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Tascar avatar 12:19 PM on 12.06.2008  (server time)
So apparently there is a Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) ballet in Japan

So while looking on YouTube to see if I could find the original NES rendition of my favorite track in Dragon Quest IV (or Dragon Warrior IV if you prefer), which happens to be "Wagon Wheel's March," I came upon a Dragon Quest ballet which was done in Japan, avaliable on Region 2 DVD and currently on YouTube back from about 2002, which features music from the games and new arrangements by Koichi Sugiyama. I have not gotten a chance to watch the ballet in its entirety, and so I have no idea what the plot is. However, I do see a character that appears to be Torneko the merchant from IV.

I know that I am current heavily debating buying the DVD myself, being a massive fan of both ballet and opera as well as video game music.

I am sure that for some, this is old news, but for others like me, perhaps this is something interesting to see how far video games have gotten in Japan. First concerts, now ballets. Operas tomorrow?

This is part 1 of the ballet. Going to the YouTube site itself will reveal links to the other parts. A beautiful introduction leading to the familiar Dragon Quest title screen theme at timestamp 3:30.

P.S. To any other fans of the track I mentioned from Dragon Quest IV, it is used at timestamp 5:13 in part 6 of the ballet.

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