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Name Babes Tegenworst

Year 1976

place OudLoosdrecht

Country Holland

Favourite games of the last ten years in no particular order

Resident evil 4

Mass effect 2

Jak 3

Demons souls


Fallout 3

Gta vice city


Half life 2

The legend of Zelda Wind waker

Uncharted 2

Hi Destructoid

My name is tegenworst i,m an 34 year old game enthusiast and checking up on this lovely site everyday for about two years.
I was just busy writing a very boring story about my game history but luckily it dissapeart for some reason.

So this is my first entry on this page and i just wanted to say hi to everyone in the Destructoid community
Im a little obcessed with games and dont really have friends who are as much in to gaming as i am,
I check with multiple gamesites every day Gametrailers.com, IGN.com, gamespot.com, 1up.com, Eurogamer.net, Gamekings.tv , and ofcourse my favourte Destructoid.
It,s a bit much i know but i look forward to it every day after work

Anymore of sad geeks like me on this site?, or do you keep to one site for all your gameinfo?

I,d love to hear from you people and i,l try to start writing more compelling things on this site,

P.s i do have friends and a lovely girlfriend and i don,t live with my parents.[color=darkred][/color]