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This is me. I can has headshot?

Akasa Eclipse 62 with Side Window & Green Cathodes
Intel E6600 - OC 3.2 Ghz
2Gb DDR1066 C5 RAM
500w PSU
ATI HD4850 @ 700gpu speed - 2216 memory speed.
1x 250Gb SATA (OS)
1x 320Gb IDE (Music/Games)
1x 500Gb SATA (Videos)
1x 160gb SATA (HD Movies)
DELL 2407WFP Rev A0424" Widescreen TFT - 1920x1200


PS1 (Old school version, chipped.)PS2 (Not in pic), Xbox1(with 120gb drive), DSLite with Supercard Lite and a borrowed 360 :D

Love shooting things in the head, driving insanely fast on Burnout and harassing my touch screen often. Tetris DS high score is 2.8million. Currently learning Japanese in order to understand more Jap games and achieve a lifelong goal.

Gaming since 1989 - 5yrs old. First game Super Mario Land on GB(Brickboy).
First computer was Amiga500, first console was a Master System? Yeah, fucked up I know.

Fave games - HL2, Time Crisis series, FFVI, VII and VIII, NSMB, Ouendan! EBA, Guitar Hero, Metal Slug, Megaman 2, Flatout2, Geometry Wars, Sonic 1, 2, 3 + Knuckles, Chaos Engine, Body Blows (Amiga), SSFII Turbo, Marble Blast Gold, Shadow of the Beast, Pushover, Lemmings, Ghouls and Ghosts, Zool, Mario Kart DS, Pitfall, Contra 3, Strider, 1942, Xenon, Streets of Rage 1 + 2, American McGee's Alice, Quake 1, 2, 3 + 4, N (Flash game), HL2 Deathmatch, SSX3 + 4, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Wii Sports, Resident Evil 1 + 2, Worms 1, 2, Armageddon and World Party, Requiem, Linerider, Brain Age 1 + 2, Point Blank, Pokemon Yellow, WarioWare Touched!, SMB 1, 3 and Lost Levels, Mario World, Super Mario Land, Excite Truck and still, a truckload more that don't come to mind at the mo!

Can't ever get enough of PurePwnage - best show evar.

360 is coming soon for HD gaming. I give in, honestly. Wii is okay, feels too gimmicky too often. PS3 = lol - nuff said. Best "next gen" console is DS and the PC ain't a console but it's one helluva gaming machine, for me at least.

Hit me up on Steam; Tempus_84 for a game of HL2 DM!
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The world should join in, it's that goooooooooood.

I lurve me some chiptunes and listen to this station every Sunday whilst doing household things. Ain't found any other station that caters to my breakbeat/dnb/dirtybeats taste with a massive helping of 8bit tunes.


Old news is old? Then hook me up with new stuff :P

Sup Dtoiders,


It's been a while, I know! At least 6 months since I last did a clog (yes not this trendy new cblog name). I've been working away at a very large, very well known UK IT retailer advising people on product compatibility and full custom systems. Great fun, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop every day. Any other job, I fail at. Believe!

This job however great, leaves me with very little time to spend gaming. I find myself playing more and more minigames inbetween work, which is great for keeping the old skillz up but awful considering I cannot engross myself in a game and have a life at the same time. Somewhat ironic if you consider my username, which is Tempus and means "Time" in latin. Something I never have enough of!

To add to this, the day I moved in to my new apartment (beginning of feb) my graphics card decided to keel over and die on me, rendering my 24" widescreen useless for any 3D application. Honestly, all I wanted was to get through CoD4 and go through Bioshock once more in those three weeks where I didn't have net access. And as good as it is, having your own place - it means money that would have been spare for, I dunno, a new graphics card let's say, is now spent on what I consider ridiculously overpriced.... bills.

Growing up sucks! Long gone are the days where I would just spend a summer going through a final fantasy game, or going through every level of lemmings just for a giggle. Nowadays it's Mario Minigames on the way to work, Tetris at lunch and possibly a game of Mario Kart with my good lady in the evening. I really miss chasing the crap out of people with a magnum on HL2 DM, watching as their blood spatters across a wall, the sound of a multikill and everyone's favourite, the headshot.

My good friend David Houghton is visiting for the weekend. I'll be sure to try and get some form of dodgy photos, video surveillance and classic quotations from him. That and VS Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES will definitely have to come out if I stand any chance of even getting a punch in this Friday...

It's great to see Dtoid so busy, I don't comment or clog like I used to but I'm here every day, lurking away at work reading for teh lulz, keep up the good work people :)


4:06 PM on 10.12.2007

Was there ever any doubt? Good deal I say, good deal.

1x Component Cable, Memory & White stuff. Pacman and Uno too!

[http://www.arstechnica.com via http://www.xboxscene.com]

Okay so when HL2:Episode Two and Portal were announced, I was under the impression that Portal would come bundled with Episode Two.

CVG: " Portal ships with Half-Life 2: Episode Two at the end of the year. "

Only - when I visit Steam I am then met with some grim facts.

Episode Two is $10 more expensive than Episode One.

Episode Two does not include Portal (from what's advertised on Steam anyway).

Portal is $19.99 on it's own?

So Valve want $50 from me for two games - whereas Orange box users (who didn't already own the game I expect and that's cool, but i have had the game since day one pretty much and should be rewarded as such) get so much more for their money?

I don't think so Valve. I'mma borrow someone's account instead. I refuse to pony up $50 for two games when one of the games was billed as being "with" another. Not to mention that price hike, yikes.

And here I was, excited too.

OC Remix have gone and given the FF7 soundtrack their 'treatment' - and it's damn fucking good.

Amazing even.I've given it a good once over now and it's a fantastic album with a lot of good efforts. Most of which combine my favourite genre's of music anyway. I've sat here and changed my underwear twice and my jaw is now aching. I love this soundtrack, quite possibly my favourite from any game (bar Duke Nukem3D).

Anyway, download it - enjoy it and like, well, listen to it I guess.

Get yourself to http://ff7.ocremix.org/

4:38 AM on 08.16.2007

Hello fellow Cloggers!

It's a crying shame, almost two weeks without teh net at my new place! Then again, at least there's no bug infestation here and we have running hot water, a vast improvement. It felt as though I had lost an appendage without el web. Either way, I'm back to chew the fat :D

The only games I've played recently are SSX3 and Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Both are games I had lost some skillz on, but gradually building back up :D

ALSO COCKS! (Damn it's good to say that again...not that good though, you sicko's)