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Tanukitsune avatar 5:24 AM on 01.31.2009  (server time)
Genre blending, or why can't people agree on what is Surivival Horror

Although, I've lurked for ages, this is my first actual blog here...

I was listening to Retroforce GO! and heard about Sweet Home, I vaguely remembered it, so I Googled it...

While I agree it's Resident Evil's granddad, I would never call it Surivival Horror, mainly because it's an RPG, but since it's creepy that enough for some to call it Survival Horror.

I should explain what I consider Surivival Horror. I consider Surivival Horror the adventure game's creepy psychotic cousin because it's basically a dumbed down adventure game with a few monsters in it and dumbed down puzzles.

Some say you have to be underpowered or nearly defenseless, but in Resident Evil you have guns, shotguns and a grenade launcher! How is that underpowered? Sure you have limited ammo, but you still have those weapons at your disposal.

Some people will call any game with a creepy theme a survival horror, I wouldn't be surprised if someone said Pac-man was one just because of the ghosts...

This article really irks me... It basically says that a survival horror game has:
(I Quote)
* Creepy theme? Check
* Item collection? Check
* Limited inventory management? Check
* A variety of monsters? Check
* ... that all behave differently? Check
* Rooms inaccessible until you have certain items? Check
* ... that can sometimes be accessed by finding alternate routes? Check

Which is saying that if your creepy you're a survival horror game? Do I even have to make a list of games that most sane people would call an FPS, adventure game, RPG, etc, etc... but according to these rules are all of the sudden survival horror games?

But that's the problem with modern gaming, with the birth of true 3D games it seems genres are merging, sometimes slowly killing a genre, and sometimes creating a new one.

How many games have RPG elements now? How many have puzzles or an inventory? Unless the game is "pure" it may be become hard to pinpoint what kind of game it is, which is probably why everybody calls everything an action-adventure game now...

Some say plataform games are dying, but have noticed how many of these "action-adventure" games would be called a "jump n' run" or a "gun n' run" game if they were 2D?

But should we try to label all these "Chimera-like" games? Should we care when they label something wrong in our eyes?

Frankly, I don't think there is much we can do about it, most people will only use a few genres to classify games to simplify things and others will be very specific. Some will call a game an RPG, while others will specify whether if it's an action RPG, a JRPG, a western RPG, an MMORPG or an SRPG...

As long as people don't call Doom an RPG or Tetris an adventure game we really shouldn't complain... too much...

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