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One List To Rule Them All

So here is my list of games if you didn't read my last post let me catch you up. I am embarking on a review adventure in order to hopefully prove my self to the editors I have come to respect so much around here. As eit...


Cosplay Crazy at Chicago Comic-Con

Thanks to every one who let me take pictures and I hope you all enjoy. I hope You liked all of those awesome sports and a Pedobear. Quote-Kelly " I noticed that the Pedobear smelled like candy and children's tears." I thought I would share that one.


Aborto's Ultimate Tag-Team Contest

So here is goes good sir in order to whore myself out for swag I noticed that you are also a Pokemon Fan so there in is my proposal Pokemon on the Menu. We have all played the Smash Bros. games so non of those instead...


The Arcade Lives! (Lots of Pics)

So I realized something on Sunday this weekend, and that is, THAT arcades are still out there. It's just that you have to look really hard to find a good one that isn't just a shit load of ticket games and racers set up an...


16 Bit Zombie Chuck Taylor's Part 1(NVGR) PHOTOS YAYA

That's right new comish piece was for a friends wedding shoes these are the shoes the man will be wearing on his wedding day to his rockabilly & Monster themed wedding reception. This is not a joke him and his lady are just awesome that's all. Stay tuned for part 2 to see the other side this is the right shoe.


Cover Bands that Rock?

Cover Bands, man there is nothing worse than meeting your friends at a bar only to find out from th door guy that you have to pay a 5 to 10 $ cover just because you are about to be forced to listen to some crappy cover band. ...


Fanboy = No Citizen Kane

Well after listening to a couple of flame posts by opposing fan boys I realized that these kind of people are the reason that gaming as an art form hasn't seen it's Citizen Kane. Think about it films have critics so that c...



So over the last year and a half I have been dealing with shoty at best internet connections from home and such. That and having to resort to looking like an old lady using the slow ass internet at my local library which b...


About Tattoojoe3rdone of us since 8:52 PM on 04.10.2008

My name is Joe Degand III I work full time and on the side I tattoo and do custom art and embroidering. Not much else can be said except that I love retro games and will shout it on the top of any mountian. I am a gamer from my days in huggies and will be till I go the way of the PASSAGE. If you don't under stand that u suck it's a five minute game any way i am an artist with enough skill to tattoo people so i guess that is good. And I am a friend to any one who needs one as long as your not a dick. Retroforce Go for the win but they all already know I love them those cats rock. Much love to all if you like what you see hit me up with custom work at [email protected]

Also, Cocks

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