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Terry 309's blog

11:42 AM on 08.24.2015

So I just Purchased Grandia 2 Anniversarry Edition... and it works just as well as my PS4 Translation: It doesn't work This is the Steam Version by the way.


2:10 PM on 08.23.2015

Can't wait for Grandia 2 Anniversarry tomorrow... but it's not on steam... In any case I already own the game... but it was too easy. Will this version fix it?


5:15 PM on 08.20.2015

Rant: I finally have a PS4...and i'm not happy about it

After a stressful day of unpaid work, I headed to my local game store and picked up a PS4, no games, just a second-hand PS4 console. The cashier looked at me puzzled but they were happy as long as they got my money. Now I opened the box and took one look at it... what the hell have I just done!?

Afterwards I commenced the burial ceremony of my Xbob 360 which was taking up space with my other consoles, I believed it deserved a fitting send off, so I just shoved it into a PS3 box (I should have just chucked it off a cliff to be honest). The memorial service was short and sweet. I remembered the good old times paying for a monthly online subscription and playing Halo over and over again on the same maps with screaming kids... I remember playing all sorts of great exclusives... oh wait there was only one, Infinite Undiscovery and that game is hated by everyone except me for obvious reasons.

All the Essentials you need... for a grave marker
All the Essentials you need... for a grave marker

But most of all, I celebrated the last console I'll ever own with a removable hard drive... the memories of knowing that if my Xbob 360 dies (which was very likely) I could just buy a new one and keep all of my data. unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my old PC which got incinerated at a repair store... good times... good times indeed.

Not my collection, just an image shamelessly ripped off of Flickr, credit for the image should be found below in the sources section.
Not my collection, just an image shamelessly ripped off of Flickr, credit for the image should be found below in the sources section.

I looked at my game collection for my Xbob 360 and sighed... it's my biggest collection, closely followed by PS2, I had a lot of games for it and 85% of them were either mediocre or absolute shit... but there were a few I didn't finish, Gothic 4 for example, along with a few others like rainbow six vegas. I'll probably never finish them... oh well. Honestly the only reason I kept my Xbob 360 was for Infinite Undiscovery in case I wanted to play it again for old times sake and pretty much any game really as there were a few non exclusive games I have on it that have data on it I like to access. However I'm not in a rush to play them. The Xbob 360 has been put in cryo sleep for now whilst my shiny new eraser coaster has taken its place. It's kinda like a podium for my PS2 slim which is sitting on top of it right now... come to think of it, I should put my Gamecube up there... then again every time I put Valkyrie Profile 2 in the disk tray of my PS2 it will stand atop its rightful podium. The PS4 is just it's bitch, it's the guy who carries the throne whilst the queen waves to everyone alongside all the floats. Picture that in your mind.

So I start plugging in my PS4 only to find out it comes with HDMI cables... oh silly me... of course like with every technological advancement I always have to have the latest gadgets like every other hip person out there. Screw you guys I'm a hipster and I don't like Iphones, facebook, twatter or any of that nonsense I just want to play games and have fun on inferior hardware. Heck my PC is still pretty minimal, I was offered plenty of better options and I still picked up the cheapest. It looks fine. Seriously people are way too spoiled these days and expect better quality. As for me, I just want to play good games and considering the fact that Valkyrie Profile 2 is beautiful on my small silver Digilogic that had no HD compatibility but a great DVD player. Who needs modern TV's!?

So now, after forking £300 for a glorified coffee coaster with no games, I'm now lumbered with something I can't use unless I either buy a converter (if they exist) or buy an HD TV, I hear they're cheap these days but why the nuisance? Why change? I don't give a shit about visual quality, all I care about is art design and attention to detail, that's what matters in visuals, not the resolution, screw that.

Now you might call me a hypocrite considering the fact that I pre-ordered Tales of Zesteria on PC which obviously has better visuals but why the hell not? I have a PC so I might as well use it, plus I could have a chance to play Tales Of Symphonia all over again for basically nothing! Sweet. In addition, I can contribute towards supporting more JRPG's on PC so I don't have to purchase any more black boxes of garbage anymore.

So what can I do with this shitbox one... uh I mean PS4... BAH They're all the same to me, just like human names are to Varimathras. The PS4 is an eyesore, just picking it up felt like it was about to drop to bits in my hand. They use the cheapest most fragile materials to build the frame and they have this horrible black coating over the disk tray which makes it easier to show fingerprints. What happened to good ol' durable matte painted consoles like the Gamecube, man that console was literally a tank, you had to microwave it to break it as a baseball bat just wasn't enough. That thing could survive a 50 foot drop...well the frame at least. The PS4 is a piece of shit in a box and believe me I'd take it any day over the Shitbox One, one of the shittiest pieces of hardware ever to be released since the N gage. Fuck the N gage and fuck the Shitbox One!


So the next problem... where's the power switch... oh it's a touch screen power switch... great, just great. Another stupid innovation concept for a multitude of reasons. Heck If I accidentally poke it with my elbow whilst playing Mount And Blade (my PS4 is right next to my Wii which is right next to my keyboard and mouse) the console turns on. If I leave my game running, Go afk and accidentally touch the power button with my elbow, I lose all my progress. Great design Sony, I'm glad you don't care about the consumer because nobody else does in this industry... and believe me, Moneysoft will somehow find some way to take advantage of these silly flaws and all the Xbob fanboys will be smiling smugly at all the mugs who bought the PS4 i.e me... that is until they realize that the console they bought is a terrible heap of garbage.

Simple, Instant, Complete horseshit!
Simple, Instant, Complete horseshit!

Ok, ok. The Shitbox One doesn't have as many issues as it should... but that's the problem. Moneysoft had the nerve to proclaim that the console was going to be always online DRM and have no used games compatibility. It was a disaster in a box and everyone knew it, so they scrapped the idea and said "Here you go you fuckmuts, here's your Xbox one, the way you wanted it, go have fun playing Halo or something, I have a pool of money to surf in and I want to do it fast before the shareholders start knocking on my door saying "where's the money!?".

I just don't know anymore. Has gaming really gotten this low... well no, it has Star Ocean 5 coming out, it's definitely on the up if anything. If I'm going to say anything positive in this shitty article, it's that there hasn't been a greater time for gaming since 2006 (or 7 for us Europeans as we get everything late, screw you region lock!) On the plus side, the PS4 isn't region locked like the PS3, this means I can enjoy playing Valkymii Profile 2: Silmiiria (AKA Exist Archive) if it doesn't get released in the EU. Heck any game that's released in America exclusively can also be played, which is a bonus I suppose, though I haven't seen any games recently which have that problem except Demons Souls which I don't play due to obvious reasons... that game would give me horrible nightmares!

So what have we learned today kiddies? Don't be an idiot like me and buy a brand new console when there's absolutely no games on it. Am I going to play Bloodborne? No (see the end of the last paragraph) and am I going to play No Mans Sky? Maybe... oh wait it's not out yet. Star Ocean 5? Hell yes! Oh wait, it's not out yet. Release my games goddamn it! In any case, it's relieving that I've finally made this stupid purchase and now I can just wait patiently for the release of Star Ocean 5 so I can be happy. That way I won't have to go round my neighborhood with a nailed baseball bat and go on a rampage, scaring all the kids... or I could just play GTA which lets you do just that... not sure about the nails... but we can compromise.


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3:04 PM on 08.18.2015

Warcraft 3 is my favourite Star wars


6:46 PM on 07.17.2015

Day/Night gaming, How does the time of day affect your gaming habits?

This is something i've recognized for a while now. My tastes in videogames depend on what time of day it is. As someone who seems to get plenty of time to game (being semi-unemployed and all), I find myself playing differrent games at differrent times of the day. Mornings are always the worst part of the day for me. You get up, your eyes are full of grit, you feel unmotivated, still tired and just want to grab yourself a cuppa and hop into something easy. Well first of all I search my Youtube sub box, then the C blogs along with every single responce/comment I can find until I'm ready to start getting into some action.

Time for an early morning ride into the sunset...

Now what would I do for daytime gaming? Well it all depends on what i'm feeling like. At the moment I've been playing some Mount And Blade Warband (Phantasy Calradia Mod) and it's a really great game to jump into as you get absorbed into it fast and there are so many things going on that you never know what's going to happen next. After several hours of warring with enemy factions, killing bandits, doing quests and odd jobs, I start to feel motivated for something else so I leave and go play something else.

Other games I tend to play are Space Engineers, though this depends on whether or not friends are on so this is usually left until early afternoons, I find building games to be great daytime romps as they take a lot of time to do (and you wouldn't have time for it at night) and you constantly feel that you're moving forward little by little in your own little world, enjoying it all the while. It seems that to me, the best daytime games are sandbox games where I can just do whatever the hell I want, particularly multiplayer games.

I enjoy making fun of other people's creations

Additionally there's Town Of Salem, the perfect coffee break game (although I drink tea instead because I'm british) as you're not doing much in terms of controlling anything, instead you're talking your way out of situations and essentially playing a game VIA communication. It's amazing how such a simple game can be so addictive and it is, though to be honest there are a few people who suck the fun out of it. This brings me back to the days of Warcraft 3 Mafia, the same game but without that stupid report button. Essentially you could call yourself dickslap and troll everyone in game for the ultimate satisfaction, can't do that in Town Of Salem or you'd get reported.

Games like Town Of Salem are not designed for the sensitive folk and honestly there shouldn't be a report function. This is why Warcraft 3 Mafia will always be the better game because as we all know, Warcraft 3 is completely lawless, what's done in Warcraft 3, stays in Warcraft 3 and it should stay that way. Then again I can't help but find myself playing on it way too often. It's become a guilty pleasure of mine indulging in the holstility and the stupidity that has to offer. I get that fuzzy feeling whenever i hear people using the most offencive profanity in the most nonsensical way possible. I love listening to people try and act gangsta whilst I sip tea and destroy someones base.

That aside, lets talk about late aftermoons. This is usually where I start with my backlog, usually because i'm not motivated enough in the mornings. Currently i'm playing through Tales Of Phantasia on emulator (because i'm using the de-jap translation as I can't understand a single word of Japanese). Depending on what game I fell like playing at the time, I will play it but i do like to keep some kind of structure to it. Sometimes I just don't feel like playing a backlogged game and go and do something else, sometimes I'll play it for about 2 minutes and give up. RPG's tend to be these games. Whilst I enjoy them a lot, I usually find myself playing them in short bursts and to be honest I like it that way. Even Grandia 2, a game which i grew somewhat addicted to, I had to break it up into sections because i wanted to savor the moment. 

Other games are just tedious/repetitive either because they haven't aged well, i'm not really feeling up to it or they're just boring and tedious. Sometimes I stop playing certain games because they frustrate the hell out of me. For example I stopped playing my second playthrough of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition just because it got annoying to play and because I'm really bad at Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry 4 especially which I find to be the most frustrating game in the series period. The same thing happened with Zone Of The Enders 1 and 2 as well, I wasn't enjoying them because I kept getting frustrated, despite that, in my review I tried to remain composed and gave it a very generous score considering the amount of hell it threw at me. Sometimes games can be very hard to review but I assure you that I never let my personal experiences get the best of me when I review but that doesn't mean that I can't share my personal frustrations as I believe they're important too.

So after playing through a late afternoon RPG, I get to night time, this is easily the best time for gaming. The time where you can easily get immersed into a gaming experience is at night. There's nothing but you, your TV and some old school games. Not all the games I play at night are old school, that's just one example. Another example is playing those steam games that I still haven't played much of just for the hell of it as I find I have way more fun playing them at night than I do in the day. At nigth I feel motivated... but at the same time I don't have long before I need to sleep so I try to play something which doesn't require too much time investment but at the same time can give me some enjoyment.

This is where I find old school games shine. You don't care whether a game is current gen or not at night, you don't even care if the game is outdated or if there's a replacement. You just want some good old school fun, maybe some nostalgia. How about some Kirby? Or maybe Hyperzone... or F-zero... or Starfox. Maybe I want to play some crappy PS2 game which is on my "I stopped playing because X" pile. I don't know why but sometimes even the simplist of games can be fun at night. Sometimes games which I don't personally care much about can be really fun at night. Night time gaming can be summed up as "no shits given". God I love gaming at night. Playing Starfox on the SNES is like going out clubbing... gamer style, heck the music even has that old 70's night club vibe. I find a lot of SNES games share this too.

Now before I ramble on too much, do you find yourself playing differrent games depending on the time of day? Do you sometimes find it a struggle to play certain games at some points? What game is currently taking up most of your time? Leave your responce below!

Lazy ass blog I know but I don't like being inactive for too long. Plus it's kinda late, might play something old school/indie. I'm sorry to the guy below me who put so much work into his/her blog only to be pushed down my mine.


2:31 PM on 07.04.2015

Rambles: Game Design - The Dream And The Reality

Please note that a lot of information here is theoratical and unconfirmed, if I say something that is wrong I apologise, this is not an article to inform, moreso an article to express my views.

So this kinda came up in my mind a while back after listening to Jim Sterling's interview with The Slaughtering Grounds developer, Digital Homicide and I think it might be a good idea to put this into writing so that I could keep these thoughts as a record. So the topic is Game Development - The Dream and The Reality. I want to ask everyone here a question. Have you ever had dreams of becoming a game developer? I'm positive that 90% of you have and of course you have. Who wouldn't want to develop their dream game.

Now after reading Manchild's Let's Make a Game blog, it brought a lot of things to mind and I can completely relate to a lot of what he said. As a gamer who has experienced so many wonderful games, I've aways craved that sense of creativity which flourishes in most games. It's kind of inspirational as to how great some games are and it's hard to not think to yourself "could I do this? The short answer? Sort of but I'll get to that later. First lets talk about my experience.

Now I've always been creative in nature. I just love creating my own stuff, I crave it but like Manchild, I've always created in theory. That being said, I remember as a child having a box full of written designs from box art to fully blown world maps. Of course they're just scribbles and looking back at them now, they look tacky (obviously). These days we have games such as Minecraft which are creative sandboxes, thank god for games like this. Whilst I never played much of Minecraft, I have played Space Engineers and I have also used Halo's Forge. Those have been my two favourite sandboxes to date. I don't know whether it's the sci-fi appeal or the fact that it already had a ton of assets (Halo at least). I liked to build space ships in both games... somehow. I Don't know why but I just did. Space Engineers perfected this in a way as it allowed be to build ships that could actually function as ships as opposed to Halo where they were nothing more than static objects.

Now my first ever game was Pokemon Yellow, as you probably already know by now. Now I've said it before, if I was to design any game, it would be a Pokemon game. However, a point I'm going to come to later will change that statement considerably and I will come back to it. In any case, I had dreams of making my own Pokemon game in my early years (who didn't?) and to be honest, if the certain circumstances did come to be (which would never happen now), I would have probably stuck with it. Of course, realistically speaking, that dream was impossible and there are many factors to it. I will tell you right now that if you dream of making a Pokemon game (that isn't a mod) then you have a 2% chance of achieving that dream for many reasons. Again I'll get to this later.

So I had drawn a map of the world in which my Pokemon game was set, I've always loved making world maps for some reason, this leads me to my RPGmaker days where I just drew world maps for fun and that was after drawing them on paper, in fact, part of the map I did for the first game I made using RPGmaker VX was actually designed based on the drawing. Looking at it now, I think that I mistook the scale, heck I mistook the scale in both games. Before I move on, lets talk about RPGmaker VX, my god is that software a lot of fun. You actually felt that you could make whatever you desired and it made it possible to create whatever you want... within certain limits. As a gamer, I wasn't a programmer, an artist (can't draw to save my life) nor was I anything. I was just a guy with a vision and RPGmaker VX helped me achieve that vision.

This image is not my property, nor does it involve any of my work

Now what was the first game I made all about? Looking back on it, the game was actually quite unoriginal. I had obviously played Final Fantasy at the time so it was highly inspired from that game (it even had cameo appearances for teh lulz). In fact the game can be summed up as this: Tales Of Phantasia: Fucked Up Edition, ironically I had never played Tales Of Phantasia at the time but looking back, I somehow managed to make my game so ridiculously similar that I might as well have given it that name but it was actually called "Legend Of The Spirits" (it had obviously contracted the "legend of" curse which continues to plague many games to this day but on an epic scale).

Now Legend Of The Spirits is actually a game I have used a lot when comparing bad games because it is a bad game. In fact I often compare it to DOTA as being a superior game, it's an inside joke of mine but it's true (at least to me). Oh ok fine, the Warcraft 3 world editor is more complicated and I couldn't design triggers to save my life (even though it's basically the same thing as RPGmaker VX but just way more complex), however just by looking at both games, even though I probably had an easier time making Legend Of The Spirits due to the overly simplified engine, it still managed be a superior game to DOTA... somehow and no I'm not blowing my own trumpet by any means, Legend Of the Spirits is like if Big Rigs Over The Road Racing and Tales Of Phantasia had a child born with a defect.

But of course, there's a second game. In this game I had set out to do something many other RPG's didn't. Multiple perspectives. Unfortunately I was unable to retain the character's levels each time they switched but I did manage to engineer a clunky, yet functional character swapping system but not just that, I also changed character parties and split the game's story into multiple scenario's where you swapped between different parties at certain intervals in the story, kind of like a "meanwhile with X party" *swaps to party X who is stranded in the middle of a desert* (yes that is an actual scene from the game). I'm honestly surprised more RPG's don't follow this formula. It would have been cool if in Star Ocean, where the characters are split up in the time gate, you could have experienced Ronyx and Milly's side instead of just Roddick and Illia's side, so you could witness both character's perspectives whilst they are searching for one another. That is precisely what the game's story was all about, uniting with everyone to face a common foe. It might sound interesting but it really isn't. Then again, the multiple perspectives is probably the game's most prominent feature and was probably my biggest accomplishment. It might have been a small one but it was still an accomplishment nonetheless. It's like a baby taking its first steps.

Accompanied with terrible humor that was somewhat cringeworthy, yet surprisingly funny at times (at least to me), terrible writing filled with awful cliché's, characters with zero personality, characters with zero importance to the plot and are just there to say Hi. NPC's that said dumb things (even though some of them were funny to me) and of course the most generic villain ever conceived to man. Add a few songs from popular games that I liked that had been butchered using the game's tempo editor to make them move faster and slower (I actually used F-zero's white land music for the battle theme and fire field's music for the boss theme and both songs were surprisingly fitting for their roles) and you have a terrible game in the making... but that's not all. I had spelling errors everywhere, dungeons which were nothing but mazes and constant bugs which were unfixed. The mapping was terrible and horribly inconsistent and there was no sense of direction provided to the player, essentially offering the worst possible gaming experience a player could ever have (except for DOTA). I always said that Legend Of The Spirits is the second worst game ever made and Revenge Of the Underlord (the glorious sequel) was the third worst game ever made. Though the improvements I made in my second game were noticeable, it was still shit.

As such, Revenge Of The Underlord served as a scale for judging bad game design which I have used in many of my reviews for terrible games and funnily enough, Pokemon Yellow of all games was actually one of Revenge Of the Underlord's many comparison's. As such when I read this article: Let Me Level With You About: How Pokemon Is Well Designed, I disagreed simply because I noticed that Pokemon Yellow fell into many of the same traps as my RPGmaker game and when comparing it, I noticed a lot of issues that simply wouldn't have happened if it used the RPGmaker VX software, which led to bad game design. Now this was my first ever game, a game I have loved for a long time and this was the point that I realized, from a design standpoint, it was abysmal. Of course that's not the developer's fault entirely, back then, RPGmaker wasn't a thing so you actually had to program everything yourself yet the code was so abysmal that it created countless glitches such as Missingno that has become a famous glitch known by all Pokemon fans. Now had the game been made on RPGmaker VX, this could easily be fixed by fixing broken variables and after having experienced many similar issues with RPGmaker VX, I can relate to this design issue and any novice design issue which I can relate to is the first sign of bad game design as I am a bad game designer.

Anyways enough about me, lets talk about the reality. What game development is really all about, the hierarchy, the difference between triple A and indie and the explanation as to why they are so dramatically different (it's not all about money, though it partly is). I'm going to explain about AAA games first and how being a developer of a AAA game works, just in case you don't already know.

So the hierarchy of a development team works as follows, the producer is at the top. The producer's job is to come up with a suitable goal for the development team to achieve based on their research. Let's look at Namco's Hideo Baba, the producer for the Tales Series. Now why has he gone to America to visit all these expo's and communicate with Tales fans in the west? That's simple, research. As the producer, it's Hideo Baba's job to make sure that the fan base are satisfied enough to purchase the game and to erect a goal that when accomplished, will give them that satisfaction. However, as the producer, Hideo Baba doesn't directly play any role in the game's design, that would be the job of the director.

Now let us use Masohiro Sakurai as an example. Masohiro Sakurai is the director of Super Smash Bros. As a director, it is his job to create a vision which would successfully accomplish the goal's set by the producer. The director answers solely to the producer and is a delegator but this job is a lot harder than it sounds and requires one to be resourceful. Nevertheless, a video game director is quite possibly the most desirable job in the gaming industry. This is the job that many of us dream of, to be a game director for the games that we love. Unfortunately it's not all about creativity. Being a game director is all about being resourceful and it is required to have experience in many fields of game design. The reason for this is because you have a deadline. As such, you will need a fast and competent development team to work with but that's not all, it is your job to prioritize what is most important. It is your job to decide what makes it into the finished product and what doesn't. It is your job to make sure that the game is ready for release. In other words, you don't want your game to end up like Batman Arkham Knight on PC.

So ultimately, being a game director is all about being resourceful. Sure, having a creative mind does help but it is not the most important factor in directing a video game. If you have played Game Dev Tycoon, you would understand the basics as to how being a video game director works... only less realistic. In real life, a director will have to cope with stuff such as having staff on work leave, staff not performing competently and possibly losing his/her job or position over a failed launch. If the team provided to you fails, you will have to answer for it. For this reason, having competent staff is crucial and working with them is even more crucial for a successful game. This is the reason why Masohiro Sakurai struggled with directing Smash 4. He was given a near impossible task by the producer. To make a game that is better than Brawl. Did he do it? I wouldn't know as I had not played it but considering the fact that the Subspace Emisarry was removed along with a lot of characters I liked, I would say that Sakurai had failed to achieve his goal, hence why I didn't buy the game because I saw it coming. However this was not the fault of the director. This was the Producer's fault, either that or Nintendo's fault for demanding a new Smash Bros to save the dying Wii U and sell more consoles.

In any case, now you know the jobs of the producer and the director, the two most important components of development... but they would be nothing without the multitude of design teams working under them. This is the bottom end of the hierarchy. Each developer has a specific task given to them by the director. Put simply if we put this in a Warcraft perspective, Sargeras would be the CEO, Archimonde would be the producer and Tichondrius would be the director. The designers themselves would be Arthas and his scourge minions. Put into military terms, the producer is a Brigadier, the Executive Producer would be the General, the Director would be the Colonel and the Design teams would each be a regiment, each with a Captain and a bunch of Sergents. This makes the army that is the development team. Their mission? To create an experience so good that it convinces us, the consumer to open their wallets and supply the company with money.

Of course this is before we even start talking about Publishers. Publishers are essentially the guys who sit on their BIG FUCKING CHAIR and invest in development studio's who make games for them so that the Publisher can sit back and watch the money roll in. Either that or they perish in flames like THQ. Of course, the Publishers have a job to do, it's their responsibility to market the game and make sure word of it gets out. It's also their job to hype it up. The CEO's job is basically this:

That's right, the CEO sits on his huge chair and talks sales and stuff, they are basically Odin from Valkyrie Profile 2, whose job is to sit there and look important whilst making lots of money (or in his case power) at other's expense... or so it seems with the likes of Moneyvision. Ironically, the first thing mentioned by Geoff Keighly in the E3 interview with Peter Moore was his "suit collection". My first assumption was that it must have been funded by all the DLC... but of course as a PLC, that presumes that Mr. Moore is a share-holder of said company which he may well not be. In which case, the CEO is just another staff member whose job is to ensure that the company generates enough revenue to satisfy the share-holders. Now Peter Moore is actually the COO of the company, though his job is very similar to the CEO as he is essentially the vice president of the company, Andrew Wilson being the real CEO. That's about it really.

Of course, publishers have their own hierarchy. They have their own marketing division and sometimes even their own development division such as EA Black Box and in Moneysoft's case, 343 Industries. Publishers like to slap their name on the box as if they're the ones responsible for it. As such a lot of people new to gaming often mistake publishers for developers. This isn't true and credit deserves to go where it is due. As such in case you are new to gaming, please understand this point.

Now do publishers have an impact on game development? Absolutely. The producer of Star Ocean 5 Shuichi Kobayashi mentioned that Star Ocean 4's failure was due to Square-Enix's attempt to cater to western audiences. Good on you Mr Kobayashi for vocalizing this as you have taught many of us the reality behind the relationship between publishers and developers. I truly believe Shuichi Kobayashi to be a sincere producer and after witnessing his E3 interview, he appeared to be very blunt in his expressions towards the series and managed to see the fault in it. In addition, he also vocalized his opinion over DLC claiming that he would rather put more work into a new title than merely add padding to a current title. He vocalized his disagreement with DLC in such a manner that he deserves my praise.

Now then, lets say that you want to work for a AAA company. Well for starters you're going to need experience and qualifications obviously but what exactly? Well development teams look for well-rounded qualifications to fill in the gaps should they need to. For example, if a programmer is off sick, they would need someone to fill in for him should the director deem it important to do so. As such if you want to be a developer, the first thing you definitely need is programming skills. Without them, your application will be considerably weaker, even if you are an artist. Having a multitude of skills work here. If you look from the director's perspective ask yourself what you would want in your development team, that's what you have to be. You have to be well-rounded to cover other sectors of development should there be a close deadline. For example, if the game is to be released in a week and there are tonnes of bugs. Everyone with programming skills must chip in to make sure those bugs are gone. If you have programming skills, the employer knows that they have you to fall back on should such events occur.

In addition you will also need to be a perfectionist in your respective craft. If you are an art designer, you will have to be a damn good artist. You will need to be consistent in your design and never slack. When you realize that there are thousands of art to be designed, you may find yourself overburdened. This is where the hardship of game development comes in, you have a lot of tasks to do and you have to be consistent with them or else you will fail. Same goes for other designers such as level designers, character modelers and even non designers such as testers.

Most big development teams have about 3-5 people in each division, this splits the work each division is given by 3 to 5. Now if there are lets say 2000 pieces of artwork required be they enemies, characters, weapons etc, divide that by 5 and you are given 400 designs for a single person. That is insane. Just imagine being consistent with 400 character designs to do... holy hell. Put simply, being a game developer is a very tough job.

Now when you consider the many, many stepping-stones to get to your dream position and when you consider the workload you will have to take on to get there, you will realize just how brutal the gaming industry is. Then you get people like me and you, the consumer and critics who have the power to turn people away from bad games. Being a game developer in a AAA company makes you feel like the world is against you, theoretically of course as I've never been in that position, I'm just speaking from theory.

So due to all of this, most people seek an alternative route to game design, that route is known to us as Indie development.

Indie development is drastically different. Indie devs come in all shapes and sizes, they can vary from 1 man, to a small team of dedicated individuals with the task of building their dream game. Now if we look at AAA games, you will understand why indie games feel so lackluster compared with AAA games and usually only provide around 15 hours of entertainment, if they're lucky. Sometimes they can provide way more. I have invested over 700 hours into Space Engineers for example which is a strangely successful Indie title, a sleeper hit you could say. In any case my views on that game are mixed and considering the fact that they've made a name for themselves in the harsh environment that is steam, i'm going to decrease the scale a little.

Now lets talk about a game I've been playing recently. Neon XSZ. Neon XSZ strives to be a 6DOF shooter with the lootwhoring elements of Diablo. Essentially creating Descenterlands... or something. Now I have spoken with the developer on the steam forums and man is he such a great guy. I will link you to the forum post on steam:

In this post, the developer requests feedback, naturally as an Early Access game, feedback is important so that the developer can build a better game. As someone who writes reviews of games and picks out game's flaws as a hobby, I was the first to jump in. Now for starters I asked the developer how big his team was and pondered whether he was a 1 man band. It turned out that the team was comprised of just him and one other guy (who did the music). This couldn't have shocked me more considering how well the game plays and how well it is designed. The fact that this one man did this proves that he is an extremely talented programmer and could easily become a AAA programmer if he wanted to. However he has chosen the more difficult route of creating his own game. This is a challenging task because as a lone wolf indie dev, your job is to do not only the programming but also the art design, modelling, animations and lighting (though the music was done by someone else). Now the developer used the smart approach of making the game a roguelike in the sense that his levels were randomly generated, removing the necessity of level design. In addition, he allowed the player to alter the environment at will. A great way to mask his limited consistency in art design.

Now as for the programming and the game's AI, it is masterful. Put simply, Paul (the developer's steam username) is a highly talented programmer... but is also capable of modelling and art design and seems to do a great job at them too. However, as he is just one man, it is impossible to remain consistent for anything other than his programming quality as that is his niche. Whereas AAA developers have multiple teams of perfectionists, Paul has to fill in for them by himself. As such it is completely natural that the other sectors of the game are severely lacking compared to that of a AAA game but surprisingly the game manages to still look great.

Now as a wannabe critic, I decided to analyze the game for possible flaws and then it hit me. The RPG mechanics just didn't meld well with the gameplay and as such, the pacing felt awkward. Borderlands had this problem too, the fact that you're fighting against enemies 10 levels higher than you and it's impossible to kill them as their shield regen is higher than the damage you deal.

This created a problem which I mentioned to the developer. However I also realized the developer was also the game's director and his "vision" was to have a 6DOF RPG Roguelike experience, it would be disrespectful of me to request that he changes that as you cannot change someone elses vision. I learned something that day about video game critique, as a reviewer, it is your job to inform the consumer as to whether or not the game is worth their money. However, when delivering critique towards a developer, it is different, particularly in Early Access. You cannot ignore the developers vision and demand that they change, however, you can identify the issue so that they might choose to alter their vision for future projects. As someone who obviously wants games to improve, I identified these issues and told him in the feedback.

His response was very well received and I felt that the developer and I actually understood each other, something we never see from AAA developers as they are all separated into different divisions. This is what distinguishes an Indie developer from a AAA developer. Whereas AAA developers are focused on one particular job, indie developers do everything. If you wish to contact a AAA development team, you don't get that one-to-one discussion between gamer and developer, instead you are met face to face with a community manager (yep Andy, your time in the spotlight has come, let dongs surround us all... even though you're retired, you'll still be the community manager to me). The community manager is the direct connection between the community and the development team because the development team do not have the time to dedicate towards to the community as they are working hard. As such it's the community manager's job to relay that message amongst many things.

Now there are also "indie teams" and whilst they do generally make better games, they also lack a very important thing, "marketing". Triple A developers are usually associated with a publisher who practically do all the marketing for them. If you're an Indie developer, you are not only a developer but you are also a publisher, you're essentially publishing your own work. As such you have to do all the marketing associated with it. I hope you have a wallet crammed full of greenies because you're going to need to flush it all down the toilet when it comes to marketing. Marketing is an investment, you're investing in consumer interest. However, consumer interest is not always taken in by just one form of marketing. You will need multiple kinds of marketing to succeed. This can cost you a hell of a lot of money. Marketing is a high stakes casino where you can win big or lose hard, Publishers are the high flyers when it comes to marketing, they've made countless successes where others failed and why? Because they found the right games to publish.

As an indie developer, you have to be confident in your own product but you also have to be aware of its ups and downs. You essentially need to ask yourself the question "would I risk everything on this game"? If you do then how much are you willing to risk. Some indie developers are risk takers, some aren't. It's usually the risk takers who invest into marketing that become recognized whereas those who don't take risks generally have an empty discussions section on their game's community hub.

As such, being indie is just as hard as it is working under a company... just in a different way. You have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and be able to convince that your piece of shit game is worth their time and money because it is a piece of shit game, it doesn't have those insane high-definition graphics as AAA titles so no one is going to be interested. You have to make them interested and as such you have to be passionate and look after your fans, interact with them and be modest. This is where Digital Homicide failed, The Slaughtering Grounds was a piece of shit but the developer started throwing insults at Jim Sterling. This essentially killed a lot of his rep and rep is everything when you're an indie developer. No one wants to support an arrogant asswipe. Basically you need to ask yourself why you are an indie developer and why your idea is worth the market's notice. You also need to ask yourself if it's financially viable.

Anyways we have covered the two basic routes towards becoming a game developer and if all else fails, you can just go mobile and throw microtransactions at your piece of shit game, good luck, you'll need it.

Anyways time to revert back to the dream. We have covered the reality. The gaming industry is a hell hole but it is our hell hole. Without it, we wouldn't have all these masterful games we have enjoyed for so long however without us, the developers wouldn't be able to feed their families.

Now can you transform your dream into reality? Of course you can, in life, anything is possible with persistence. Will you get to make your dream game? Not very likely. Will you get the next best thing? Very likely. Even if it's not the game you dreamed of, if you become even just a level designer, you can be proud at yourself that you were a vital component in making the masterpiece game that fans love (or hate). This is the reward for your work... as well as money of course. One thing though, don't go into game development for the money, do it for the glory. Do it for the place in the credits where your name will either be honored or shamed.

Now let's go back to the Pokemon game I dreamed of developing. Will it ever happen? Hell no, Can it ever happen? Extremely unlikely, Can I make a proper game? With effort, yes, Will I ever make a proper game? No.

You see the biggest problem is that Pokemon is a Japanese game. Now I can't speak Japanese... but I can learn it. Additionally I would be required to have skills in programming, art, level design, modeling, animation etc. I could go to college and learn it but I'd also need to learn to drive to get there as game development courses are miles away. Now I would also need to be consistent, in other words I'd need to not be lazy. I am as lazy as they come, hence the reason why I am near-jobless. Also I would need to work my way up to becoming a director which would take years of hard work. Finally, if I did become a director, I'd require enough time to make my dream happen, additionally I'd need a goal that I could work with.

Long story short, I don't want to be a video game developer. Instead I want to enjoy my hobby. Sure, it can be tempting at times to have second thoughts... but then I see the steam forums and I think "nah". As such, I have great respect for game developers, though I may slate your games off, though I may make jokes at your expense, I will still respect the work and effort gone into all your games. That is a difficult job within itself because some games want me to stab the developers to death for making me go through some of the most painful sections in gaming but then I realize the work that goes into their games. I will be the first to admit that if I were in the developers shoes, I too would throw a tantrum like Digital Homicide, I respect those developers who manage to remain composed in a position where I would fall apart. Oh and by the way, Peter Molyneux, your games suck donkey balls, now I expect a professional response - Terry309 Angry Video game Consumer.

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5:31 PM on 06.21.2015

Taking another look: Valkyrie Profile 2

So i've decided that since I can't get enough of good games, I thought about writing about them again, only this time with a new and improved look to them. Basically this is going to be something I do when I want to cover a game I've already discussed before in some fashion, so if you don't want to hear my repetitive preaching then skip this blog post. Sorry but I just can't help it when a game is so good that I have to write about it so many times and each time, I still fail to deliver the message. Now I'm going to be talking about Valkyrie Profile 2, I made a review about it ages ago and well... I don't feel as if I did the game enough justice and approached it in a more objective manner. This time, I'm going to speak not from my mind but from my heart and believe me it's been something I've wanted to do for a very long time.

valkyrie profile 29

Well it is my favorite game of all time and yet nobody talks about it. Valkyrie Profile 2 was shadowed by its predecessor in every single possible way and was considered a "massive disappointment" by many fans of the first game. I've never seen a game that has been nitpicked so much as this game. It's a game that literally did no wrong. Seriously just picking out flaws in this game alone is like finding a needle in a haystack and yes there are flaws there but they do not hinder the game's experience in any way.

valkyrie profile 25

So what did the game do to make people dislike it? Well for starters, Valkyrie Profile was a very good game... I say that loosely considering the fact that it was a hugely flawed game, an acquired taste you could say but the flaws in that game stuck out like a sore thumb. Nevertheless, Valkyrie Profile managed to gain a cult following who appreciated the games design choices for its originality and also appreciating the emotional impacts and deep undertones that made the game feel unlike any other.

Valkyrie Profile was unique and to see it become a traditional JRPG was ludicrous. People refused to accept that an 18-year-old midget princess with social disorders replaced the almost stereotypical stoic goddess that was Lenneth but if you look back at Lenneth, as cool as she was, her stoic disposition really took a toll on her character as a whole and her development arc was blatantly forced. I just think the game was rushed by the end... but then again even Valkyrie Profile 2 suffered a similar fate by the end though looking back, I found that Valkyrie Profile 2's story as a whole was better structured and was better executed than it's predecessor.

valkyrie profile 21

At first sight, it's understandable how someone can detest the idea of Alicia being the main character. She appears to be a stereotypical bimbo at the start of the game which is ironic considering the fact that I found her alter ego to fit that category far better in the long run. Over time however, things began to make sense and I did start appreciating Alicia as the main lead and became to understand the developers reasoning behind this choice, it was all about perspective and that's what led to the biggest change Valkyrie Profile 2 made, the fact that it followed a more generic narrative structure but despite popular belief, this change was completely vital.

Lets face it, Valkyrie Profile was an unpolished masterpiece. Horribly unpolished might I add. Had the developers put more TLC into the game's execution, it could have become the masterpiece that was Valkyrie Profile 2 but it didn't and remained nothing more than a cult hit. Valkyrie Profile 2 barely got together a cult following but nowhere near the same level as Valkyrie Profile. People who hated Valkyrie Profile avoided it and people who loved it... also avoided it... it was an inevitable flop that went down with a huge bang that no one ever saw. Basically Valkyrie Profile 2 is the most underappreciated video game ever made.

valkyrie profile 23

Now as someone who disliked the direction the first Valkyrie Profile took, I played a few more tri-Ace games and realized that they were by the same people who did Valkyrie Profile. So surely I should give the series another chance and I picked up Valkyrie Profile 2 on a whim. It could have been another horrible experience but I had a small glimmer of hope that they changed it and thank god they did.



 Valkyrie Profile 2 is the most underappreciated video game ever made



Gone was the open-ended story line concept which sucked just as much ass as Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, Gone was the ever punishing period system which punished player choice and exploration and in with the old school narrative structure we all know and love. Vanilla storytelling has never been so bliss and to be honest, it was quite refreshing seeing the Valkyrie Profile series' story line told in this new direction. You got to actually experience the story line directly as opposed to just watching some random scene which holds no relevance to the plot whatsoever only to be thrown into the next dungeon, rinse and repeat. It was a horrible... seemingly repetitive formula which bogged the first game down.

valkyrie profile 24

Valkyrie Profile 2's traditional approach may not have been perfect though. Early on in the game, you are presented with quite possibly the worst macguffin trope ever conceived to man and I honestly don't mind macguffin tropes so long as they don't take up too much time and aren't too predictable. It's easy to just sit there and say "this game is boring, give me a better plot" but as bad as it was, it didn't seem to hinder the game's pacing half as much as Valkyrie Profile's entire story line and strangely enough, it really didn't impede on the overall experience. In fact I believe the slow pacing was actually needed. Why? Because it allowed you to take everything in.

valkyrie profile 213

That's right, Valkyrie Profile 2 is the best looking game on the PS2, still holding up today as one of the most aesthetically appealing games ever created. The visuals are crisp and are loaded with glittering particle effects to add that extra sparkle. It's easy to tell that a considerable amount of effort was put into the game and there are a lot of minute details that are easily missed the first time round. So all in all, the visuals are a step beyond sublimity but the game's incredible soundtrack just happens to be even better. The two go hand in hand to provide the player with one of the greatest gaming experiences you could possibly imagine.

valkyrie profile 217

As I have said before in my review of this game, Valkyrie Profile 2 is a work of art in motion and not just visually but musically as well. If you can appreciate music and visuals, then this might possibly be your dream game and I damn well love some good music and visuals.

Seriously if I listen to the game's soundtrack on Youtube (which I do way too much) I start to get addicted to listening to it and think to myself "fuck it, I'm going to listen to it all over again from beginning to end" and after listening to it all over again, I realize that I've just spent hours simply listening to the same songs over and over again.

valkyrie profile 215

Listening to the songs in Valkyrie Profile 2 is just like eating a full bag of Dorito's, they are just simply moreish, I just can't get enough of them, they're like a drug. Captivating is probably the most fitting word to describe Valkyrie Profile 2's soundtrack. Heck I've spent more time listening to the game's soundtrack than I have actually playing the game. Heck I sometimes even listen to them whilst playing other games, particularly open world RPG's where they are surprisingly fitting.



 Valkyrie Profile 2 is a work of art in motion


I've come to the conclusion that Valkyrie Profile 2's soundtrack works with everything and just makes everything better. Seriously you should listen to some of the songs whilst playing Skyrim or something, it will make the experience so much better.

As for the gameplay. It doesn't disappoint, like the first game, it is a side scrolling RPG, probably one of the biggest reasons why it got overlooked but it's part of the series' charm and couldn't be ignored. In any case, the visuals more than make up for it. Valkyrie Profile 2 keeps the same style of combat as the first game but expands on it greatly. In battle, you are actually able to roam around a 3d battlefield... oh the irony.

valkyrie profile 219

Like the first game, characters are set to face buttons, they are your choice of attacks. Rather than just giving you a set of special attacks for each character, picking one and letting the computer play the rest, Valkyrie Profile 1 and 2 have you playing as all the characters at the same time and each character represents a certain move set which can be customized at will in Valkyrie Profile 2 (which was limited in the first game). This is where Valkyrie Profile 2 succeeds where other ARPG's fail, the ability to be in control of everything on screen at all times. So if you make a mistake it's your fault.

With that said, Valkyrie Profile 2's combat takes a while to get used to and can feel quite repetitive at the start but once the training wheels are off and you obtain more characters, the real action starts. Honestly when I replayed the game and just had Alicia and Rufus I felt like the game removed so much. That's because the combat improves over time but eases you into the basics and you better appreciate that as the game is very deep. Sadly it can put a lot of newcomers off, particularly impatient ones who judge the game at first sight.

valkyrie profile 218

A lot of people say that this game is really hard. I honestly had no trouble playing through this game. It's a very deep game and you really need to pay attention to the tutorials, get the right skills and understand seal stones as this game requires a lot of preparation. Valkyrie Profile 2's gameplay is all about thinking outside the box. Whilst there is some strategy involved during game play, it matters little if your characters are under equipped, you're going to get a spanking if you're not prepared.

valkyrie profile 216

Then again, if you do come prepared, you might find the game to be way too easy. This is because Valkyrie Profile 2 is so easily broken, it's ridiculous. It's all about knowing how the game works and if you want to play the game the normal way, the difficulty might be tough. However if you're into power leveling and gearing then this game can seem be a bit too rewarding.



 This is where Valkyrie Profile 2 succeeds where other ARPG's fail, the ability to be in control of everything on screen at all times. So if you make a mistake it's your fault



There are a lot of ways to play this game and it can seem a little daunting at first but experimentation is key. Valkyrie Profile 2 is all about finding the best playstyle for you and maximizing it to it's full potential, though it is encouraged to switch on the fly. For this reason, gaining experience matters little in comparison with equipment and skills.

valkyrie profile 22

Each character has their own set of attacks and they learn more of them as they level up. Considering the fact that Valkyrie Profile is not a Tales/Star Ocean game, the move selection in battle is limited (and linear) for each character simply due to the fact that you are controlling everyone in the party (though you can learn the scramble attack skill to mix things up). You're not picking out moves, you're picking out characters and developing moves from the characters you like in order to enhance them, you can then change up their moves later after you've developed them, either that or swap them out for a new character and equip that character with the armaments from the other character to make them just as powerful.

valkyrie profile 212

There is a lot of depth provided by this game's lore. You can collect einherjar by interacting with weapons littered around dungeons and they will fight for you, essentially giving you another character to control in battle. Each character comes with a bio which can only be read in the status screen, some characters relate to one another, it's funny when you learn that one of the first einherjar you get is one of Alicia's ancestors. Now this is one of the game's biggest controversies and what gives the game so much hate. The first game practically revolved around einherjar which are basically warriors risen from the dead to fight for Odin.

In Valkyrie Profile, you can view the death scenes of each character during intervals. This is the game's story, a series of short stories involving character deaths who will eventually become a member of your party and from that point on, you never see or hear from them again, except in battle or the sacred phase (which shows brief conversations between characters that aren't really all that big of a deal and to view them, those characters have to be removed from your party). So essentially Valkyrie Profile had absolutely no character interaction outside the sacred phase and at a certain point you are expected to believe that they have grown attached to her which is total bullshit if you ask me.

valkyrie profile 27

Now the second game replaced them with a brief bio and people hated this despite the fact that the einherjar in Valkyrie Profile 2 took a backseat role which to be honest is quite relieving as it allows you to experience a more direct storytelling approach with a bit of character interaction and even though it's not as deep as other games of the genre, there is some character development to be found here. I do believe the cutscenes do a good enough job, at least enough to motivate the player. People who expect strong character arcs may not find it in Valkyrie Profile 2 (or any JRPG for that matter, go play Warcraft 3 if you want serious storytelling) but it doesn't make the game any less enjoyable. If you prioritize gameplay and just about everything else over story, then you will adore Valkyrie Profile 2.

Then again, there is a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the einherjar backstories in Valkyrie Profile 2, it's just a different kind of approach which requires more reading than watching. If you take the time to read all of the character bio's in the game, you will find out about a lot of events which occurred many years before Valkyrie Profile 2 and it's quite interesting to say the least. In fact some of the einherjar are connected and will occasionally share a battle quote with each other relating to their backstory which symbolizes that the einherjar, though backseat characters are actually part of the game's lore. I personally believe that the attention to detail makes up for the lack of einherjar stories, it's obvious that the developers didn't rush this design choice, it was just changed to reflect on the game's storyline.

valkyrie profile 210

Ultimately though, the storyline can be enjoyable but it doesn't strive to be the next Shakespeare. Basically, Valkyrie Profile 2 is the opposite of Warcraft 3, the story is serviceable but the rest is absolutely brilliant. It brings together everything that makes a JRPG experience so enjoyable. I encourage anyone with an ounce of taste in JRPG's to give it a try, just be sure not to rush through it and take time to appreciate what this game has to offer. Oh and Valkyrie Profile 3 needs to happen, get on that shit tri-Ace, I know you're busy with Star Ocean 5 but please do not forget this legendary series. Honestly all of the Valkyrie Profile games are legendary though Valkyrie Profile 2 holds that special place in my heart that no other game has. If you're going to play Valkyrie Profile 2, you may as well play them all, yes that includes Covenant Of The Plume.


7:47 AM on 06.17.2015

Rambles: I'm conflicted

So E3 happened, i rarely watch E3. All the big fanboys streaming their favourite games in the chat with excitement and slating other games off was fun to watch and the actual presentation? It was ok i guess though the big thing for me was the Star Ocean 5 and Starfox Zero presentation. This has brought me to a dilemma, i really want both of these games but i don't have a Wii U or a PS4 and there is no way i am buying both. In any case, it seems the PS3 release of Star Ocean 5 has gone down the pan thanks to stupid individuals who are complaining about the PS3 version. Are you happy now guys? Are you happy that you've decreased the lifespan of the PS3?

Since 2005, New consoles have always been a bad thing. They do nothing revolutionary and are just an excuse to charge an insane amount in order to access newer games. I think this is just stupid as hell and is why i chose to go with PC. However, as good as PC gaming is, reality is starting to hit me. My Graphics card has expired and newer games require better graphics. Now i have no idea how to build a PC (i bought pre-built) but i looked up video's and it seemed easy enough but what worries me is if my CPU/power supply could handle a graphics card. In any case, i'm not gonna bother upgrading my PC, there is little point in doing so if the games i want are not comming out for it. So to all you PC master race people out there, it was fun whilst it lasted... but reality has hit me hard and i realize why i've been a console gamer for so long now.

Sure PC gaming is improving, gradually. Apparrently, Tales of Zesteria is comming out on PC. Hell yes! Only one problem though... can I run it? Or will it be another barrier that i have to pay a huge fee for? Otherwise i'll have to get it on PS4 (which i will probably end up getting anyways). As far as i'm concerned, none of the consoles amount to much, The PS4 and Wii U are about evenly matched now and the Xbox One is still a piece of shit. All in all i'd put it like this: PS4 = WII U > Xbox One. Sure the hololens was a huge thing at E3 but the games? Pathetic. I say that Moneysoft should just stop making consoles and focus on making third party hardware for all consoles and PC.

What have they got? Gears of war? Oh cool, yet another cover shooter with obnoxious steroid junkies, i'll admit, it's fun the first time but it's gotten old now. Halo 5 is probably the best of the bunch and that's not saying much. I praise the fact that they've taken the story in a new direction but can they pull it off well enough? In any case, Halo is a tired franchise gameplay wise, it will remain in my memories, though i don't want to continue the series personally, i'm done with Halo and have been since shitty Halo 4. Forza 6 is basically their [insert racing game here] game, Tomb Raider is basically Moneysofts answer to Uncharted, same thing, just with a woman instead of a man. Sure Lara is a more iconic character but lets be honest, the new Tomb Raider games have Uncharted written all over them. I think that's about it for Moneysoft really.

So that leaves the Wii U and the PS4, each with 1 game that stands out from the rest. Sure PS4 has Tales of Zesteria but if that is getting a PC release then it doesn't count. Wii U does have that new Kirby game which i missed, so there's that and of course Starfox Zero. Still no F-Zero though. PS4 has Tales Of Zesteria and Star Ocean 5, PC has... well to be honest i'm content with what i currently have on PC. There's Elite Dangerous which caught my mind... until i found out it was an MMO. I think i'll just use my PC for indies and old school PC games as there are still a ton out there. One thing that's great about PC gaming is that simply getting a new PC can give you access to so many games at once and there are tonnes of timeless classics. However, the biggest problem is compatability, now if you remember i won Agent 9's contest a while ago, i got to pick out a free game and so i picked Descent: Freespace (thanks for that Agent 9). I managed to play it for 5 hours and was having fun until one day, i tried to run it and BAM, it froze my computer. Ever since then, Descent: Freespace wouldn't work on my PC. This is when i realized that PC gaming just wasn't for me. 

That being said, i have had fun with PC gaming, my most played steam game being Space Engineers, over 700 hours played. Honestly i can't say that the game has been a waste of money but the game is in Early Access and the devs won't add furnature. I WANT FURNATURE!!! In any case, Space Engineers has become my Minecraft, there's still not much to do in terms of surviving and killing enemies but there's plenty of building to be done and I love creativity in games. If it wasn't for PC gaming, i wouldn't have been able to play it. Seriously if you're a fan of space games, get a PC, it's full of them! Additionally there are steam sales too, always great until you realize that your liberary is filled with games you've barely even played for numorous reasons.

Of course i have been playing on my PS3 recently but not so much as i have been playing on PC. As for Xbox 360, i've played it so little that my Xbox 360 games are getting dusty. So PC has taken up much of my time. I fell that i have changed a lot as a gamer since i got a PC but i think consoles are starting to call me back now. Those new games are just too good to miss. Of course i'll stll use my PC for indie titles and don't regret it, it's another dimention of gaming. Eventually there will come a day where JRPG's will all be on PC and we can rejoice but lets be honest here, if Valkyrie Profile 3 is gonna be released on any platform, it will be PS4. So i'm probably going to go the PS4 route and miss out on all those cool Wii U games but i'm sorry Nintendo, no F-Zero, No purchase.

Now you would think that would resolve the dilemma and you're probably right but still, i'm going to keep an eye out on the progress of Star Ocean 5 and I refuse to get a PS4 unless I have to because i despise that console (not as much as I despise the Xbox One though), paying for online? Hell no. Then again, how often do I play games online these days anyways? I've been playing Space Engineers... and that's it. I have been looking for a replacement to Halo but i realize it aint happening and to be honest i don't care enough to try and find one. My multiplayer FPS days are over and maybe it's for the best. I've always prefered co-oparative play rather than PVP anyways, hence why i love Space Engineers multiplayer, working together to build cool stuff. Sure there's the occasional greifer but the in game community are really cool guys and it's overall a very mature community.

So the future of gaming is starting to become clouded for me, well at least it's actually going somewhere now. I can finally say that Next gen will officially begin next year and I will have to make my decision sooner or later. Until then, i have a huge backlog to tend to... and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition which should be fun. In any case, tell me what you think about all this. Are you conflicted like me or are you sticking with PC? Or are you still sticking with "Last gen" (yep, there I said it) like i've been for moreorless the past couple of years? In any case, next year i'm gonna be broke... and I hate being broke (who doesn't?).


3:51 PM on 05.29.2015

Current Gen: Mafia 2 Review

Mafia 2 was kind of hit or miss for me personally, it’s a game that tries really hard to create a realistic setting and story line but it is held back by several issues that pushed the game into mediocrity.


So much fun!!!

First of all, I’d like to get the bad bits out of the way so lets talk about the game play of Mafia 2. There are two different sections to play, driving and shooting sections, even a few stealth sections here and there. First of all lets talk about the shooting sections.

Now Mafia 2 is a third person shooter and I don’t have a lot of good things to say about this genre other than it has never appealed to me in the slightest for many reasons and believe me, this game made damn well sure to expose those issues. As expected, I was quite skeptical about the TPS sections and rightfully so.


For starters, the cover system. I can’t stand cover systems and this game really brings the worst out of them. Seriously there is this one mission where a boss throws seemingly endless molotovs at you which can hit you through cover so you have to leave cover only to be shot by everyone in order to get to the next cover only to be burned again. It was infuriating and after doing some research, it seems I wasn’t the only one who had trouble with this part.

Put simply (consider this a mini rant), I am sick and tired of seeing cover systems in video games. They do nothing but piss me off, they are just awful and for good reasons too. Cover systems are basically just popping in and out and firing random potshots hoping to hit the enemy as opposed to FPS games like Painkiller where you are constantly moving and avoiding enemy attacks.


The thing that gets me the most is that cover systems aren’t even realistic (unless you count Dishonored or Wolfenstein The New Order which are both games I personally disliked). The biggest issue with cover systems is that you’re in third person. If you want to make the game play feel realistic then do it in first person so that we can only peek in and out of cover to see where our enemies are (like in the two games I mentioned).

If you can see everything around you, whilst being in cover, it defeats the purpose of cover systems in general as it is completely unrealistic that you can see beyond cover on your screen so you know where the enemies are and the only reason why cover exists in games is because it’s realistic, otherwise we’d be running around and dodging bullets like Duke Nukem.

So all in all cover systems in third person shooters are stupid. What they should do instead is remove the stupid hitscan enemies and remove the cover and have you strafe to avoid enemy attacks. Look at the Serious Sam games for example, as much as I ridicule them for their unforgiving and frustrating difficulty, at least they made third person perspective playable and are the only game to do so (Warhammer 40k Space Marine came close but failed simply due to how slow you move).


Basically the game play goes like this, you watch a cut scene and are thrust straight into a fight, you have to run to cover quickly and mash the left trigger to constantly go in and out of cover and shoot estimated potshots at enemies and keep going in and out until the enemy decides to pop out then shoot them, rinse and repeat. This wouldn’t be so bad if enemies didn’t stay in cover for insanely long periods of time so you’re usually playing the waiting game. This can become quite tedious, especially when you die and have to restart it all over again which brings me to my next problem.

The stupid checkpoint/save system is absolutely awful. I swear, half the game was spent replaying annoying TPS sections just because I got killed by some random blind spot (I’ll get to that in a minute) and brought back all the way to the start of the gunfight so I have to do all of those annoying TPS sections all over again!

I swear, the checkpoints are so spaced out, it’s ridiculous, you’d think that after completing one section that you’d get a checkpoint… but no, instead you get a checkpoint after 2 or sometimes even 3 sections and each section can take ridiculously long due to the horrible cover system. So basically you clear out a room of enemies, go to the next room and get killed by a blind spot.


This brings me to the biggest problem with the shooting sections, the enemy placement. Mafia 2 pays homage to Red Faction in this regard as the enemies are placed in positions specifically to take you by surprise… or as I like to call, campy AI. I swear there are so many moments where you walk down a hallway and BAM! You get 1 shotted by a dude with a shotgun who was hiding in the room. The biggest issue with this is simply the minimap, it is dreadful. The minimap only displays enemies right when you’ve seen them and by the time the red triangles appear on the map, you are gunned down almost immediately.

There are so many points in this game where I reached the next section only to be one shotted by a group of enemies who appeared out of seemingly nowhere but half way through the game I noticed that this was due to the enemy placement.


There is this one section where you’re walking down the stairs and there is an enemy waiting for you right at the bottom and they can see you as you are walking down and kill you before you even notice them. There was also a part where I opened a door and was greeted by a shotgun blast to the face.

Put simply, the enemy placement is designed to aggravate the player, just like in Red Faction, only difference is that because Mafia 2 is a cover based TPS, it makes things twice as bad due to the fact that you need to be in cover to survive gunfights, if you’re out of cover, you’re not going to last two seconds and since you cannot see where the enemies are, you get ambushed in every single encounter before you can get to cover. Either that or you hug every single wall you come across… but then the enemies could hit you from another direction.


So all in all, this game is about trial and error, once you know the enemy placements, know how to react to the blind spots, you’ll beat it easily. Still I hate it when games give you cheap game over screens and make you replay a section you already did 10 minutes ago. That is what Mafia 2 does a lot.


The stealth sections are decent at best, you can drag bodies and perform sneak take downs and stuff but nothing too fancy. I personally found the stealth sections to be underused and it annoyed me that they usually ended with a huge gunfight essentially making it impossible to stealth your way through a level which was a shame. Also some of the enemy placements can make it a pain as they never seem to want to move. Put simply, Mafia 2 is definitely not a great stealth game.


Now the driving sections aren’t as bad but can still be frustrating at times simply due to the checkpoint system. There is one mission where you have to escape from the Feds and the police are on your tail immediately, you are also a wanted man. So you have to escape from the police whilst Joe deals with the Feds, sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it is… until Joe tells you to take him to Kingston in which you will have to navigate the map without getting any attention from the cops as you are a wanted man. In Mafia 2, being Wanted means that any cop who sees you will chase you down and that every area is locked down.

The problem is that because there is no checkpoint after killing off the feds, if the cops catch you or your vehicle gets smashed up, you have to restart the entire mission all over again! Seriously couldn’t you at least have given me a checkpoint after killing the Feds and escaping the cops?


On the other hand, cop chases aren’t all that bad, they never feel completely one-sided (like GTA 5’s cop chases) but never feel too easy. Cop cars are slow in Mafia 2 so you can outrun them with speed, additionally, you can kill the cops yourself to make things easier and since the guns work really well and unlike GTA 5, 4 star cop chases aren’t too hard as long as you have the right guns, if you can time it right, you can kill both cops and take their car. Alternatively you can change your clothes/licence plate when you have escaped the cops to lose your wanted status.


In any case, thankfully the driving works quite well in the game. Once thing I did enjoy was the speed limiter which allowed you to drive slowly, obeying the laws of the road. This allows you to role play a little which helps immerse you into the world instead of just driving like a complete lunatic all the time like in most open world games.

Speaking of Open World. Don’t go into Mafia 2 expecting an open world experience, sure there is a city to explore but the game is all mission based and the city serves as an extra. Think of it more like Halo 3 ODST’s New Mombasa in the sense that you have a city to explore but there isn’t much to do in it and it’s all broken up into missions. The city kinda acts as a hub between missions rather than a free roaming component as you will always find yourself in the middle of a mission. With that being said, there is nothing stopping you from exploring should you wish to do so.


Missions are split into chapters which can be loaded at any time from the menu screen

There are cars to steal, shops to buy from and wanted posters to find so there’s something at least. Just don’t think of it as deep as games like GTA, Saints Row or Sleeping Dogs as it’s nothing like them (though it’s probably closest to Sleeping Dogs).

Speaking of collectibles, you can also pick up Playboy magazines in between levels which rewards your keen eye with erotic imagery, coincidence much?


The game also adds hand to hand combat which feels like a glorified rock paper scissors game. I personally found it to be mediocre as it’s all about reading enemy patters which can sometimes be quite unpredictable. A lot of it is just rinse and repeat dodge and counter until you see the opportunity for a finisher. That being said, these sections do manage to break things up a bit and add something different though they didn’t get as much use as I would have liked. Sparring against a Mob boss would have been far more satisfying than just capping them in the head as this game shows. On the other hand, the combat isn’t quite on the same level of depth as Sleeping Dogs so I’ll probably take back that statement.


Mafia 2 isn’t all bad though and it does offer something of worth for those who are patient enough to put up with its issues. For starters, the world itself is very immersive. Seriously I have yet to play a game quite as immersive as Mafia 2. It seriously feels like taking a step back to the 50’s. The city itself is very well designed. The weather change is also brilliant. It feels like the entire city changes when you move on to the next time period. You start in what I presume to be the mid 1940’s around winter time and later on find yourself in the 1950’s mid summer. Heck even the cars change.


You can also listen to the radio when you’re driving. Sure it’s not a completely new concept and the music isn’t anything incredible (it’s not video game music) but it really gets you immersed in the time period with songs like Dean Martin’s “Let it snow” playing in the background when you first arrive in Empire Bay. In addition, the radio likes to make many references to modern culture claiming that such ideas are ridiculous. There is even a stealth section where I overheard the guards saying “you know what would be cool? If we had a TV program which we could interact with, we could use a controller to move around, it would be so cool” and the other guard makes a snarky remark insisting that it will never happen.

Another great feature is the ability to own and customize vehicles, it’s a nice little bonus which you will almost never make practical use of as missions usually provide you with a car and even if they don’t, you can easily just steal one. Nevertheless it’s still a cool feature and it’s always nice to have a little bit of personalized touches to your ride. Of course it’s not as deep as it could be but at least it had it. GTA 4 didn’t. The vehicles all look very nice too, some great classic looking cars to steal and drive around in. Put simply, the vehicle customization is a good distraction and gives you something to spend your money on (when you’re not buying new suits or guns).


The story in Mafia 2 is also done quite well though I would have liked to have seen more of it as the game is quite short. The story is presented in a rather gritty approach, particularly near the end, though there are a few comical sections here and there. For the most part it is a serious story though and can get quite dark too (as you would expect from a Mafia game).


There are all sorts of really interesting scenarios like being thrown into jail for 10 years and experiencing prison life which I thought was a cool addition considering most games tend to skip those parts, it helped me get all the more immersed into the game and opened my eyes to the harshness of 1950’s prison life. Something I really appreciated.


The characters are hit and miss, some are forgettable, some are pretty interesting. I found Vito, Joe, Henry and Leo to be the most notable characters, they kept the story strong for me, everyone else was quite forgettable (except Marty who was somewhat irritating).

Overall, Mafia 2 is a mixed bag, it’s an interesting experience for those who want an insight on Mafia life and it offers and engaging story and setting. On the other hand, the game play is pretty rusty and often frustrating, especially due to the annoying checkpoint system. Overall, Mafia 2 is not a bad game but it’s not really a good game.

Story/Plot: Good
Visuals: Good
Game play: So-So
Music: Good
Lifespan: Very Short
Would You Replay? No

Overall: So-So



3:41 PM on 05.23.2015

Looking Back: Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos/Frozen Throne Campaign Review

war3 2015-05-20 17-45-48-56

Since this review is for both the main game and the expansion, I’m going to focus on the campaign. In any case, the online multi player component might as well be considered dead at this point due to it’s utterly toxic community among other things. Just stay away from Warcraft 3 at all costs.

war3 2015-05-20 17-31-45-74

So you say you’re a fan of RTS? But you also like RPG’s? Well this is the closest you’ll ever get (besides maybe Mount and Blade which is more of an RPG than an RTS) Warcraft 3 is at its core a Real Time Strategy with a twist. It presents itself in a similar manner to most RPG’s in the sense that there is a huge focus on storytelling, narrative and also leveling up. All these factors are what make up Warcraft 3.

It’s predecessors, Warcraft 1 and 2 were vastly different from the series’ third installment as they focused on more traditional RTS elements and was possibly an attempt to rival the Warhammer series. It wasn’t until Warcraft 3 where the series’ roots extended beyond what was merely a knock off Warhammer game and became a game of its own.

war3 2015-05-20 16-20-41-82

Warcraft 3’s game play is similar to that of the tabletop game Chainmail In the sense that you are given powerful units called Heroes. Heroes are the backbone of your army and they plays a huge role in battles as they have many unique abilities which aren’t usable by regular Units. In addition, Heroes are able to level up and learn new skills, just like in an RPG but despite this, there is a level cap reminding you that this is still an RTS at it’s core. As such, you will need units to assist your hero. Units have basic upgrade trees which are very easy to figure out so you shouldn’t have too much trouble in strengthening them.

war3 2015-05-20 16-32-33-03

Like many RTS, micromanagement is a huge part of Warcraft 3. Micromanagement is a fancy term for multi-tasking. Basically you will periodically have to build buildings, get upgrades and spend your resources as well as controlling your entire army. Picking the right units is easy. Controlling them on the other hand is far from simple. If you have an army of ghouls and you charge into an army of archers, your ghouls are history. Why? Because their armor is so weak. How do you avoid this? That’s simple, by moving your units back when they’re hurt… and that’s easier said than done.

war3 2015-05-20 17-34-54-05
A good strategy is to surround enemies with your units so they cannot escape

Put simply, if clicking back and forth between your workers, units, buildings and hero’s isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll probably not enjoy the game play of Warcraft 3. Personally I hate multi-tasking, I’d much rather control my units with vocalized instructions than with a mouse and keyboard. Hence the reason why I’ve always wanted a Mount and Blade crossover with Warcraft.

But before you decide to bugger off, Warcraft 3’s campaign is still fun for newcomers to the genre and it gets you used to the basics very easily as well as putting RPG fans such as myself in familiar territory, despite it’s genre, Warcraft 3 managed to design the campaign in a way that it’s enjoyable for both RTS and RPG fans and I strongly recommend that if you’re a fan of RPG’s to give Warcraft 3 a try for two reasons.

war3 2015-05-20 17-16-52-96
You can play capture the Illidan!

First of all, Warcraft 3’s format is similar to that of an RPG in the sense that you have creep camps. Creep camps are groups of neutral/hostile enemies that will attack anyone on sight and are not affiliated with the enemy. “So why should I go for them?” you say? Creeps usually carry valuable items on them, as well as gold and XP. Basically in the early stages of game, you will often find yourself battling creep camps to strengthen yourself against the enemy.

war3 2015-05-20 17-34-26-93

In each campaign, your hero’s stats and inventory get carried over to the next chapter so you will want to scavenge high and low for better items to help you out in battles later. Some items are hidden in crates/barrels which you must destroy to get them. Others are quest rewards, yes there are quests in Warcraft 3, how else did World Of Warcraft become an MMO?

war3 2015-05-20 16-11-23-87
Quest complete!

Questing in Warcraft 3 can make either a huge or small difference though sometimes it’s almost essential to do them, particularly if you aren’t a very good player. As such, Warcraft 3 offers many different approaches which doesn’t give it too many merits considering it is after all a RTS and as such it is expected to have multiple “strategies” to winning campaigns, quests are merely one of these.

war3 2015-05-20 18-13-36-75

In addition, there are some levels, usually interior levels which give you a small group of units and a hero and send you into a more RPG style environment where there is no base to help you and you instead have to rely on your hero and units. If your hero dies it’s game over. These sections are usually quite innovative and as an RPG fan I quite enjoyed them, even if they are a little too easy as you are mostly battling through creep camps. There is one in particular near the end of the game which is actually quite challenging.

This is where the game makes use of puzzles to get from place to place. You will find many circle’s of power, these are used to interact with certain things. In addition, there are switches too, kind like pressure plates which can be used in a similar manner. Some missions meld both traditional and RPG style levels together. For example, one level requires you to send out workers to repair some observatories and you are given limited units and workers to repair with and as such you have to make your way through creep infested areas with limited units, eventually you find a gold mine and are expected to build a base. From here on out you are able to build more units to bolster your forces and you will need to, because the undead have already noticed you and are attacking.

war3 2015-05-20 17-42-43-76

Put simply if you’re looking for a more innovative RTS, Warcraft 3 is definitely worth checking out as it has a lot of interesting levels which each require a different approach and the pacing of the game makes sure that you are not fed up with the constant base building and warring and provides small-scale RPG sections to break things up so there’s plenty of variety.

In addition, Warcraft 3 has many easter eggs that give the game that extra charm. Units and heroes each have their own dialogue whenever they’re clicked on, click on them multiple times though and they’ll start breaking the forth wall and start bringing up movie references among other things.

war3 2015-05-20 16-45-26-32

By Elune, it is huge!

In addition, there are many other easter eggs which are easily missed. For this reason I highly encourage exploration in each level as there are many secrets to be found. There is even a bonus level to unlock that is easily missed. You can also utilize your abilities to traverse certain areas. Sometimes hidden items can be found in inaccessible areas which require a certain ability to reach. Warcraft 3 might be in real-time but sometimes it never hurts to stop and think.

war3 2015-05-20 16-52-03-85

All that aside, it’s time to talk about the meat of the package. The second reason why I would recommend Warcraft 3 to fans of RPG’s is the story. Oh boy is the story of Warcraft 3 excellent. It puts most RPG’s to shame. If you’ve played games like Fire Emblem, you’ll probably feel right at home with Warcraft 3’s story… although it’s a lot less Japanese and has a lot more depth and lore.

——–Spoilers for Warcraft 1 and 2——–

Warcraft 3 offers 4 main campaigns (7 if you count Frozen throne) each with its own story line. Campaigns are split into 4 factions. First being the humans, a proud (somewhat too proud), self-righteous old race that has thrived in the Eastern Kingdoms for many years… until the orcs came. In Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (the first game) the orcs ravaged their lands one by one and the humans were pushed back towards the northern kingdoms of Lordaeron. In Warcraft 2, the humans were invaded once again by the orcs but barely managed to push them back and defeated their leader, Orgrim Doomhammer, imprisoned him and sealed his people in internment camps (similar to the concentration camps in WW2).

The orcs appear to be a savage and violent race but in truth they were once a peaceful, honorable race, guided by the elements (AKA the spirits). Despite their peaceful nature, orcs have always been boorish fighters and they are a highly competitive race. Battle is everything to them, it practically rules their entire society, the strong are revered, the weak are shunned. The shaman on the other hand were also revered for their guidance and the orc’s sense of honor kept them in check.

war3 2015-05-20 16-50-54-77

However, certain events caused the orcs to become bloodthirsty savages. After being imprisoned in the internment camps for many years, they were rescued by an orc named Thrall and were united once more to stand against the humans. The orcs seek to return to their former ways and bring peace back to the lands of Azeroth, though their past provocations had not been forgotten by the humans and the hostility between the two races continues to rage on.

———————–Spoilers End——————————–

Aside from the orcs and humans, two new races enter the fray. These are the undead and the night elves. These two new races bring their own lore to the story line to set up an even deeper world. Furthermore, the Burning Legion, a race of powerful demons have returned to the world of Azeroth intent on destroying all existence. Who will survive? Will the mortal races make amends? Who is this legion? All these questions are answered in the story and I strongly recommend playing it yourself.

war3 2015-05-20 16-39-21-31

One thing I personally enjoy about Warcraft 3’s story line is the ambiguity surrounding good/evil in each faction. Due to the story being presented in multiple perspectives, it’s easy to empathize with each of the four races (except maybe the undead). In fact there’s more to it than just racial perspectives. Certain campaigns put you into the perspective of a sub faction. These perspectives are usually found in Frozen Throne and give you a completely different hero to play as. These factions may or may not be opposed to their own race but they act independently from the main racial factions.

war3 2015-05-20 16-40-43-43

Put simply, the characters in Warcraft 3 each have their own sense of morals but no one is truly good or evil (except maybe the dreadlords who are pure evil). Each character has their own demons to contend with (some more than others) and in doing so they may find themselves in situations where their demons influence their actions in a negative way which usually leads to many conflicts between characters among other things.

war3 2015-04-04 22-27-04-95
Join the dark side, we have cookies!

This makes the characters of Warcraft 3 feel real, they aren’t just cut/paste heroes/villains, they’re just people with strong convictions who are willing to fight for them with their lives. Thus begins the terrible warfare that decides the victor and we love it. That’s what Warcraft is about after all.

war3 2015-05-20 16-36-30-93

Then again, there is the undead campaign which is somewhat different from the other 3 campaigns. In the undead campaign, you play the bad guy, that’s right, you play as the main villain and you slaughter everyone in your way for nothing more than pleasure. Unlike most games, Warcraft doesn’t have protagonists or antagonists, instead each side is both a protagonist and an antagonist at some point (besides the Burning Legion, which I would just love to play as but sadly Varimathras is the closest we get :/).

war3 2015-05-20 18-24-02-01


“Human names all sound the same to me” ~Varimathras


Varimathras is a badass

The ability to experience both sides of the coin is something video games should embrace more. I’m tired of games only showing one perspective in their story. We need more games like Warcraft which allows us to experience multiple perspectives for ourselves. As such i find Warcraft 3 to be the greatest storytelling I’ve ever experienced in a video game and it encouraged me to get the books to read more about the lore and having read several of them, I’ve come to the conclusion that Warcraft 3 has some of the deepest lore a video game can offer. Seriously, the lore doesn’t end with Warcraft 3, read all the books and watch the Warcraft movie when it comes out to experience one of the greatest stories established by a video game ever.

war3 2015-05-20 17-25-08-01

Now with all that aside, time to talk about the little things. The visuals are a notable improvement from the previous games in the series though I would have liked to have seen a bit more detail from a 2003 game, I believe they did a reasonable job considering the time this game was made. The cinematics on the other hand are absolutely stellar. I mean it is Blizzard after all, they do make the best cinematics. It’s like you’re watching a movie.

war3 2015-05-20 16-21-42-12

The music is done by Glenn Stafford and though his Warcraft 2 music was catchier, Warcraft 3’s music is a lot more epic and orchestrated, particularly in the cinematics which are really well done. It’s hard not to get goosebumps when you’re watching the human campaign ending. The voice acting is also fantastic, particularly the dreadlords. There are also many fantastic lines of dialogue to match making for some epic quotes such as:

“Save your breath human, you’ll need it to scream when I start tearing off your limbs!” ~ Grom Hellscream

Now if you haven’t already realized by the title, Warcraft 3 has online multiplayer but do yourself a favor and stay away. It’s really awful and I’m not going to review it. If you want to know more about Warcraft 3’s, I highly encourage you to read this article I made as it will tell you pretty much everything you need to know:

Warcraft 3 Blog

Overall, Warcraft 3’s campaign is definitely worth purchasing the game by itself, just be sure to get the expansion with it as well, you can’t just get one of them. Be sure to get both to finish the story. Trust me, Frozen Throne is even better, especially if you liked Reign Of Chaos. I also highly encourage you to try out the books too. As for World Of Warcraft, I have played it and I will say right now that it killed the entire series, don’t play it. I don’t play it anymore, in case you haven’t already gathered.

war3 2015-05-20 17-48-43-52
Story/Plot: Exceptional
Visuals: Good
Gameplay: Great
Music: Good
Multiplayer: Awful (just putting that out there)
Lifespan: Quite Long (ROC) Decent Legnth (TFT)
Would you replay? Maybe
Overall: Excellent


10:08 AM on 05.15.2015

Looking Back: Need For Speed Carbon Review

Now as we all know, EA are a greedy publisher. Their development team Black Box on the other hand are actually not that bad and it shows through Need For Speed Carbon.


Completely ignoring the controversy behind EA, I’m giving Need For Speed Carbon a fair chance. Need For Speed Carbon is available for many platforms but I chose the Wii version. Why, I have no idea, possibly because I just got a Wii at that point. So I’ll be reviewing the Wii version.


To start with we have the visuals. I honestly think that the visuals of Need For Speed Carbon are a vast improvement over its predecessors and still hold up well today. All the cars look nice and shiny and there are some great lighting effects on the paint work. The dark neon lit urban sandbox returns from Need For Speed Underground 2 which is good considering the bright, sunny Rockport kinda got tiring after a while, plus it provides a fitting environment to show off the game’s lighting effects.


I really like Palmont City a lot as it has a lot of cool areas, particularly in Silverton and unlike Rockport which had very few memorable landmarks, Palmont has plenty. This can help out a lot with the police chases as it helps to know where you are on the map and the visuals are a lot bolder and clearer due to the game’s darker environment allowing you to identify light easier. All in all though, I really think Carbon does well in the visual department.

But what really matters in games like this is the racing. First things first though I have to bring up the controls as they are easily the most interesting part of the Wii version. Unlike the other versions, the Wii version utilizes the Wii remote which requires you to tilt it to steer (kind of like a steering wheel). This can turn a lot of people off at first and can seem quite intimidating, its a bit like transitioning from the DK Bongo’s to the Gamecube controller in Donkey Konga, it just feels awkward. The bad thing is that there aren’t any conventional controller options, though there are still a few options here and there which require the Wii remote and nunchuck, I felt that the default controls were ultimately the least clunky of the bunch.

As you can see, i can’t drive in third person perspective using the Wii remote.

With that said, the Wii remote operates fine by itself. You use 2 to accelerate, 1 to brake and the best bit, A to hand brake. My god I can’t think of any racing game where I’ve ever used the hand brake as much as this, and it handles so smoothly too. This is partly due to the mechanics of the steering which are very fast and surprisingly responsive even on the Wii version. Cornering feels fast, as it should with the use of the hand brake, its as if you almost never need to use the brake.

In addition, there is speed breaker which can be used by pressing down on the d pad (or from a horizontal position, you press right on the d pad). Speed breaker is so ridiculously abusive though it’s not even funny. Like Nitrous, it regenerates over time, so you can use it on nearly every corner and it’s really fun to do so. This can be a good thing as it makes the game more accessible for newcomers to the series and ultimately makes the game more fun as it’s cool to watch your car drift around corners carrying the weight of all it’s speed. It’s as if they knew exactly how to make an engaging arcade racer.


As with previous installments, you have your nitrous to give yourself an extra boost, this can be done by pressing right on the d pad (or up horizontally) and can be useful at getting your speed back after a sharp turn. Something new however is crew abilities. Crew abilities allow you to either stop your opponent in their tracks or draft behind a crew member to gain some speed. As if speed breaker didn’t make it easy enough in Most Wanted, now you have another racer on your side who can win the races for you. Talk about hand-holding.

In addition, crew members have rubber band AI. This is usually a good thing since they stay with you, particularly if they’re a drafter but sometimes they get in your way and you end up ramming into their rear bumper with them complaining at you for driving like a lunatic when it was their fault. In addition, it can make a fun challenge to beat your teammate in a race as they generally play on the same level as you making them a tough challenge. Sometimes however your ally can be found all the way back in last place. Sometimes it’s because they hit a wall directly, sometimes a pursuit breaker blocks their way, this can even happen to the enemy racers too which is hilarious.


To step things up there’s the canyon races. These races are Need For Speed Carbon’s most stand-out feature. Canyon races turn off both nitrous and speed breaker, forcing you to drive with pure skill. The hand holding essentially disappears completely here and whilst the arcade racing mechanics might help a little, the tracks theme around tight corners and thin roads which are designed to intimidate the player. This makes canyon races some of the best this game has to offer, they’re intense and really fun. Essentially, canyons are the ultimate test of your driving ability in the Need For Speed series.

Canyon’s are tough but not tough enough for the Dodge Viper

Police chases make a return and they’re slightly different this time round. Police helicopters will no longer follow you on the map, why they removed them is unknown. On the other hand, pursuit breakers will no longer immobilize all police cars in an area and can be avoided by the cops. The only way to utilize a pursuit breaker is to have the cop get crushed or drive into it as opposed to Most Wanted where the cops would stop to investigate the damage.


As Palmont is a more cramped space, with lots of corners, there are a lot of quick exits to escape from the cops, and without the helicopters, the police will have a harder time finding you. Additionally, spike strips are not as effective as they were in Most Wanted and it’s possible to outrun the cops without tires as opposed to slowing town to 0. This makes the cop chases in NFS Carbon a lot more forgiving than Most Wanted and are still just as enjoyable though they can sometimes be a pain.

Another returning feature is the drift challenges from Need For Speed Underground 2 which have replaced the Drag races in Need For Speed Most Wanted (which I personally hated). Drifts couldn’t be more fun with the Wii remote, not to mention more challenging and rewarding. I swear your arms will hurt after a while as drifting requires you to corner some really sharp turns without touching the railings. The higher the speed the more points you get. I personally find drifts to be really fun though I can understand how they can be a huge turnoff to some. Still, I find them a lot more bearable than Drag races which were a glorified car frogger simulation with manual transmission (automatic all the way, sorry, I just suck with manual transmission, it’s the main reason why I never learned to drive IRL).

And that pretty much covers the general game play experience of Need For Speed Carbon but that’s not the only thing Need For Speed Carbon has going for it. Like all good street racing games, you gotta have some good car customization. It is something the Need For Speed games have been lacking for a while now and Carbon is arguably the best of the bunch in this category (though some argue pro street which I personally disagree with despite them being very similar as to me, the cars look a lot better in Carbon which makes the customization feel more desirable).


Like previous NFS titles, you can customize your rims, hoods, add a few vinyl’s here and there but what stands out the most is the game’s autosculpt system. This allows you to freely adjust the shape and size of your cars body to give it its own look. In addition, the number of vinyl slots is now limitless. This is the one thing that annoyed me the most about NFS Most Wanted, the fact that you could only pick one vinyl which was stupid as Underground 2 allowed you to have up to 4. Carbon rectify’s this problem by giving you limitless design possibilities. I guarantee you will never see two of the same car in NFS Carbon… unless they’re deliberately designing the same car.


Unlike the other games in the series, Need For Speed Carbon comes with its own original soundtrack. Instead of just throwing money at licensed music (which they still do with their EA Trax), they actually managed to design their own to accompany it. So if you don’t want to listen to licensed music, you can just turn it off and still listen to the game’s OST. I actually really like the OST as it’s intense (the cop chases still use the remixed version of The Mann), particularly the music that plays in the canyons which has a lot of heavy percussion.


The biggest issue with NFS Carbon is it’s length. The career mode is sadly very short, there are only 4 boss fights (each with both a circuit and canyon race) and the career can be a little too easy to beat. With all of its hand holding features like the speed breaker and your crew, the game can easily be beaten in a few hours. The final race however is really tough and it can really suck for people who have a low acceleration car as your opponent is driving the best car in the game with perfect handling down one of the game’s most twistiest tracks.

To make up for this, there is a lot of replay value to be had in NFS Carbon. Aside from the career mode there is also the challenge series. Though it doesn’t offer half as much content as NFS Most Wanted, it’s still there and has you driving some cars that are unavailable in career mode which is cool. In addition there are reward cards which are basically in-game achievements which reward you with new car parts, visuals and cars to unlock in Quick Race (the game’s multi-player). I actually went out of my way to get all of the reward cards in the game and it was a lot of fun replaying the game again each time to get them (though I set up a new alias as I wasn’t fond of losing all my pimped out cars to complete some of the reward cards).


Here’s proof, proof that I have no life…

The Wii version doesn’t have online multi-player but split screen is still there and can still be fun with a friend. It’s pretty bog standard and sadly there is no coop free roam like in Midnight Club 3 but it’s still quite fun for a little bit though you’ll eventually get bored and move on to something else.


Did somebody call the fire brigade?

All in all, Carbon is a solid entry in the series and is my personal favorite. As a racer, it’s up there, but it ain’t got nothing on F-Zero GX.

Advice to all Wii version owners: Play in first person perspective, trust me, it makes a huge difference. Oh and stick with default controls and learn them. You will grow to love this game.


Visuals: Great

Music: Good

Gameplay: Great

Customization: Excellent

Content: Satisfactory

Lifespan: Very Short

Multi-Player: Decent

Licensed Cars? Yes

Would you replay? Yes


Overall: Great



5:14 AM on 05.12.2015

Awful Boss Battles: Nefasturris

So it's finally time to unleash all my hatred... i believe this is definitely going to be a series worth doing... hopefully. You know... those awful moments in videogames which make you want to smash your fist through the TV or fall asleep... or both. Even some of the nest games have some really horrible moments that really push your buttons. Today we're going to talk about boss fights and one boss in particular really infuriates me. The mere existance of this boss offends me... Today i'm going to talk about a boss from Devil May Cry 2, Nefasturris.

Now believe it or not, i don't really hate Devil May Cry 2 unlike a lot of people. I liked the direction they were going for it, lots of cool areas to explore and are all dark and give you that feeling of desolation, plus despite being stoic, i do think DMC2's Dante is still a badass, in fact you could say that this time around, he's too badass. So badass that he doesn't even need style to win boss fights... he just kinda stands there and shoots.

Disclaimer: I am proficient in the art of sucking when it comes to playing Devil May Cry

Which is all you can do against the mighty Nefasturris. Seriously this boss drives me up the wall. This boss is not only frustating as hell but is just plain bad. First lets look at his design. What the bloody fuck is that. Seriously, people actually gathered together in a board room and thought up this shit. You are fighting a giant hulking demon who's somehow managed to get himself trapped inside a skycraper, so the skyscraper turns rubber and you see this huge face pop out. I don't even know what to say about this, i mean sure it might look cool on paper but it's simply illogical. A skyscraper is a solid object with multiple floors. How can a demon that size fit in there (let alone get in there)? In addition, why do the windows turn to jelly when he pushes into them with his hand? I'm pretty sure physics don't work like that.

The only other explanation is that the demon itself is the skyscraper and we are led to believe that it's just a facade. If so, then why the hell does the building not dissappear when he comes out? Is the skyscraper actually the demon? If so then why? Why would you make a demon that is designed as a skyscraper and if you're trying to make it subtle, then why do you have his body popping out of it!? Seriously, this has to be one of the dumbest ideas for a boss battle i've ever encountered in my life. Sure i know it's supposed to be a videogame and trying to apply logic to a videogame is stupid but it's not half as stupid as the idea of this boss. I mean come on, it's a demon that just pops out of a jelly skyscraper, worst part is, it comes literally out of nowhere and serves absolutely no purpose other than to create something epic looking for the game's opening scene. Lets face it, that is all this boss is, it's purpose is to make the intro cutscene look epic and truth be told, when i first saw the intro, i thought this boss fight was going to be badass, sadly i couldn't have been more wrong.

What make's Nefasturris one of the worst bosses ever is simply the fact that it makes no sense in the context of a Devil May Cry game (gameplay wise at least). Devil May Cry is supposed to be a hack n slash game at it's core but this boss is so far away that it's near impossible to hit him with physical attacks and it's dangerous to even try, instead you're encouraged to stand far back holding down the square button and jumping and dodging his attacks as they come. Watch the video and see how many times i actually used my sword on this guy (the first form at least), sure i did try to use it but when i did i often got punished by the boss. This is the reason why i had to re record this footage as well as the reason why this boss is so frustrating, when a game gives me a choice between using a sword or a gun, i'm going to use a sword, i've always enjoyed sword fighting in games hence the reason why i play Devil May Cry in the first place, to hack n slash things with my sword. All i'm doing in this boss is holding down square and shooting him with SMG's (god help you if you decided to bring ebony and ivory to this fight) and dodging his irritating attacks.

Seriously, this guy has quite possibly one of the most irritating arsenal of attack's i've seen in a Devil May Cry game (though Geryon and Beowolf come damn close). He shoots this huge laser (which as you can probably gather by the video, i'm just too good at jumping into >.>) which covers the entire battlefield. To avoid it you jhave to jump over it. Well get this. Once you have the bosses health down below 3/4 his laser will start homing on you and this is near impossible to avoid especially if you're standing too close (hence the reason why you can't use the sword in this fight). The only way to avoid the homing laser is to jump up (just to have the laser move up) and when you land you quickly dodge forward twice (you see me do it in the video). If you're standing too close to the boss, you have to do the same but dodge backwards instead of forwards. If you're too close to a corner though, you're fucked as if you jump, the laser will hit you.

To ensure you're not standing too close the boss will also shoot what appears to be a shotgun blast laser, this attack is stupidly annoying to dodge. At least the laser is possible to dodge (if you do it perfectly) but this attack can hit you just about anywhere. you can literally just dodge into one of the lasers. Now if you're attacking him ,with the sword and he uses this, say goodbye to a considerable amount of health as all the lasers will hit you. Once again this forces you to use the guns. I hate being forced to use certain weapons. If i have a sword, i'm going to use it and in this boss, using it is so dangerous that it's safer just so shoot as it deals enough damage anyways (because as we all know, Devil May Cry 2's guns are overpowered as hell).

Nefasturris also loves to taunt the player by slamming his hand down, at the same time, he is vulnerable to melee damage for a short period of time but before you even think about it, Nefasturris will summon bats to stunlock you and the only effective way of dealing with them is *sigh* gunning them down. Essentially the only reason to melee attack this guy is simply to get devil trigger... just to make the boss fight end quicker and believe me, this boss can be a real pain to kill without fully upgraded SMG's (which i am using in the video). The faster this boss fight ends the better and considering the fact that there are two phases to this fight you'll want to get the first phase down really quickly.

Ello poppet...

In the second phase however, things get a bit differrent. His head comes flying off and you have to fight him again (yep it really is that stupid). The guy likes to shoot white balls at you, all you can do is mash circle and hold the analogue stick to the top corner and pray that you don't dodge too slow or into a wall or you will get hit, staggered, hit again and so on. Then his head will fall down and you have to get around him to avoid his shotgun blast laser, then you can finally use your sword (it's about time). Afterwards he will begin to shoot blue lightning, similar to Nevan in DMC3. The problem with this is that if you were expecting the white balls, you're probably going to start dodging... but these lightning bolts appear on the ground and it's obvious that their purpose is to troll the player by having them dodge left... only to dodge into the lightning. He will throw multiple lines of lightning at you and you can only pray that they don't hit you as he throws some of them in the air for good measure. Just to make things worse, he likes to throw both white balls and blue lightning at you at the same time but in truth this is no differrent from the blue lightning.

The thing that annoys me about this boss the most is that despite how annoying and frustrating he is, he really isn't all that difficult. Through trial and error you will easily beat this boss. It's just his cheap moves that annoy me the most and the simple fact that you have to avoid all of his attacks in a particular way or you'll get hit. In reality, Nefasturris is just a boring boss with nothing interesting to offer, his irritating attacks can knock you off guard at first but once you know exactly what you're supposed to do, he is pitifully easy... if annoying. Really it all comes down to guess work, guessing what his next attack will be. If you can anticipate all of his moves and know exactly how to avoid them, you will beat this boss so easily it's laughable.

Oh so it's Nefascaptis now... since when did losing your head warrant a name change?

Now you might argue "isn't that what a learning curve is all about"? Well normally you'd be right, bosses are supposed to challenge you and you're meant to feel accomplished, as if you learned something new after beating them but the only thing you're left with after this boss fight is dissappointment, you learn absolutely nothing besides the fact that the boss is both ridiculously annoying and ridiculously easy. Just look at Vergil in Devil May Cry 3, that boss fight is literally the complete opposite of Nefasturris, you come out of it feeling as if you accomplished something or learned something new. Seriously, each time i fought that guy (and for each playthrough) i came out of that fight learning something new each time. This boss left me with nothing but pain and frustration and every time i go back to it it brings back that same pain and frustration every time because by then, i forgot how to avoid the guy's attacks and have to re-do it over and over again till i can remember.

What's worse is when you do beat him, you are rewarded with the most anticlimactic deatn animation ever...

So there you have it, one boss down, many more to go. Oh and i'm not just going to discuss bosses, hell no. There are many other awful sections of videogames to discuss. Depending on how much or how little i have to say about them depends on how may of them i'll include in each one.

Sorry for the shitty image quality, unlike most images which i admittedly grab from Google, i decided to upload these directly from my capture card considering the fact that the entire boss fight is all in the video. As a result, the inages look like ass... but thats ok since this boss looks like ass anyways, just sayin.


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