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TehBuLL avatar 12:44 AM on 03.02.2009  (server time)
TehBuLL Reviews : Pomegranates

In the last couple of years there has been a strong new comer in the world of fruit hot on the heels of the 90's cranberry craze. That new contender for title of 'other juice added' is pomegranate juice. It is easy to see why pomegranates would show up on the scene after cranberries because their flavor and defining characteristics are similar in pure juice form. But there is one deep dark secret about pomegranates.

[spoiler] if u don't want to know the deep dark secret, you should stop here[/z]

They are impossible to eat. Inside this normal looking fruit is an orgy of tasty, ready to burst tiny fruit seed things. My main complaint here is that these do not spill out of the fruit like the treasure chest it should be. No, these things are basically glued to the inner rind of the fruit and only through pure effort can some of them be extracted. Some is the key word here because it is inevitable that half of the bastards will explode, rendering both the fruit and any amount of accomplishment you were taking in extracting it void.

After smashing the entire fruit and eventually getting a bountiful palm full of hard earned fruit kernels, I would love to say it was worth it. But it isn't. Overall you will get basically no juice from the individual kernels and you will feel cheated out of both time and money. Sure that small amount tastes great, but your mouth will be left dry and begging for more and your brain knows that it just isn't going to happen.

Color : 7
Taste : 8
Accessibility to humans : 0
Ability to be turned into something better by giant corporations with machines : 10

Overall - 4 (Dont Bother. There are better things in the world and your life is short.)

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