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12:06 AM on 04.09.2010

FORUM ADVENTURES #1 - Third Party Viewpoint {shortblog}

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6:38 PM on 12.08.2009

Dtoid World Of Warcraft Guild

All right. It's about time I hunkered down and committed to this.

It always confused me that a gaming site as big as we are has almost no MMO representation. I know there is some of you that play. In fact, it seems like Brad Nicholson seems to like MMOs quite a bit and I know Jonathan Ross plays them from time to time as well.

I figured I would start with the biggest MMO out there (and the one I'm playing) so why not.

Since I'm sure those of you that play are probably scattered across a bunch of servers, I figure we should get the two most important parts of getting this started out of the way.

Server and Side.

I play on Kilrogg. It's one of the original servers, so it's got a solid player base but it's not so crowded that there is a queue every day. It's a west coast server as well. It's also a "Normal" server as I feel PVP servers tend to give license for people to be assholes.

I also play on Alliance side, although I perfer Horde. My 80 is Alliance, but I don't mind starting a new character.

So let's get that decision out the way first and get this ball rolling.


The points of having a guild is this (at least for me).

To have a group of players available to do group content (raids, dungeons, tough quests, pvp) and with the new expansion, all the guild specific accolades and stuff.

I've been playing WOW since launch. Off and on and I've never done a single Raid. Why? For a couple of reasons.

1. I can't seem to get a group of people together I like playing with. With my old guild on City of Heroes, I could only convince 3 of them to even try WoW. They had that "OMG wow is full of assholes and the game is stupid" mentality pounded into their heads and refused to try it. Outside of that, people I've played with just stop playing.

2. Nearly every group in game I've tried to get with were either completely unfriendly, (not mean, but just never talked to me or invited me to anything) Hyper competitive. (ZOMG l2pnub. UR gearscore sucks) or treated it like a second job (we raid 6 times a week, you are required to be in every raid for 4 hours a day).

So since most of you seem to be reasonable people. I figured here would be a perfect place to get a guild going. I want to try raids and get cool loot and see the story bits (bit of a lore nerd, sorry) but I don't want to leech all the fun out of it. I don't care about wiping a raid, I don't see the point in rage quitting just because you lost. I want better gear because that makes the harder stuff easier to do and not so I can wave my e-peen around. I want to try out having an arena team. I want to do more of the dungeons to see the epic boss fights.

I don't care if you've never played before or if you play all the time. I don't care if you know the best build for a fighter or if you don't even know what a fighter does. The learned can teach and the new people can learn.

So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in go ahead and let me (and us) know.

*Disclaimer - Nothing has been set up yet. We are using that linked forum thread to gauge interest. Please join the discussion and add your input.   read

6:18 PM on 10.07.2009

Forum Update: New Sections! [ShortBlog/NVGR]

Just a quicky update. Since Destructoid has been expanding it's video content, I figured it was only fair to expand the video/podcast section of the forums as well.

I've added two new sections

Rev Rants

Still got more to say about a past episode? Want to type out a counter-rant and discuss it with the community? Here is the place to do it. I've started new threads for the last 5 episodes to get you all started but feel free to start any new threads about others or just general threads about the rants in particular.

The Videogame Show What I've Done

Want to comment further on an episode? Got some suggestions for future shows? Maybe some funny photoshops you want to share about an episode? Post em here. Like the Rev Rant section, I've added new threads for the last 5 episodes to get you all started.

I've also merged the HAWP forum to include Once Upon a Pixel as well!

Also, I've added a thread about Dtoid Memes for you all to add to. I'm going to keep updating the first post with your links to when the memes started (or examples) so we all have an easy reference for tracking them down or to show to new people so they can hop on board before they get too confused. I need your help though! So post those links ( and an explanation if you feel the need) in that thread.

That's all I've got for now! Cmon by and check this stuff out.   read

8:48 PM on 08.24.2009

Why I love Destructoid



3. This guy

4. These guys

5. This guy too

6. IRC




3:11 PM on 05.28.2009

It's time to start the music. It's time to light the lights

it's time to meet the Forum on the Forum Show tonight.

It's time to put on makeup
It's time to dress up right
It's time to raise the curtain on the Forum Show tonight.

Why do we always come here
I guess we'll never know
It's like a kind of torture
To have to watch the show

And now let's get things started
Why don't you get things started
It's time to get things started
On the most sensational

Forums are back up yall.

:D   read

2:06 AM on 03.16.2009

Happy Birthday Destructoid and Niero

I made you some new forums. I hope you enjoy them!

Niero, thank you for letting me have the forums. It means a lot to me that you would let me have this responsibility.

Destructoid, thank you guys for being the best goddamn game site on the web. 3 years down and lets hope a billion more to go.

<3 you guys and I'll see yall at PAX   read

3:59 PM on 03.13.2009

Forums get a visual update!

So for the past month or so, Iíve been working on a new style for the forums. I figured the anniversary would be the perfect time to unveil it along with some other new tidbits of Forum funtime.

Before I get into that, this cblog is going to be changing itís material a bit. Since Iím not much of a writer and didnít write blogs all that frequently. I figured a good use of this space would be as a Dev blog for the forums. Something to keep everyone informed about anything thatís going on that maybe doesnít come to the forums all the time or has never checked them out in the first place.

Along with that, I will also put things up here like particular threads that seem to be really taking off discussion wise, new users that have really made an impact and just other neat stuff that comes up in the forums that I think people would enjoy. The podcast hosts have been doing an incredible job talking up their forums on their respective shows, so Iím going to follow that lead and cover the rest of the forums. Donít worry, itís not going to be on a daily or even weekly basis, so donít worry about me pushing the exceptional blogs down.

So first off, here are some teaser images of the new forums skin that I whipped up. Itís leaner, more user friendly and a lot more dtoider. None of the forums, threads or sections are changing, this is mostly cosmetic so everything should be in the same place, just more dtoidy lookin. Since I pretty much taught myself CSS to whip this up, all the bugs should come to me in this thread
Itís workin pretty well as is, but Iím sure I missed something. Of course, suggestions, comments and anything else should go in that thread too.

As a heads up, this forum skin will become the new default. However, since I know peoples tastes vary I will leave up the ability to choose your own skin and the Greentoid and UltraGreentoid skins will remain selectable.

In addition to that, Iím going to start up a kind of achievements/badge system for the forums. I figures this works very well in the forums already as there is a type of badge system already in place (your rank).
Iíve got the first two badges all ready to go and here is a preview of them here:

Anyone who is active in the forums on Monday the 16th from midnight to midnight will get this badge celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Destructoid. Kind of a ďI was here for thatĒ type of badge. I have a way to search for it, so sending me PMís claiming you were active when you were not, isnít going to help.

Starting on the 16th, anyone who has gotten a cblog promoted to the front page will receive this badge. This is from the 16th forward to give everyone a fair starting point. You get the badge once, so multiple blogs will not give you more. This wonít count for editors since wellÖI would just give them all the badge and they have enough as is. While I understand this isnít fair to those that have been front paged in the past, think of it as an additional motivation to write another exceptional cblog. It also ensures that anyone who gets the badge is currently active on the site (at least recently in relation to the 16th).

So far those are the only two I have ready to go. Again, Ideas, suggestions and comments about future badges are always welcome and appreciated. I also want to calm any concern that these badges (or any I implement in the future) will somehow instill favoritism or special privileges to those that get them. They do not. Everything that applies to everyone else still applies to people with badges.

So thatís a heads up for all of you so you donít freak out when you see the forums change on the 16th!
If you havenít been to the forums before, come check us out. If youíve not been back in a long time, come check out whats new. If you are a regular: Welcome home.

Thanks everyone.   read

8:33 PM on 02.01.2009

10 Things you never wanted to know about Technophile

Some of these might be interesting, most of em will probably be whiney and emo. So read with caution.

1. Iím a Buddhist

No really. I know what you are thinking, ďlol white guy who is a Buddhist? LOL WEEBOOĒ and thatís fine. You can think that. I still am one however. I specifically follow the teachings of Bodhidharma. Iím always hesitant to speak about religion with anyone. Case in point being when during a conversation about religion with a couple coworkers, I mentioned that I was a Buddhist and my coworker countered with ďSo, donít you believe in magical powers or some shit then?Ē *sigh* Thatís why I donít talk about it. I donít go to a temple, I donít ďworshipĒ a god. Itís a life philosophy and no, Iím not perfect about it either.

2. I wish I did something cool in the games industry

While itís awesome that I work in the industry and I love it, I wish I could be an industry rockstar. Iím working on it, but I doubt it will ever happen. I think Iím just stuck being an office zombie doing work on games nobody cares about. Much like the movie industry, thatís what a lot of people do in games.

3. Iím envious of people with special talents

Especially music or art. Personally, I donít think I have one particular skill or trait that Iím over the top excellent at. I used to be pretty good at drawing, at least good enough that I was taking college prep courses in high school for it, but my interest in it fell. So thatís more my fault for not sticking with it. Music, Iím incredibly untalented in and I love music, so Iím jealous of those that can do it.

4. Iím really proud of the forums

In case that wasnít obvious. By no means can I take credit for much of it. Iím really just ďmanagingĒ them in a sense of Iím adjusting options here and tweaking stuff there or coming up with ideas for things to do. I couldnít do it without the editors, CTZ, Mxy, and especially Niero. Of course, itís the community itself that creates all the awesome content. Without the community, the forums would be empty. I guess Iím really just proud to have played a part in it.

5. I have a really wacky schedule

Whenever Iím jobless, (like I am now)I tend to revert to my natural sleeping schedule. Iím a night person, so I tend to stay up till about 5 or 6am and sleep till 1 or 2. I really feel like a lazy bum, but I am only sleeping 8 hours. Itís just a weird 8 hours. So if you ever see me on the forums at like 5am PST, thatís why.

6. I have a reaaaaly poor image of myself

Oh, here we go with the whiney emo crap. Yeah, I have a really poor image of myself. I honestly donít think I contribute a whole lot of anything worthwhile. To make things even more difficult, I hate it when people pity me (or what I perceive as pity). It just makes me feel worse and then I get upset about it. Letís just say I was ignored by my parents and itís usually the reason most of the relationships Iíve had fail and leave it at that. Yes, Iíve been to therapy, it helped but I still get really self conscious about everything.

7. I smoke like a damn chimney

Yes, I know itís bad for me. Yes I know itís gross. I KNOW. Fully aware of how dumb it is of me to not only smoke but also be aware of how bad it is. I still do it though. Itís relaxing and it helps me clear my head. I had a girl tell me she was breaking up with me because she was tired of me smoking. Of course Iím the asshole for pointing out that I smoked before and while we were dating and she never said it was a dealbreaker. Why date a smoker if you hate smokers? Which leads me to my next thingÖ

8. Iím pretty sure Iím un-dateable

Woo, more emo shit. This cartoon demonstrates what happens with every girl Iíve ever tried to get with. Itís been about 6 years since my last decent relationship. Iíve had girls Iíve dated since then, sure. Iíve gotten laid since then, absolutely. But those never turned into anything lasting more than a few months. Iíve pretty much stopped trying at this point. Iíve been set up, Iíve gone out and met people with the exclusive purpose of picking someone up (a practice I just loathe) and Iíve had girls approach me. None of it works. Iím sure it has a lot to do with #6 and various other things I do wrong.

9. I really dig science. Especially astrophysics

Letís go back to positive stuff. I really dig the study of space. I think itís just fascinating and Iíll watch or read anything having to do with it. In particular, anything having to do with how the universe works. Anything in theoretical physics is also just endlessly fascinating for me.

10. Iím a lore junkie

Iím a big fan of lore. I play WOW just because itís got such a involved backstory. Heck, I catch myself reading the wowwiki just for background info about some random NPC. I also tend to love games that have established histories, even if itís the first game of a series or the backstory is just discovered through the game. It explains why I love star wars (because there is so much going on beyond the films), why I love fallout 3 and why I love Diablo and Half Life among many other great games with great lore.

Ok, sorry that was probably TL/DR and most likely dumb. For those of you that read it, thanks. For those of you that didnít, thanks. For those of you that donít care, waffles.   read

11:38 PM on 01.28.2009

Shortblog & NVGR - Dtoid Forums are UP!

First off, as Nick said earlier today THE FORUMS RETURN!

We are still blowing out cobwebs and there is still work to be done, but for now they are very functional and you are welcome to try them out. Also, it's very important that if you have suggestions and changes you want to see, put em up for a vote at and let us know please!

If you see a bug or can't find or figure out something, I have a thread here for you to post your questions:
It's already full of some hints and new features, so check it out

Now I'm gonna get all sentimental:

You guys broke a record today,

Most users ever online was 78, 01-28-2009 at 02:00 PM.

I think we also had a record breaking number of editors and podcast people today as well.

That makes me a very happy admin. It means a lot that you guys were interested and cared enough to roll with the punches and help us make the forums even better then before. You are easily the best community I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I know that's obvious, but it deserves saying again.

Thanks guys, it's been a long day. Go get cozy in the new basement.   read

4:48 PM on 01.22.2009

Do you miss the forums?

Now you guys know what I've been up to for the last couple days. (ok, none of you really wondered)
I'm such a tease. If you've got questions, put em in the comments Or just laugh at my mediocre photoshop skills.   read

10:18 PM on 11.16.2008

Preview of the New Xbox experience with PICTURES! [Image heavy post]

I know I'm not the first one on the site to get the NXE early, but I thought I would do a quick picture tour of it. This post is going to be very image heavy and I apologize that the images are not crystal clear. (taking pictures of your TV is hard and I'm shakey apparently). I'm mostly going to avoid stuff that I think was covered well enough on the official videos, (avatars and such) and get right to the details of some of the stuff I think it pretty neat and how things are organized.

After the quick install (takes about as long as a normal update), intro video and making your avatar, the first thing you will see is the welcome channel. It's basically a series of tutorials and such about xbox features and new features in the NXE. Probably most useful if it's your first xbox.

So, thankfully you can turn this off easily in your system menu

So once you get rid of that, the first thing you will see is the "My Xbox" channel (i guess channel is what they call them). This is on what I'm going to call the main layer where you can access my xbox, game and video marketplaces, events, friends and inside xbox. I'm not going to cover events and inside xbox as I don't think most care about that stuff. If you do, it's very similar to the rest of this.

So lets start with the My Xbox channel and the profile pages.
As you can see, there is my avatar (saying my motto in the speech bubble). You can also see my most recent played games, gamerscore and if I'm signed in or not. Farther down the line you see your games library, videos, music and system settings. So lets choose my profile right now and go to the next layer.

So here is the familiar gamertag along with direct access to messages, profile editing, changing themes, avatar editing and account stuff. Further down the line you can see my achievements broken down by game. It does this automatically and sorts by most recent played. I think it's slick as hell.

Lets look at games library next. First displayed is your recent games list, pretty self explanatory. To the right is the specific categories for ease of use. So lets take a look at arcade games and see what that looks like.

Selecting Arcade games will bring you to this screen. A nice list of your XBLA games along with conveniently displayed achievements right next to it.

Let's back up a bit and click on the game I have in the tray, Fallout 3. Here you can see your play options. I installed it to my hard drive so I have play from hard drive and downloads and then delete from harddrive. You DO need to have the game in the drive even if it's installed. Obvious, since without that you could just rent the game, install the game, and then return it. The next screen over has my achievement details for Fallout 3 and the third page there has a direct link to all the downloadable stuff for Fallout 3. Let's move down so the download page is at the front.

So here is the downloads page, a synopsis and then technical info about Fallout 3. So, just by having the game in your tray, you get direct access to basically everything you would need for that game. I foresee this being awesome if you want to check on new DLC easily.

Next on the main layer (by scrolling up and down) Game Marketplace is where you go to download arcade games, gamerpics, themes and anything game related (TV and movies is separated out). Along with some spotlights further down the line you can just hit A on "explore game content"...

and it drops you into the new layer, all sorted by arcade, XNA games, game add-ons and the like. As you can see, one of the cooler things about these menus is that all games have cover art! Even the XBLA games as seen here.

Let's click on portal: still alive and see what's there. The background changes to a custom image of Portal, we have our download links, screenshots (which you can blow up full screen and view sideshow style) Tech info about the game and a synopsis. Every link you look at, be it demo, movie or whatnot should have this type of info and it's pretty informative if you see something new on live. At least more informative then a block of text which they had before.

scrolling down within marketplace, we get demos. Almost all the marketplace menus will have the new, most popular and browse pages at the front so you can easily find whats new. The list at the end there is just direct links to the latest demos (and not what is actually installed on my xbox)

let's scroll down again within marketplace and look at game-add ons, besides the standard latest, most popular and browse that I mentioned earlier, I saw today this "music games" category. I'm going to assume that they will be putting in spotlight links like this a lot in marketplace. Let's click it and see what it has.

Well, look at that. Direct links to almost every music game on Xbox 360. Selecting these will of course bring you to their download pages and game info.

going back to the main layer is the video marketplace. This has it's own main tab separate from game marketplace. As you can see Netflix is right there at the front, so let's check that out.

By clicking on netfix in the previous shot, it will take you to the standard purchase screen for a small download ( the download is free ). As you can see the download screen remains largely unchanged.

Once you download it, selecting the same Netflix icon as before will now take you to this screen. I do not actually have an Netflix account, so I am going to stop here unfortunately. It is nice to see it's there and (apparently) working.

Backing up, let's check out that Iron Man tab we saw. Here you can see the background has changed to a custom pic of Iron Man along with download links, info about the movie and a synopsis. Pretty slick.

Back on the main layer is the friends list. Because I do not have anyone on my list with the NXE, all I get are those blank shadows for the avatars. The list scrolls left and right. Behind each player you can see what I'm going to call a diorama. This is the generic diorama that is used with every standard theme. As you've seen, I've been using a standard theme in this shot. Most of the old themes are going to look like this with the bottom cut off. It doesn't look so bad with ryu there, but to be honest, most themes look pretty horrible.
I discovered last night that some of the premium themes are available so I decided to check those out. Next is the same friends list, with a gears of war 2 premium theme applied.

Wow. So this looks alot different. The "ground" has changed to a shade of dark grey (it's always the same light grey for standard themes) and the background has a nicely framed picture of Marcus. Also the diorama has changed to some cool gears vehicles and rubble. Something that is universal to all themes is the small box next to the avatar that shows cover art what game they are playing. As you can see, our lovely Colette is playing Fallout 3. :D One thing to note is this "premium" theme cost me 250 MS points. That's a tad expensive for my taste, so I don't expect to buy maybe more then one more of these.

Next is the mini guide. This pops up when you hit the guide button on your controller. As you can see it's a tiny version of the old blades and works really slick. It's got quick access to everything including marketplace.

It's hard to see, but here is the game guide while I'm playing Fallout 3.

So that's about it. I know I didn't cover extensively everything about it, but I think I covered what will be the most traveled areas. I can't wait for it to release so I can really test out party chat, what a "NXE" friends list looks like and other things I couldn't cover here. Overall, my xbox feels like a whole new system and it's lightning fast. The avatars are cute but useless and thankfully only show up in your profile and friends lists on the dash. I really like how it's interconnected and it's very easy to find stuff.

Thank you for reading this and if you have questions that you feel I didn't cover, ask them in the comments and I'll try to give you a concise answer if I can. (and yes, feel free to send me friend invites at Techn0phile my list isn't nearly full enough)   read

12:25 AM on 10.09.2008

Tokyo Game Show - Street Fighter 4 Trailer

Ah, Street Fighter 4.

Being a huge fan of the 2d fighting genre and especially of street fighter, I'm pretty happy every time I see something new about Street Fighter 4.

This is a new trailer from the TGS that just got posted over at GameTrailers and I thought it was too cool not to share over here as well. The trailer is a mash-up of in game footage, the original trailer we all saw a long time ago as well as a good chuck of the anime-style animations that will be featured in the game's cut-scenes. Some of it new, some of it old.

Unfortunately, all the voice over is in Japanese but I think most of us get the idea of whats going on. :D Also, make sure you watch all the way through for a scene at the end.

Here is the trailer....


wait...was that Dan?   read

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