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Tarvu avatar 1:57 PM on 06.07.2011  (server time)
Tarviews: Wii U, Our Bodies were ready... they f*cked our brains instead.

I didn't think much of the Nintendo keynote, aside from stating the obvious and showing old news they managed to really mess with me. I'm talking about how they managed to announce everything about their new console except the console itself. Nintendo presented an incohesive assortment of information pertaining to their new home console without explicitly revealing the console itself.

Apparently, this is it.

From what I gather, they left the vast majority of viewers confused even after the show had concluded. Was Wii U just a peripheral expansion for the Wii? Was the new controller a new console in itself? Their decision to only show the tablet device being used with games that were not graphically demanding and later promise a dazzling array of games that were rather graphically advanced doesn't seem to have helped. They should have shown those games being played and what the tablet controller could bring to those, since they would need a good reason to boast about releasing Arkham City on it a year after current gaming platforms.

Promising such an array of games for Wii U will be sure to interest the gaming demographic Nintendo lost out on with the Wii, but if they hope to get gamers interested in playing them on the Wii U I think they will need to focus a little more on peripheral function with those games. That tablet is going to need to do some pretty amazing things for somebody to pick one up over their controllers or keyboard and mouse. Or, they could support various peripherals.

It's been suggested that it wasn't important to feature the console, since it's just a box of crap that could change before release. But since they have a model to show off, why didn't they? Clearly the console they have planned is going to have some decent power and online capabilities to match, I think focusing on everything but the box was rather silly of them. If it is because they're not ready to discuss it they should have left it at home this year.

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