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TechnicolorDewDrop avatar 6:26 PM on 06.14.2013  (server time)
Screw Turn-Based

One of the biggest announcements at this yearís E3 was the rebranding of Final Fantasy Versus XIII as Final Fantasy XV. Many people, myself included, were excited by the news. Others responded to the news with furor, and for a variety of reasons. One of their reasons for being angry was that the game wouldnít feature any kind of turn-based combat. SO-FUCKING-WHAT????

I love this

Now, contrary to my provocative title, I donít hate turn-based combat. I love the combat in games like the earlier Final Fantasyís Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Dragon Quest series. I love being able to control each of my party members and strategize how to take down an enemy. Yes, the traditional turn-based combat is one of the things that make JRPGs great. However, they are not the defining trait that makes a JRPG, and a great JRPG at that.

I don't always need this

From the original Final Fantasy all the way through Final Fantasy X, the series has used a system known as the ATB. Thereís a reason for this: it actually worked, and it worked great. Now, each game had a slightly different take on the ATB system to keep things fresh. With Final Fantasy XII, the series started to divert from the traditional battle system. Final Fantasy XII adopted a battle system akin to the MMO, Final Fantasy XI. Some people, myself included, enjoyed the battle system. Others hated it, in part, because it wasnít like old-school Final Fantasy titles and because it ďplayed itselfĒ.† Final Fantasy XIII changed up its battle system by mixing together the ATB system with the system found in Final Fantasy XII. The system was one of the few things I enjoyed about XIII. For others, it was just another point of derision for the title. Though I enjoyed the systems in XII and XIII, I will admit that they werenít perfect. But, this doesnít mean that they were bad. After having ten main titles and countless spin-offs, trying to change up the formula to keep things fresh isnít a bad thing. I applaud a developer for trying to keep things from being stale, even if the result isnít absolutely perfect. I donít mind because, again, the combat is not the defining trait.

I'm perfectly fine with this

What makes Final Fantasy Final Fantasy is not the combat. What makes Final Fantasy what it is are the world, characters, and story. Itís the ability to become lost in this unique world. Itís developing feelings for the characters and their plights. Itís becoming embroiled with the story that starts to unfold. Sure the combat is important, but itís not the meat and potatoes. Itís just the gravy. Sure, the gravy can affect the taste. But the gravy isnít whatís most important. Itís the meat and potatoes.

Because equality

People who complain about the lack of turn-based combat in Final Fantasy XV are, to put things nicely, idiots. One, the type of gameplay was always known from the beginning. We all knew that the game (if it were eventually made) would be an action RPG. And two, you clearly donít understand what makes the series great. As long as they can create a great world, nail the story, and craft memorable characters, most wonít give a damn what it plays like. It would be a glorious return for the series.

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