Ducks live on me.

Sometimes they make me do things.

UK Dtoider in the Midlands, I spend too much time ignoring Steamtoid, and used to spend too little time "organizing" EUFNF on the forums and c-blogs. I have a mighty underused PC, an Xbox 360 (slim), a PS2 (also slim) and a DSi (slim... I guess?) Sometimes I play games on them.

Currently a final year Media Production (BSc, science bitches!) Student, but I spend most of my time doing Student media instead. On here.

I had a c-blog promoted. For me, it was a Monday.

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Lord of the Rings Online has gone free-to-play, and a bunch of us decided to give it a try and we even made ourselves a little Kinship (Guild), it's called Destructoid. You're all welcome to join us!

So far everybody in it is terrible, but we have fun, sometimes. We're playing the EU version of the game, apparently it makes a difference where you get it from, and you can get that version [here]. Additionally, we're on the [EN] Gilrain server. Once you have completed the introduction quests you can be added to the Kinship! Sending an IM or friend request to my character, creatively named Tarvu, will accelerate that process. Or you can post your character name in here. Or bug me on Steam.

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