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    All right. It's about time I hunkered down and committed to this.

    It always confused me that a gaming site as big as we are has almost no MMO representation. I know there is some of you that play. In fact, it seems like Brad Nicholson seems to like MMOs quite a bit and I know Jonathan Ross plays them from time to time as well.

    I figured I would start with the biggest MMO out there (and the one I'm playing) so why not.

    Since I'm sure those of you that play are probably scattered across a bunch of servers, I figure we should get the two most important parts of getting this started out of the way.

    Server and Side.

    I play on Kilrogg. It's one of the original servers, so it's got a solid player base but it's not so crowded that there is a queue every day. It's a west coast server as well. It's also a "Normal" server as I feel PVP servers tend to give license for people to be assholes.

    I also play on Alliance side, although I perfer Horde. My 80 is Alliance, but I don't mind starting a new character.

    So let's get that decision out the way first and get this ball rolling.


    The points of having a guild is this (at least for me).

    To have a group of players available to do group content (raids, dungeons, tough quests, pvp) and with the new expansion, all the guild specific accolades and stuff.

    I've been playing WOW since launch. Off and on and I've never done a single Raid. Why? For a couple of reasons.

    1. I can't seem to get a group of people together I like playing with. With my old guild on City of Heroes, I could only convince 3 of them to even try WoW. They had that "OMG wow is full of assholes and the game is stupid" mentality pounded into their heads and refused to try it. Outside of that, people I've played with just stop playing.

    2. Nearly every group in game I've tried to get with were either completely unfriendly, (not mean, but just never talked to me or invited me to anything) Hyper competitive. (ZOMG l2pnub. UR gearscore sucks) or treated it like a second job (we raid 6 times a week, you are required to be in every raid for 4 hours a day).

    So since most of you seem to be reasonable people. I figured here would be a perfect place to get a guild going. I want to try raids and get cool loot and see the story bits (bit of a lore nerd, sorry) but I don't want to leech all the fun out of it. I don't care about wiping a raid, I don't see the point in rage quitting just because you lost. I want better gear because that makes the harder stuff easier to do and not so I can wave my e-peen around. I want to try out having an arena team. I want to do more of the dungeons to see the epic boss fights.

    I don't care if you've never played before or if you play all the time. I don't care if you know the best build for a fighter or if you don't even know what a fighter does. The learned can teach and the new people can learn.

    So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in go ahead and let me (and us) know.

    *Disclaimer - Nothing has been set up yet. We are using that linked forum thread to gauge interest. Please join the discussion and add your input.
    Photo Photo

    Just a quicky update. Since Destructoid has been expanding it's video content, I figured it was only fair to expand the video/podcast section of the forums as well.

    I've added two new sections

    Rev Rants

    Still got more to say about a past episode? Want to type out a counter-rant and discuss it with the community? Here is the place to do it. I've started new threads for the last 5 episodes to get you all started but feel free to start any new threads about others or just general threads about the rants in particular.

    The Videogame Show What I've Done

    Want to comment further on an episode? Got some suggestions for future shows? Maybe some funny photoshops you want to share about an episode? Post em here. Like the Rev Rant section, I've added new threads for the last 5 episodes to get you all started.

    I've also merged the HAWP forum to include Once Upon a Pixel as well!

    Also, I've added a thread about Dtoid Memes for you all to add to. I'm going to keep updating the first post with your links to when the memes started (or examples) so we all have an easy reference for tracking them down or to show to new people so they can hop on board before they get too confused. I need your help though! So post those links ( and an explanation if you feel the need) in that thread.

    That's all I've got for now! Cmon by and check this stuff out.

    1. FORUMS

    2. DTOID LA

    3. This guy

    4. These guys

    5. This guy too

    6. IRC



    Photo Photo Photo

    it's time to meet the Forum on the Forum Show tonight.

    It's time to put on makeup
    It's time to dress up right
    It's time to raise the curtain on the Forum Show tonight.

    Why do we always come here
    I guess we'll never know
    It's like a kind of torture
    To have to watch the show

    And now let's get things started
    Why don't you get things started
    It's time to get things started
    On the most sensational

    Forums are back up yall.


    I made you some new forums. I hope you enjoy them!

    Niero, thank you for letting me have the forums. It means a lot to me that you would let me have this responsibility.

    Destructoid, thank you guys for being the best goddamn game site on the web. 3 years down and lets hope a billion more to go.

    <3 you guys and I'll see yall at PAX

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