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Tehmtnlion avatar 1:25 PM on 01.19.2009  (server time)
*NVGR* A Genuinely Scary Story: Part 7

This is a shorter "chapter" to my story, but it's necessary to keep the flow of things going. Enjoy!

Mr. Lobos' statement grabbed the attention of the group. We all looked at each other and looked to Mr. Lobos. Even though we had heard the story about the Shack, just they way he was saying the word "shack" made me uneasy. He had very simple names for everything in The Bush. It was all very creepy. But, since only knew the way out, we had to follow him. We reformed the line and proceeded.

Our pace had slowed, this part of the trail was very narrow. It didn't help that Phil was stopping us every 30 meters saying that he was hearing the two-foot sound. Even though we stopped, no one else heard it. M. Lobos told Phil that we needed to keep moving and to ignore it until we had got to the Shack.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Mr. Lobos finally turned on his flashlight and pointed it up the hill to the left, off the trail. He immediately found the path leading up to the Shack. It looked eerie. This part of the Bush was filled with Cedar trees, the path snaked up the hill between the rows of them. Mr. Lobos told me to turn on my flashlight and lead the group up while he stayed behind and kept his light shining on the path. Clicking it on, I moved up the group and started up the path.

As I walked up the path, I started to notice that there were things on the ground. When I realized what they were I stopped and gasped. They were bones! I yelled back to Mr. Lobos and told him what I had found. I heard him approach.

"They're animal bones," he said, "look at the skulls, the ribs. These were raccoons or something small like that."

His explanation wasn't comforting. There were a lot of skeletons, strewn about the path. The close we got to the Shack, the more there were. I noticed other strange items too. On the way up we had found a scuba mask, a bucket, a ski visor, and various other pieces of strange junk. But we carried on upwards. finally, the path opened up and revealed the Shack. It was quite a sight.

The Shack was in a state of disrepair. The wall facing back down to Upper trail had completely fallen in. the roof had caved in as well, some of the beams with one ends touching the ground. As I got closer I scanned the Shack with my flashlight. On the roof, someone had nailed 2x4s to it and up into the trees. Like the legs of a dead spider they went up into the tree tops, nailed to branches. It was remarkably symmetrical. Standing right at the fallen wall, I peered inside. I was surprised to see that the inner walls had recently been fitted with fresh drywall. I was confused. Who would do that to this shit heap?

The entire group was circled around the shack now, examining it's frame. As I walked around it, i saw some graffiti. Nonsense symbols and jumbled letters were all along it's outer walls. When i reached the wall opposite of the fallen one, I saw an elaborate design on the wall, crafted in red-tipped nail heads. I didn't recognize it at all.

Mr. Lobos was with us again. He called us over to the benches. I had to walk around the Shack to get back to him. The rest of the group had already sat down and I quickly ran over and sat between Katie and Erica. Mr. Lobos turned off his flashlight. I followed suit.

"And now, " Mr. Lobos began, "I have another story to tell you."

I gulped.

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