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I'm a simple man with a simple plan... just wish I knew what the plan was

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As far back as when the PlayStation 4 was announced (February 20, 2013) I knew with absolute certainty that I would be getting my hands on one as soon as humanly possible. Although this was the thought I had in my mind, It was far from what actually happened.

To give a little background about myself, I'm not a big fan of the whole idea of pre-ordering retail games, I think it's a cheap way for companies to lock in your purchase before the game can actually speak for itself and in turn sell legitimate copies based on their quality. So, when I managed to scrounge up enough money in preparation for the PS4, I decided not to pre-order it based on my aforementioned school of thought. This, while still standing by this ideal, turned out to be a bad decision.

There are few times I can remember wanting something this badly and it actually being absolutely impossible to get. In the past I've been able to save up for things and get them with a little hard work and sacrifice. Although I had done this for the PS4, it just couldn't make up for the fact that no retail store had them in stock for almost an entire month after release!

November 15th rolled around and I was beyond excited, I was going to get the PlayStation and it was going to be magical. Being the ignorant console buyer I was I didn't even bother with the midnight launch. "Bah Humbug" I said, "Midnight launches are for fools and Mountain Dew/ Doritos Bros." The funny thing about this is the Mountain Dew chuggers and Doritos munchers were the ones laughing at me as I waltzed into WalMart that cool November morning.

I walked up to the electronics desk after examining the shelves to find nothing and asked them where the PS4s were and to my chagrin they broke the devastating news that they had sold out. They proceed to tell me rather smugly that they wouldn't be getting another shipment for around two weeks, and that the shipment was exclusively for black Friday.

"CURSES!" I shouted as I embarked on the walk of shame to my car. The thought then crossed my mind, I could simply order one online and get it in a few days! With that thought in my head I hurried home, driving the speed limit of course, to check WalMart's website. Again, my heart sank as I saw the words "out of stock" written on the PS4 page, and even lower it sank as I came to the realization that every single website had absolutely nothing.

Long story short, after calling every WalMart, GameStop, Target, Meijer, and K-Mart in my area repeatedly day after day, finally, almost a month later, I found a GameStop with some in stock.

Moral of the story...Just bite the bullet and pre-order something if you really want it that badly.