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Technophile avatar 8:33 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things you never wanted to know about Technophile

Some of these might be interesting, most of em will probably be whiney and emo. So read with caution.

1. Iím a Buddhist

No really. I know what you are thinking, ďlol white guy who is a Buddhist? LOL WEEBOOĒ and thatís fine. You can think that. I still am one however. I specifically follow the teachings of Bodhidharma. Iím always hesitant to speak about religion with anyone. Case in point being when during a conversation about religion with a couple coworkers, I mentioned that I was a Buddhist and my coworker countered with ďSo, donít you believe in magical powers or some shit then?Ē *sigh* Thatís why I donít talk about it. I donít go to a temple, I donít ďworshipĒ a god. Itís a life philosophy and no, Iím not perfect about it either.

2. I wish I did something cool in the games industry

While itís awesome that I work in the industry and I love it, I wish I could be an industry rockstar. Iím working on it, but I doubt it will ever happen. I think Iím just stuck being an office zombie doing work on games nobody cares about. Much like the movie industry, thatís what a lot of people do in games.

3. Iím envious of people with special talents

Especially music or art. Personally, I donít think I have one particular skill or trait that Iím over the top excellent at. I used to be pretty good at drawing, at least good enough that I was taking college prep courses in high school for it, but my interest in it fell. So thatís more my fault for not sticking with it. Music, Iím incredibly untalented in and I love music, so Iím jealous of those that can do it.

4. Iím really proud of the forums

In case that wasnít obvious. By no means can I take credit for much of it. Iím really just ďmanagingĒ them in a sense of Iím adjusting options here and tweaking stuff there or coming up with ideas for things to do. I couldnít do it without the editors, CTZ, Mxy, and especially Niero. Of course, itís the community itself that creates all the awesome content. Without the community, the forums would be empty. I guess Iím really just proud to have played a part in it.

5. I have a really wacky schedule

Whenever Iím jobless, (like I am now)I tend to revert to my natural sleeping schedule. Iím a night person, so I tend to stay up till about 5 or 6am and sleep till 1 or 2. I really feel like a lazy bum, but I am only sleeping 8 hours. Itís just a weird 8 hours. So if you ever see me on the forums at like 5am PST, thatís why.

6. I have a reaaaaly poor image of myself

Oh, here we go with the whiney emo crap. Yeah, I have a really poor image of myself. I honestly donít think I contribute a whole lot of anything worthwhile. To make things even more difficult, I hate it when people pity me (or what I perceive as pity). It just makes me feel worse and then I get upset about it. Letís just say I was ignored by my parents and itís usually the reason most of the relationships Iíve had fail and leave it at that. Yes, Iíve been to therapy, it helped but I still get really self conscious about everything.

7. I smoke like a damn chimney

Yes, I know itís bad for me. Yes I know itís gross. I KNOW. Fully aware of how dumb it is of me to not only smoke but also be aware of how bad it is. I still do it though. Itís relaxing and it helps me clear my head. I had a girl tell me she was breaking up with me because she was tired of me smoking. Of course Iím the asshole for pointing out that I smoked before and while we were dating and she never said it was a dealbreaker. Why date a smoker if you hate smokers? Which leads me to my next thingÖ

8. Iím pretty sure Iím un-dateable

Woo, more emo shit. This cartoon demonstrates what happens with every girl Iíve ever tried to get with. Itís been about 6 years since my last decent relationship. Iíve had girls Iíve dated since then, sure. Iíve gotten laid since then, absolutely. But those never turned into anything lasting more than a few months. Iíve pretty much stopped trying at this point. Iíve been set up, Iíve gone out and met people with the exclusive purpose of picking someone up (a practice I just loathe) and Iíve had girls approach me. None of it works. Iím sure it has a lot to do with #6 and various other things I do wrong.

9. I really dig science. Especially astrophysics

Letís go back to positive stuff. I really dig the study of space. I think itís just fascinating and Iíll watch or read anything having to do with it. In particular, anything having to do with how the universe works. Anything in theoretical physics is also just endlessly fascinating for me.

10. Iím a lore junkie

Iím a big fan of lore. I play WOW just because itís got such a involved backstory. Heck, I catch myself reading the wowwiki just for background info about some random NPC. I also tend to love games that have established histories, even if itís the first game of a series or the backstory is just discovered through the game. It explains why I love star wars (because there is so much going on beyond the films), why I love fallout 3 and why I love Diablo and Half Life among many other great games with great lore.

Ok, sorry that was probably TL/DR and most likely dumb. For those of you that read it, thanks. For those of you that didnít, thanks. For those of you that donít care, waffles.

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