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Tenro avatar 1:26 PM on 02.29.2008  (server time)
The Great Ones: New Entry & Explanation

I suppose I should start by making sure my intention isn't mistaken. I only called this "The Great Ones" because I thought it was a good name for the article. I'm only bringing up protagonists that I feel made an impact on the game in some way, to the point where their replacement would have hurt the game. Opinions abound, and I continue to ask for submissions. In any case... on to the article! This edition's character is:

The Hulk (Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for PS2, GC, & XBox)

Ever been playing a game and suddenly felt drunk with power? Like your character was suddenly a juggernaut who could shrug off anything short of a boss? In Ultimate Destruction, the whole game is like that. As Hulk in this version, even your jumps become shockwave attacks, and the run button can decimate.

The game wasn't a masterpiece; it was shallow, sometimes cheap, and had camera issues. But the the experience of playing as the Hulk was like going through an entire Dynasty Warriors game with Unlimited Musou. Some of the missions are hard no because the task is difficult, but because we as gamers aren't used to having this much power right from the start.

Of course the game would have been ruined without the Hulk, considering that it's a licensed game. But this is a game literally constructed around your sense of wonder at Hulk's power, and it's pretty good at bringing that out. I've never liked any other Hulk game, but Ultimate Destruction is an experience to remember, and in it the Hulk is a Great One.

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