this with every single button! Sounds crazy doesn't it? But it is very much possible. That way, the player can customize the control scheme to suit their desires. You could have a control scheme set up so you can only parry and counter. Perhaps there could be a blocking attack which creates a shield of spikes to damage an enemy that connects with it whilst parrying the attack or a magical shield which if timed perfectly can reflect the enemy missile attacks back at them. Imagine a playthrough using only that. Yes it's only for the hardcore but it would be a possibility for players to take up that challenge.

Now although i don't like to talk about this game much, i once played Final Fantasy Dissidia and my main just happened to be Ex-Death. That character is living proof that my idea can be done as he is a character built on blocking and countering. As such, you can give the player to customize the choice to make a 100% defencive based character which would require immense timing to pull off but would be one hell of a challenge, and impressive one.

Never thought i'd be putting this old video on my blogs... but it proves my point.

That's not all. Lets talk about jumping. Once again i bring up Ex-Death. Instead of pressing A to jump, you could replace it with an attack move like in Tekken 6. Either that or you could press a to warp around, kinda like Ex-Death's reverse polarity skill. If you hold a then press left on the left stick you will warp to the left, if you press right you warp to the right, if you press up you warp up. Now the technical part comes with pressing down which when perfectly timed can give the player a dudge frame by teleporting to the same position but this would give them a small frame of evasion which could quickly put them into the position for a counter attack. It would take skill to pull off but just imagine Dante or Bayonetta doing that (that is, unless Bayonetta already does).

Now for the other buttons. Do you want an evade option in your games? Or do you want to block everything in your way and counter? You could remove the evade button (or buttons) completely and replace them with attack buttons. On the other hand you could have a button like in Tales of Xillia which you hold down to change your control set up. Of course due to erganomics it couldn't change all of the controls but it could change a considerable amount. That way, if you're in danger and want to go from being an all out offensive to a defensive control set up, you could do that with a single button, heck you could choose the button which suits you, you could also choose to either hold down or just switch on the press of it. Giving player options in action games is the answer.

Now comes the argument "what if all these actions are too much for the players to handle"? Well then developers, this is where you come in. You job is to make the game as simple and easy to get into as possible. Who would be the best man for the job? Masahiro Sakurai that's who! So if anyone were to develop the best action game, it would be Sakurai. Smash Bros is the first step towards total perfection and it's far from it. Simplicity and complexity need to be melded together to make the perfect gaming experience. So if Sakurai were to make the perfect action game, he's have to leave his policy of "one button does it all" behind whilst at the same time, maintaining his knowledge of simplicity. Simple things such as an in game HUD and default controls set up for the average player are ways to make things easier. Trying to keep things simple with so many complex options is a difficult task but if anyone can do it, Sakurai can. I seriously wish i could just call the guy right now and tell him that he is destined to create the ultimate action game and how he could possibly do it.

Now all that's left is to come up with some flashy and amazing actions the player can perform... and this is where i bow out because i'm no game developer, i'm just a guy who writes about videogames. Leave a responce about a possible action you would like to see in an action game. E.g an attack which slaps enemies with a huge erected penis. Do you agree with my theory? Or would you find it erganomically impossible to play or just downright confusing? Have you ever tried playing Smash Bros with the Donkey Konga Bongo's (i have)? Would you play videogames with your junk? Discus exists for a reason guys!

Here's an interesting one. Now i'm not what you might consider a big Mario fan, in fact i think Mario in itself is an overrated brand (and i use the word brand because there are dozens of series' with his name in them). I could never get into the platformers besides maybe Super Mario Galaxy as that game was something else entirely. Still i don't particularly hate Mario games as once i heard about an rpg starring Mario, i was intrigued. I purchased Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door hoping for a fun rpg adventure, not a Mario game and thankfully a fun rpg is what i got.

The world of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door was a memorable one...

Now if i were to look back, i'd probably say that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was a pretty solid rpg. It had a lot of memorable locations, scenes, villains and characters which were all fun to experience. The visuals were amazing, of course being a Gamecube title it didn't surprise me as that console has always been the best in terms of visuals. Nevertheless, the visual detail of the world pulled me in immediately. There is nothing quite like this game, it's locations, bosses, sub plots and many other events got me enthralled almost immediately.

Glitzville was a cool location, i wish i could go back, just to relive old times.

However, here comes the problem. I made it all the way to the last boss, after journeying all over the world, visiting amazing haunts such as Twilight Town and other great places, one i won't spoil because it is just too epic and i think you all know what it is. Anyways, i thwarted all the minor villains in epic battles and the final boss appeared before me. All i can say is that the final boss kicked my ass so badly that i had to retry time and time again and still didn't get anywhere. Eventually i took a huge long break from the game and never returned to it simply due to the fact that i couldn't get past the last boss... and my Gamecube stopped working so i couldn't play any Gamecube games until i got my Wii.

Twilight Town, like Tristram but paperfied!

By the time i got my Wii, i noticed something missing in my collection. Of course this was over time, i didn't notice it immediately but it wasn't long till i realized... "where is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door"? I hunted high and low for it and could never find it. Coincidentally, the memory card which held the data of the game was corrupted and unusable. As such i didn't want to have to go through it all again anyways and never purchased the game again.

Now there could be many reasons for the dissappearance. The first possible reason could have been that i simply traded it in like an idiot as my Gamecube wasn't working. I highly doubt i did and if i did then i would be kicking myself right now, i don't recall ever trading it in though, especially when i was so close to the end and really wanted to finish it. The second possible reason could have been that i had temporarily moved house at some point and accidentally left it behind, but i swear i cleared the house of all my games when i moved back.

The only other possible reason is that i lended it out to someone. I highly doubt it as i would never lend anyone a game i hadn't finished. Even if i did, i doubt any of my friends would have been interested in such a game. So all in all, i have no clue where it went, it just dissappeared. Who knows it could be still in my loft, collecting dust. Though i have a feeling it's not. I have a feeling it's long gone and as such i simply forgot about the game. This is the first time i have remembered it for ages, now i remember how great of a game it was and how it sucked me in which i never expected a Mario game to do.

Sadly i don't think i'll ever play it again. Gamecube games are expencive and buying them second hand can be annoying as they could come sctratched and Gamecube games scratch easily which sucks. Plus my data had disappeared too and i don't want to have to play through it all over again, as memorable as some of the locations were. Such a great shame to have wasted finishing what could have potentially been a great rpg which i could have reviewed. In any case i watched the ending on Youtube, i cheated because i saw little point in playing through the entire game all over again just for one single cutscene.

Still, it would be cool to go back and see all the locations again, but i don't wanna go through the whole intro section again and i doubt the game would feel the same anymore as i would already know the story and stuff. Plus having to level up all over again and battle would get a bit repetitive. I want to hear what other people thought of the game and if anyone else had any similar experiences as i did with a game.

All in all, i'd say the game has my reccommendation, even if i cannot review it due to it being unfinished (although some would argue that i could). I think just talking about it here would be a fitting alternative.

Sorry for the lazy blog... just felt the urge to write.