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Ducks live on me.

Sometimes they make me do things.

UK Dtoider in the Midlands, I spend too much time ignoring Steamtoid, and used to spend too little time "organizing" EUFNF on the forums and c-blogs. I have a mighty underused PC, an Xbox 360 (slim), a PS2 (also slim) and a DSi (slim... I guess?) Sometimes I play games on them.

Currently a final year Media Production (BSc, science bitches!) Student, but I spend most of my time doing Student media instead. On here.

I had a c-blog promoted. For me, it was a Monday.

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It was four years ago this very day that sexy community member Yashoki started a group for this website's community on Steam. I joined the chat regulars around mid-2009, they haven't been able to get rid of me since and it is an important part of how I came to be part of the community. The existence of a group on steam for a gaming community makes sense, and joining it is as simple as having a Steam account and joining the group. Aside from you being able to feature the group on your profile page and look cool, being in the group allows you to receive relevant announcements to your interests, courtesy of a professional and mature admin team.

And partake in group chat with community members across the globe in an environment which facilitates the playing of games together, which is rather convenient. Throughout the years popular games have come and gone in popularity within the group; There is such a mix of gamers that you're almost always going to find somebody interested in a certain game. Games that encourage collective creativity such as Minecraft have often been used for fun times and sometimes the results make it onto the blogs and forums.

Dem hats.

The rising popularity of Minecraft in the last year also led to a group member hosting a server for it in the last year, it is no longer running but in the time it was up there were several iterations and many man-hours spent making things which were awesome.

From humble beginnings... to megalomania.

At least it wasn't full of chill bros.

Steamtoid is definitely a great place to be to discuss PC and non-PC gaming news, with live discussions during keynotes at E3 and other major gaming events, a frenzied amassing of people before the posting of deals during sales who are also friendly enough to gift or trade games. You can also organise events and have announcements posted on the group if you ask an admin nicely, it's your community Steam group; If you have a server or Dtoid related steam group that you'd like mentioned on the page, just go ahead and ask!

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