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12:46 AM on 08.01.2009

Giantbomb Live Streaming End of Matrix Online

That's pretty much it. It's good times in here so far. To see the live stream you can watch it on their account . If u want to contribute to the chat, u will need to register, but not if u dont want to type anything. COME SEE THE END OF TEH MATRICKS>   read

10:34 AM on 05.01.2009


I know I may be late to the party and everything, but I just bought a PS3 2 weeks ago and have been having a blast with Uncharted and the ability to stream shit to my tv from my pc. So I decided to let the good times keep on rolling.
"Fallout 3" I said to myself...remembering many large posters proclaiming excellence seemingly just a season ago.
blah blah blah WTF?! No one told me(i didnt pay attention to anything but pc gaming until about 2 weeks ago) that all of Fallout 3 dlc was xbox360 and pc exclusive. I dont know, i mean thats great and everything but i really just wanted to see fallout 3 on meh bigscreen and not on my monitor, which is why i bought it for my ps3.

But surely there is a loophole here. If only the DLC is exclusive to x360 and pc...if they released some bluray with all of the content...then perhaps their demonic overlords would be content? please? ill pay u monies.

(sry bout teh shabbiness of this post, normally i would have witty pictures and the like, just reformatted gotta reinstall teh fonts)   read

12:44 AM on 03.02.2009

TehBuLL Reviews : Pomegranates

In the last couple of years there has been a strong new comer in the world of fruit hot on the heels of the 90's cranberry craze. That new contender for title of 'other juice added' is pomegranate juice. It is easy to see why pomegranates would show up on the scene after cranberries because their flavor and defining characteristics are similar in pure juice form. But there is one deep dark secret about pomegranates.

[spoiler] if u don't want to know the deep dark secret, you should stop here[/z]

They are impossible to eat. Inside this normal looking fruit is an orgy of tasty, ready to burst tiny fruit seed things. My main complaint here is that these do not spill out of the fruit like the treasure chest it should be. No, these things are basically glued to the inner rind of the fruit and only through pure effort can some of them be extracted. Some is the key word here because it is inevitable that half of the bastards will explode, rendering both the fruit and any amount of accomplishment you were taking in extracting it void.

After smashing the entire fruit and eventually getting a bountiful palm full of hard earned fruit kernels, I would love to say it was worth it. But it isn't. Overall you will get basically no juice from the individual kernels and you will feel cheated out of both time and money. Sure that small amount tastes great, but your mouth will be left dry and begging for more and your brain knows that it just isn't going to happen.

Color : 7
Taste : 8
Accessibility to humans : 0
Ability to be turned into something better by giant corporations with machines : 10

Overall - 4 (Dont Bother. There are better things in the world and your life is short.)

2:48 AM on 02.28.2009

TehBuLL Reviews : Spike Shooter Energy Drink

God damnit.

So earlier, like 8pm-ish I was thirsty and bored and the 7-11 is only a block away so I decided to go for it. I got some vitamin water(the xxx kind is tasty), a diet coke, and i always like to try something new anytime I'm getting drinks so I picked up Spike Shooter.

the can looks cool enough, but at first I thought it was kind of lame cause theres all of these warning on the can like 'limit to only 1 per day' and 'do not use if under 18 or elderly or on any medications' etc etc. just a bunch of marketing bs.

so i get home and figure to try it out, not thinking anything about it because I drink random drinks all the time. Before I started drinking I noticed that there's no sugar and no calories. Now this is strange to me, because the only things that have ever given me alot of energy without sugar are the 5-hour energy shots. So immediately I'm a little more worried, but not alot because my odds have been most energy drinks are just hyper carbonated mt. dew.

first sip...whoa hold on, this doesnt taste like red bull, awesome. what it does taste like is a bit like those 5 hour energy drinks though, kinda in the after taste. but it actually tastes good, but after experience I can taste the energy. I down half the can and sit back to watch some colbert report from yesterday. Eventually get through 3/4ths the can.

15 minutes I'm sweating. My girlfriend says she's going to bed and I say ' i'll pass right now'. 5 minutes later I have a case of the full on jitters.

1 hour later: Still a bit jitters and I'll be honest think I was trippin balls. This is very confusing, I drink this kind of shit all the time, but my heart is goin ape tits for some reason and I'm sweating my balls off. Around this time I go and grab my vitamin water and start slamming it because I know all this sweating and jitters is going to dehydrate me.

So I start googling this thing, apparently this is the strongest shit you can buy on accident. I actually thought this was just another energy drink, it doesnt look all the different from everything else. This shit should be restricted to GNC, not in 7-11. I can usually down Monster or Rockstar drinks as much as I can and no effects. Random energy shot things are usually hit or miss with sometimes giving me energy, but nothing like this. It feels like the devil came in my heart valve. Either way, it's 2:40 in the morning and im just starting to calm down. Fucking ridiculous. I still have 1/4th the can sitting here and I'll maybe try it before work tomorrow, but only that much, ever.   read

9:29 PM on 02.04.2009

First Blogs leave a taste in meh mouth /intro/

Here It is.

Any day now I'll get mehself settled in here with detail, until then I've got some at where i keep meh ramblings.   read

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