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Tenumberoneguy's blog

1:47 PM on 05.17.2009

Bad Company 2 - A Close Look

Recently, and or I just found out, Bad Company 2 was announced by EA France! This new title in the Battlefield series is promised, by the developers, to be more intense and DEFINITELY more destructive. EA says that the Frostbite engine is being 1-upped by the staff with a new engine called; Destruction 2.0. In my opinion I think that this new installment has been sucked from some of its fun due to its more 'intense' gameplay. In the original Bad Company, from most of what I can understand, would have been 'ass hard and boring' without the constant humor of the squad characters. Being owned by a bunch of mercenary troops every five seconds is honestly easier when you have a gold-crazed hillbilly Haggard on your team assisting you.

So the question I've kept on asking myself since the game trailer debut is,"More intense? Okay. Alot more serious cast member and storyline? No Thanks." It's not really that serious isn't okay. In fact, most fps genre games have made serious money using a serious storyline. The matter is that Bad Company is not just a good game because of the Frostbite engine, but it's also a good game because having four bumbling soldiers sent on a quest to find gold and fortune is not only in itself a good concept, but it's also ass funny.
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