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3:36 AM on 01.17.2009

Cowboy Bebop Movie to Star Reeves "Whoa.." (NVGR)

After years of rumors it is finally official, Variety has reported that Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) has indeed signed up to take on the role of Spike Spiegel on 20th Century Fox's live action film adaptation of the hit anime series, Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop follows a team of bounty hunters, (”Cowboys” as their known,) who coast the cosmos aboard their spaceship, Bebop, tracking down the universe’s worst criminals and collecting the bounty on their heads. The plot thickens when the team’s strong but silent leader, Spike (Reeves) begins to run across his old buddies from a nefarious crime syndicate he used to belong to. The only thing standing in the gangsters’ way? Spike, and the crew of the Bebop.

My main problem with this entire idea is Keanu Reeves himself. As much as I hate to admit it, Keanu does have a striking resemblance to Spike Spiegel, however the attitude and personality is just not there. Although Spike is serious in the anime series alot of the time, he is also very humorous and has a "cool" but tough style. Keanu we all know is stiff and has no apparent emotion in his acting. He's kind of like Steven Segal without the martial arts. Film casting calls should really stop worrying about the physical appearance in an actor and remember that the actual acting is more important than looking the part.

My second problem with this entire plan is that it's already looking like a disaster. Most will say I should keep an open mind, however everybody should know that 20th Century Fox is also responsible for that horrendous looking abomination Dragonball Evolutions live action that has already sent the anime community running for the hills with there "Dragonballs" in hand. Let's also not forget about that upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li film (Balrog shooting a bazooka-*sob*). Seems to me like Hollywood doesn't only have its eye on Horror remakes anymore, but is also targeting the anime universe as well.

As of right now Erwin Stoff is producing. Stoff's resume consists of The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), Street Kings, A Scanner Darkly, and Constantine. Notice anything those films all have in common? Keanu Reeves was leading in every single one of those, and they were all pretty damn terrible. Sounds like two buddies who just plan on cashing in doesn't it? The film is also set to be written by Craig Peters who I can't even find anything about interesting about, so that's not a good sign at all. Still with all that bad news, at least everybody should know that the anime producers and creators will also be involved in the film "heavily"-or so 20th Century Fox says. I only wonder if Fox will even allow them to make the right choices for the fans, and not worry about appealing to 10 year old school kids instead.

In my opinion, I'm positive coming news about this will only continue to get worse. I'm going to try to keep an open mind but honestly, I have NEVER taken Reeves seriously after Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure. Maybe when this is all said and done our parody "Whoa.."'s will finally not be taken as a joke , but instead as the death of what was once a great anime story.   read

5:45 PM on 12.18.2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration REVIEW

Resident Evil:Degeneration
Dir. Makoto Kamiya

As cliche' as it may sound, you should all know I'm not you're ordinary horror/movie fan. Before I even realized how much I loved movies and horror, I had already seen most of the popular classics, tons of hardcore gory horror shit, and hundreds of amazing imports. My interest in the horror genre can be traced to my early childhood. I wouldn't have all the interests I have today if it wasn't for my oldest brother Noe who infected me and my other brother Ivan with the interest too see bodies mutilated on screen, and corpses rise from there graves lusting for human flesh. Yes folks, I know you've heard it a billion times, especially in the past couple years since the horror genre (especially zombie sub-genre) has become a fad amongst high school teenie-weenies. However, my interest in horror even stretched to other sources aside from films. I distinctly remember my 7th grade summer vacation and how I spent it. I didn't go to camp. I didn't spend it hanging out with friends. Nope, I spent it playing Resident Evil 2 day in and day out. It was the very first game that had incredible cinematics, 2 discs with 4 different endings, a great story, and many other amazing shit that I can remember. In other words, I played the fuck out of that game. Going into this movie I'm reviewing I had already read nothing but good things about it (except from teenie-weenies who think Snyder's Dawn remake is the holy grail of horror). But I certainly didn't think it was going to be as awesome as it was. Especially for a full CG animated film. Here's my review for video game based full animated movie, Resident Evil:Degeneration.

The "Umbrella Incident" that took place in Raccoon City was ended with the eradication of the deadly virus by a missile attack ordered by the government. As its operations were suspended on a global scale, Umbrella Corporation stock plummeted. This serious blow to the business giant resulted in its complete dissolution. 7 years later, at an airport somewhere in the United States. An ordinary autumn afternoon. One zombie is unleashed into this peaceful scene to attack everyone. In the airport starting to fill up with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to be repeat itself. (

First and foremost I should point out that this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the Resident Evil trilogy everybody is more familiar about. Although I think Milla Jovovich is a total babe, I really don't want to see her in anymore films using and destroying the name Resident Evil. I was glad to finally see a film based directly on the video game which I happen to think has a very intriguing storyline. What had me most interested was the fact that we were given another story that would regroup my two favorite Resident Evil characters, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Resident Evil 2 for the original Playstation was one of the first games that I remember playing religiously. The fact that I was going to see these two characters again had me pumped. Any fan of the games will wet their pants to know that their are about 3 short scenes where they show flashbacks of Leon and Claire during the events in Resident Evil 2. Leon wearing his rookie R.C.P.D uniform and Claire sporting the red vest and red cut-off shorts took me back to the years where I was a full blown nerd that couldn't get a girlfriend if my life depended on it. Although those scenes are real short, they're definitely huge bonus points for any fan of the games.

The story itself is one that easily could've been made into a game itself. It's not anything amazing, but it does have enough punch to keep you interested and guessing where the movie is going. I will admit it was somewhat predictable in some parts, but as a fan this was a welcome entry to the series. I honestly can't see a hardcore movie buff even being remotely interested in this movie mainly because it's animated and not Disney animated. However, the story shouldn't disappoint any fans or even casual horror/game fans who are just looking for a different film experience from the usual. What helps this film stand out are the obvious CG visuals. The entire film looks amazing and I even thought it looked far better than any of those multi-million dollar budget Disney films we get five or six times a month. Their are alot of slow motion action scenes that are just completely awesome. One scene that really stands out off the top of my head is where Leon and Claire are both being attacked by zombies, so Leon tosses his pistol to Claire as the scene slows down. The camera takes the point from behind the flying pistol as you see Claire kick off a zombie, catch the pistol, and flip it around her hand all slick and badass right before she blasts four zombies directly in the head while spinning in a Tequila-Hard Boiled maneuver. Really well done and rad looking. Another scene that is just awesome is when one of the characters (not saying who) becomes the mutated monster (not saying why or when) and goes on an all out rampage on Army soldiers. Another slow motion scene that shows the monster leap into the air while a soldier packs an M-203 shell on his rifle. Right when the soldier looks up to blast the beast we get the awesome slow motion scene of the monster landing and impaling the soldier head-on with lots of blood and debrea exploding out from the impact. Amazing looking stuff that makes the film really damn good.

This movie is just action packed with alot of blood and bullets flying around. The zombies look great and the action is top notch. Although their isn't much of a slow down in the story, their are some scenes that do drag on a little bit too long for their own good. However, in the end it all pays off and you quickly forget about them because of all the rad back-to-back scenes. Another very tiny insignificant complaint I do have towards the film are some of the cheesy one-liners. It may not seem like much, but since I'm basically being a critic it is only fair to knit-pick in certain areas. However, to the films defense on the one-liners, I will say that the voice acting is perfect. Alyson Court revisits her role as Claire Redfield. Court was also Claire's voice back in Resident Evil 2,Code Veronica, and many other cartoons that I had no idea were being voiced by her as well. Jubilee in the X-Men cartoons, Lydia in the Beetlejuice cartoons, and even Jubilee in the Marvel vs Capcom arcade games were all voiced by Court all of which I'm familiar with. Another fun little fact that made me like this movie even more was the fact that Leon S. Kennedy was voiced by Paul Mercier who also voiced Specter is all the SOCOM: US Navy Seals videogames which me and both my brother played religiously for about 4 years day in and day out. I have no idea how we all even got girlfriends during that period in our lives because we were indoor cretins who gamed way too much for our own good (lawlz).

To sum up my thoughts on this flick, I really don't know how to convince anybody to watch a fully CG animated horror movie, let alone a movie based on a video game. In all honesty, I highly recommend all horror fans to check this movie out because it's simply tons of fun, amazing, beautiful to look at (I fell in love with Claire..), and shouldn't even be considered anything else but a full blown horror film. Although this film is an amazing treat for fans of the games, anybody who is remotely into horror films can definitely enjoy this movie in some kind of way. Highly recommended and will definitely find its way onto my DVD collection when it is released December 27th.

FINAL GRADE: B+ (8/10)

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5:16 AM on 12.10.2008

Dragonball Movie UPDATE: New Title and perhaps, hope? (NVGR)

First off, we all know that when a movie goes through a title change after completion and near the premiere date, it can never be good sign. to make things worse, Dragonball is an iconic Anime that they probably realized they ruined. So what do they do to make things better? They change the title to distance itself from the Anime series of course! The new official film title is, "Dragonball:Evolution". Yup, they decided to add cheesy-ass "Evolution" to the title. What’s interesting is that redirects to the official 20th Century Fox website. But before we all continue bashing this predicted disaster..

..I present the official trailer that has aired in Japan. You're probably wondering why this blog title has the word "hope" in it right? Well, if you watch the trailer, notice that Piccolo is actually green in many screenshots! Although he still looks like a football-headed Borg, at least we'll know he's green in some of the movie. Oh, and if you can ignore the horrendous CGI everywhere and cheesy as hell Goku Matrix-pausing in the air, that huge Kamehameha wave looks okay. Maybe it'll be like Kung-Fu Hustler over the top action. Either way,you guys be the judge. Does this new TV spot give off any kind of hope?

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8:08 PM on 11.18.2008

3 new Dragonball movie pics UPDATE ON FAIL

Geez. You gotta love how they all have guns. LMAO! This movie will redefine FAIL.

That's Chi-Chi in the last pic, Mai in the second, and Harry Potter battling the Borg in the first. I don't know even know what to think of this anymore. As a friend over at a blog said, "what's next? 6 ft Krillin with long hair?"   read

4:15 PM on 11.07.2008

Presenting Super Saiyan Goku in the DBZ Live Action movie! NVGR

Uhhh....wut?   read

7:15 PM on 09.04.2008

Dragonball:The Movie (Piccolo pics!) [NVGR]

Personally, I think it's incredible how they managed to fuck this up. This movie is going to have to be epic for me to like it because of right now, after all the posters, pirated vids from filming, and now these pics, this movie looks fucking shitty.

Okay, at least the actual Dragonballs look cool..

Don't get me wrong, Chow Yun Fat was a total badass in Hard Boiled and The Killer. But as Master Roshi?? Bad casting.

Battlestar Galactica The Movie is going to be so epic and rad!! Oh wait..

High School Musical 4!! No, that's Goku.


I honestly don't even know what to say about these pics. This was something that I'm sure I'm not the only one discouraged about. After live action animes like Casshern being so epic, this is inexcusable. For this story and many other DB movie news, visit   read

8:20 PM on 06.27.2008

The Start of An Affair: Shenmue

Back when the Dreamcast ruled my life I was pretty much already known as a highly ranked nerd who spent his summer vacations gaming. Classics like Gunstar Heroes for the Sega, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES had already set a lifelong impression in my life. However, it wasn't until November 16th, 1999 that my gaming experiences reached a new level. I remember ditching school with my older brother to go to the local "Funcoland" (now a Gamestop) and finding it packed with people waiting for the same miracle I was waiting for. We all waited for 4 hours until finally the store clerk opened up 4 boxes while hollering, "This is what you've all been waiting for!" followed by a roar of applause and screams from all the girlfriend-less, stubby men like myself. Shenmue had arrived.

Going home and popping that sucker in, ignoring the obnoxious loud fan sounds of the Dreamcast, and stuffing my face as quickly as I could before the opening cinema started, the anticipation was nuts. Finally, after starting a new game and checking to see if any cutesy little animations appeared in my D-casts memory card, the opening cinema began! Ryo Hazuki (strange resemblance to my brother by the way) quickly rushed to his home/dojo where he witnessed his father being beaten by a badass wearing Chinese attire asking for the "Dragon Mirror". It was there that I was introduced to Lan Di, the evildoer of the game. After witnessing the groundbreaking realistic graphics, voice overs, and alluring unoriginal storyline, the game began.


This is where my memories of the game really revolve. Running around interacting with every single character in town which all had there own unique personality was amazing. I fell in love with every single character, especially the love interest Nazomi Harasaki. Cute-ass Asian videogame "B". To this day I still remember the awesome characters like Tom Johnson, the Jamaican Rasta who owns a hot dog truck and you always found dancing in the middle of the crowded town shops with his reggae playing boombox beside him. Anyway, this is where most reviewers and fans also were immediately turned off. Apparently running around day by day in videogame time, which was ridiculously realistic by the way, caused the game to pace really slow, and made it unbearably boring to almost all fans. But really, this game was ridiculously good, I didn't give a Sonic figurines' ass what they said about it. I loved it. Meeting every single character was epic. Everyday they had something new to say that would lead to little side missions, or be part of the storyline. The thing about this game is, in order to make certain progress, you had to go to certain places at certain times. Example, one of the most famous parts of the game is where you have to find some sailors. By asking around you'll find out sailors usually hang out at bars. Which bar you ask? Well, that's when you have to hit up every bar in town at night when they're open. And that's IF you don't get side tracked by the town arcade which had a playable Space Harrier and Hang-On. You could've bought food, cassette tapes, little toy figurines, call people up, practice your fighting, raise a cat, almost anything you imagine doing, you could've done.

The fighting in the game I remember being Virtual Fighter-esqe. Nice tight controls and many moves to learn, discover, and master. The storyline of the game is where it really shined. I played this game over at least 10 times since I bought it in 99. I fell in love with the town and every single character. The QTE (Quick Time Event) that we see in God of War and other modern masterpieces was invented back with Dragon Lair, but this game is what introduced it to modern gaming in a whole new way. The fact that this game was so lifelike is what made it epic. Hell, at one point of the game you even had a job as a fork-lift operator. Fucking sick right?!

Bottom line, if you have a Dreamcast, find this game now. I never had an original Xbox to play the sequel, but I would still love to take this one out and play it even today. The story and game was so deep and really, this is the game that got me addicted to gaming (and ended my social life completely back in middle school too.


4:55 PM on 04.11.2008

Shitty Games=Fun Games! (sometimes):This Ones Debateable. ep.3

Video games based on movies. I bet that sentence just sent shivers up some peoples spines. But this is one movie based game I'm sure everyone wanted to play or were really curious about. This is based on a movie many of us saw for the first time when we were really young, and introduced one of the greatest movie badasses ever, even though his name is Ashley. This game was released on the Dreamcast as well as PC, but I decided to review on the Playstation cause that's what I played it on. There was also 2 sequels to the game. But anyway, Dtoiders, I give you EVIL DEAD:HAIL TO THE KING

First let's put the ongoing debate to an end. Evil Dead is NOT a zombie movie. It's about Candarian demons who posses the living. On to the game, So playing as chainsaw armed Ash is like a dream come true for any movie fan (Yoj1mbo's probably nodding his head right now agreeing). A bloody-gory horror game is always tons of fun, but when I found out THQ was making this game, I got nervous. I don't like THQ. And after I played this game, my disliked THQ even more. How they ruined something that had so much potential is beyond me, but they did. However, it's still forgiveable, only because it IS an Evil Dead game. The storyline of the game goes like this: ). The "Deadites" (bad guys for non-fans of the movie, or zombies for the stubborn) have come back and kidnapped your girlfriend, made an evil duplicate of you, and possessed the local townsfolk. The only way to stop them is to collect the scattered pages of the book (Necronomicon) that summoned them and then "send the evil back."

As soon as the game starts I felt so pumped. Se ready to get some sick blood all over the place. Instead I got nosebleed cause I got so angry when I moved the analog and realized how fucking slow, choppy, and unresponsive Ash was. But wiping the blood away, I kept playing hoping I'd get use to it. Getting the controls out of the way (not for long though), I realized the game was ALOT like the Resident Evil games. You even have a "box" to store things you have no room to carry. When I headed outside the cabin to get some action going, fucking ay! Like 5 damn "Deadites" all at once rushing at you. I started yelling at the top of my lungs getting ready to saw and shotgun away some demons. Instead I found myself shooting the opposite direction while I got pummeled and hammered by those things. The deadites were so fast that when I tried using the saw it would be so fucking slow I'd get hit before I can even use it. Seriously, the controls are complete GARBAGE in this game. To make matters worse, this game is like a fucking RPG. So many damn random deadite battles come at you non-stop. Imagine running down a path and having a Deadite appear in front of you. You dodge it, but it still knocks you off your feet. You get up and try to keep running past it, only to get stuck on a spot of bad collision detection in the environment and get the back of your head pummeled in. I'm not even going to get started on the camera angles either. Fuck you THQ!

However all that set aside, If you have some sick amount of patience for games you really hope are going to get good even if you already halfway through the game, you might enjoy this! If you're also a fan of the Evil Dead trilogy, you might be forgiving and actually pay this uber frustrating game all the way through. This game could be fun if you play it in the right mood. If you play it after watching the movie, you'll really like it and have a good time with it. I know it sounds like I don't have much to back this game up as actually being fun, but like I said, play it in the perfect mood and time, and it's enjoyable. Maybe this game is only good for fans of the movie, but it should still be given a shot. Believe you me, watching the blood effects drip down your chainsaw after each deadite kill is always satisfying. Especially if you killed about 4 deadites and screamed your lungs out yelling profanities at the game. Good times.

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2:13 PM on 04.04.2008

Shitty Games = Fun Games! (Sometimes) Part.2

Before I Start let's get this out of the way. It's a UFC game so yes... sweaty, slippery men rolling around with each other, yadda-yadda-yadda.

On with the game..hahha so this game wasn't exactly that much shitty, but really didn't get appreciated by most people like it should've. Seeing as to how the UFC grew in major popularity since the Ultimate Fighter reality showed aired, I thought I base this on the first UFC game that came out ages ago on a little machine that thinking about it still makes my testicles rattle to this day. This is THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP for the Sega Dreamcast!

The game looked awesome. The facial animations on the characters was spot-on which isn't a surprise since the Dreamcast had some really marvelous looking games (damn I miss my Dreamcast!! Bitch will pay..). The sound had some awesome punching crunch sound that really made you wanna get up and gladly punch the person you beat in the face out of a rush of adrenaline. The controls consisted of two punch buttons and two kick buttons. Combos were easy and very Tekken-like. But the best part of the game were the actual grappling action. Time everything right, and you can end a match in about 6 seconds. You would simply tackle your opponent down, do some fancy thumb-work, and Blap! You'd snap your opponents arm and the match would be over. Of course, this is if you're playing against a noob that doesn't know how to reverse and counter. Otherwise the match can take up to 5 minutes as you and the other player constantly yell out cuss words as reversals and counters are handed out over and over. Great fun.

But matches ending in 6 seconds was the downfall of this game to most. Non-gamers just want to pop-in a game, and get right into it. If you tried just popping this one in, like I said, the match would end very quickly. If you didn't take the time to realize you can counter every move in the game, you most likely hated this game cause the match would end so damn fast. The loading times would take longer than the match itself if you were a noob about the learning scheme. But really, this is a gamer site, so I'm sure everyone on here who played this game enjoyed the sick reversals and counters because let's face it, us gamers on Dtoid are a powerful demonic force that will soon cause brains to explode and babies to internally combust due to our awesomeness. . If you still didn't enjoy it, well than it was just a matter of taste in games

Many other sequels have been made for this game on the PS2 and Xbox (I think Xbox, not sure), and they were all pretty much the same. But still, the original stands out in my mind and this really ranks up on my shitty games = fun games list. And like I said at the beginning, the UFC is really popular right now, so expect a new UFC game to hit the next-gen consoles very soon (yes, it's in the works!). I'm fucking excited.


Here's the new UFC game trailer.This video isn't really good quality, but it still looks good.   read

4:31 PM on 03.21.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming rig

First off I wanna say that most of the set-ups I've seen on here are so ridiculously awesome. You guys got like plasmas, sick gaming chair, surround sound, it's totally ridiculously rad! Mine comes nowhere near to being as cool as most of the ones I've seen, but since everyones putting theres up, I'd like to share mine. So here's my room.

Everything is pretty scattered all over my room (and it's pretty small) so here some pics of my gaming station, computer, and the other good stuff. Here you see the Rockband drums, stereo, the Old Spice, a Marshall amp, and my brothers bed. I guess it's my bed since he moved out months ago.

Here's some of the DVD collection and my bed. This isn't even half of my collection. I have about a little over 300 more DVD's but they accidently got placed in public storage when my brother moved. I should really go pick them up already...but I got games to play

Here's the wall next to my bed. The closed door leads to the bathroom. How convenient eh? I don't even listen to most of that stuff anymore. Not since like middle school anyway. Except Teen Idols of course..

This my ordinary normal XP. Nothing special, but it gets the job done. Plus this thing is jam packed with viruses and uber slow. DVD player on the top right, used for foreign DVD's with the region code hack.

The T.V with the 360 next to it. I use to have a PS2 but I sold it, had a Dreamcast that got stolen by an ex-gf, Sega Geneses that my dad threw away for some fucking dumb reason, a SNES that stopped working for some reason, a PS1 which I sold to buy PS2 games a couple years ago, and 2 Atari consoles that also got thrown away. Actually I think those got sold in a yard sale..Rockband guitar between the monitor.

And finally the gaming drawer! You can't see it but there's a NES way in the back behind everything, controllers, wires, memory cards and all that are under the printer paper (except that badass Goldberg memory card). I have way more NES games too, but there in a box under my bed. Sold alot of my PS1 and PS2 games, and I havne't really bought many 360 games since I just rent em and beat em, or borrow them from my brother.

Sooo...that's it! oh yeah I almost forget, I also got a window! Ooooooooooooh!


12:07 PM on 03.21.2008


So I just bombed my midterm cause I studied the wrong material all week. It was on the most obscure material we covered for probably about 15 minutes. Bah-hambug!! Not only that, but this is what I get for playing DEVIL MAY CRY 4 for 5 hours straight everyday, followed by a 15 minute break, folowed by another DEVIL MAY CRY 4 marathon!! Do I regret it, fuck no, that game is sick!

At least i'll have the awesome memories of a buster move where you pound in "His Holiness's" face repeatedly even though he's an old geezer, when I'm working at Wal-Mart when I'm 40.   read

7:08 PM on 03.17.2008


So I decided to start this blog thing where I dug deep into my personal collection of games and review the games EVERYONE bashed, but to some extent were actually pretty damn fun when played under the right circumstances. There's probably a million other blogs like this one, but oh well These are going to range from all consoles I ever had. So to start it off, this first "episode" is on a show anyone who grew up in the 90's probably remembers watching on FOX (I think they still show reruns actually). Who can forget silver haired John Bunnell and that infamous intro of the show? Ladies and gentlemen, this is WOLDS SCARIEST POLICE CHASES for the PS1.

Silver haired Sheriff John Bunnell, the man who provides the wonderfully cheesy, melodramatic voice-overs for the TV show, drops hysterical bits of knowledge between missions, making the game so hilarious and memorable for that reason. Those familiar with the show will recognize his voice instantly, but those who are not will have to hear it to believe it. This guys voice really stands out and I'm surprised there weren't any parodies since this guys seems so easy to make fun of.

Anyway, on to the gameplay. The control scheme wasn't actually THAT bad. It was extremely sensitive making those mission where you had to pit maneuver cars out of the road disgusting (and believe me, missions were repetitious). Missions varied from shooting at the car you were in pursuit of to disable it, pursuing cars until they pulled over, and driving around the city disabling bombs (Die Hard 3 anyone?). The graphics were pretty horrible, but when we look back at any PS1 game, all the graphics were pretty horrible compared to what we're use to now.

Most people didn't like the fact that you could've only played as a police car and not the "bandit", but honestly it wouldn't make much sense to play a police chase game if you could play as the bandit. So so far everything I said makes the game sound pretty bad, but really t was pretty fun for it's time! Sure you had your Need For Speed's by that time but this game was just different. Honestly I don't even know how to explain what made this game so fun. LOL MAybe it was just John Bunnell. That guy really cracks me up. And this game to me is definitely a buried gem worth at least reading about or looking at pics of.



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