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I'm a big webcomic fan and I love videogames!

I own most of the known game systems:
-Atari 2600
-Super Nintedo
-Master System
-SegaCD (broken) T_T
-iPhone (I still have my N-Gage though)
-Xbox 360

System I had but no longer own:
-PSOne (I play my PS1 games on the PS2)
-Amiga 500 (Died...)
-Amstrad CPC646 (Thrown away by my parents)
-Commodore 64 (Dead)

I love all kinds of games... except sports, I play new, old and indie...

And if the header wasn't a giveaway, I am prone to pixels, puns, fanart and comics at my site Pixel Pandemonium.

Oh yeah, I also have a Twitter because the Internet Police will get me if I don't!
Email: tanukitsune@gmail.com

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If you're a gamer and have unplayed games... You have a backlog, some people have bigger backlogs than others, and depending on how big it is, the harder it is to get rid of...

I like to think of it as a diet, because the bigger the backlog is, the less you'll like what you'll have to do...

The order of the tips go in order of how severe your backlog is, the first ones are for people who have it more or less under control and the final ones are for people who will probably die with unbeaten games if they don't do something...

-Shorter games go first!
This seems pretty obvious right? In the time it takes to beat an 80 hour game you can beat four 20 ones, or sixteen 5 houred ones.

But you don't really know how long a game is, right? The genre and era it's from are a good way to make an estimate.

Arcade games are the shortest, specially if they have free play, text adventures are next, followed by most retro games and adventure games...
Action adventure game can take from 10-20 hours, and so do modern platform games, strategy, simulation and role playing games being the longest...

-Drop that MMO! NOW!
I've seen a guy with TWO THOUSAND games in their backlog, and what was he playing? TWO NEWS MMORPGS! I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be playing a game that never ends when you have games that do end...

Are you really going to spend 15$ a month on a game that doesn't end when you probably have enough RPGs that do end and you'll already payed for that will take you less time to beat and actually DO end?

If you have a small backlog, you can simply cut down on the hours you play...

-Don't buy every single game the day it comes out!
If you have a REAL backlog problem, you have at least ONE game that you haven't even played that's now half price or in the budget bin, so...

Play the games you already have and eventually the games you wanted to pay full price for are now ridiculously cheap.... Unless they are Nintendo games, that is!

Your backlog will technical be the same except you are no longer wasting money!

You are allowed to support games that really need it or games that might end up being hard to find, just don't buy every game on it's release date!

-Cut down on multiplayer
You seriously shouldn't be playing a game on multiplayer for hours and hours when you have tons of unbeaten games, you can still plays a few hours with your friends, just try to play more games that actually end and less deathmatches!

-You don't actually have to play all the bad ones, but playing some of them will be good for you in the end!
If you have a backlog, it's highly possible if not probably that you have at least ONE bad games, and if it's a BIG backlog, you probably have a REALLY BAD one!

But you should play at least one of them every once in a while for two reasons:
·It will teach you to be more careful when buying new games.
·It will open up the full spectrum of game quality, and now that you've played a terrible game you'll notice that games that are just O.K. or even not too good aren't that bad!

-Don't try to calculate how long it will take to get rid of you backlog
Technically, your backlog will only be gone when you have NOTHING to play, so don't simply say that because you have 100 games to beat it will take two years, because you WILL buy more games during that period and if you aren't careful you might have even more games by the end of that period!

-Take it easy on easy!
Or at least on normal! Playing games on lower difficulty levels tends to reduce the time it takes to beat them... Don't worry you probably have enough challenging games that don't have difficulty setting to compensate for this!

-Beat it don't complete it!
Beating a game will take "X" amount of time, getting 100% will probably triple the time it takes! Don't try to do it, unless you'll be rewarded with something more than an achievement. If it's a game you really love you can give it a go, just don't try to get 100% on ALL of them!

-Replays are banned!
Why are you playing that game for the the 100th time when you have so many you have even tried? SHAME ON YOU! Remakes are allowed if your backlog isn't too bad....

Blind grinding is what I call when you simply grind in an RPG while doing something else, if it's a portable one, you can do practically anything while you blind grind! Read, exercise, watch a movie... it's good to make grinding less tedious!

Now that we have walkthroughs even on Youtube, it only depends on your skill if you beat them. Most modern games don't really need a guide unless it's for a boss or unlockables, but older games tend to not tell you anything and it takes MONTHS to figure out what the game wants you to do... unless you just look it up!

-Can't beat it? Cheat it!
Well... this is for people with a BIG backlog, like over a hundred, because they actually need to do it!

Let's face it, most old school games take months to beat because you need to perfect your gameplay so you can beat them on one playthrough... So what if you... "NOT" got them "elsewhere" and used save states? Or if you are really stuck you REALLY cheat...

Think about it, either you could get good enough at the game... eventually, or you can't, and you can't beat it...

As someone with a big backlog, you can't afford months of training on a game....

How you cheat is up to you and depends on how bad your backlog is...

You really should level skip, unless the game is terrible, or you are terrible at the game...

-Just sit back and watch others do it!
Like I said before, there are many walkthroughs, longplays and let's play on the internet, so.... why not simply watch someone else do it?

I've only done it once for an adventure game I couldn't get to run on my PC, and boy was I glad, it looked SOO BORING!

This is only for people with BIG backlogs and for games that you don't really care that much about, or games that won't work on your PC but you still want to see how they go...

-Play two at the same time?! Why not?
If your backlog is just ridiculous large, you should blind grind while watching longplays or maybe even a game you have cheats on, or if you don't want to be that drastic, blind grinding goes well with adventure games.

You can combine a low action type game with another, or with a game you can't really lose (or one you're cheating on), just don't do it with a one that heavy on action...

Hopefully you won't have to resort to anything on the last part of the list.... unless you're that guy with 2000 unbeaten games who's playing two MMOs...

Hopefully I haven't forgotten any tips...

Brawl in the Family is an awesome video game comic where Smash Bros. character run amok and hilarity ensues....

Today they had a very special episode.. with a song!

I dare you to watch this video and not shed a tears for all those minions you killed... YOU MONSTER!

A while ago a posted an insane Mega Man video, but it wasn't finished so the artist took it down a while later, but... it's BAAAAACK!

There are only two ways you might respond to this video... horror or hilarity....


Yeah, I know I post this on Monday, but I started Mirror's Edge and thought I might as well finish it before making this post....

Last week was weird because I played THREE new games in a row! What are the chances of that? For me? Unlikely! I always buy my games when they go on sale or if they are simply dirt cheap on their release date!

My first game was Brutal Legend... Frankly I don't know why so many people where upset about the RTS thing, I wasn't paying that much attention so I wouldn't be overhyped and I knew it was an RTS game...

I must confess I am not very "metal" as I only recognized Ozzy in the game, but I soon got into the heavy metal world and into the music... The game practically forces you to like the music since the game is pretty silent unless you are driving your car...

I must confess I'm not much of a musical person at all! As a matter of fact I had to turn down the difficulty not because of RTS, but because the Fan Tribute is too much for me... On Gentle you can miss half the notes and the game still considers it valid!

And... I'm kinda new to RTS.. the closet thing I've played to an RTS game are Pikmin and Overlord, which are the perfect kind of games to get you ready for Brutal Legend, specially Overload!

If I wasn't new to RTS I would just lead my troops into battle and lose... You have to get into the fray and play solos, double team with your troops...

My main complain is the map... The game asks you to find several hidden items, which is OK, but there are just too many to keep track of and the game should tell me what I've already done I only missed a buried metal piece and a jump, but I'd hate to be the poor soul who missed a dragon statue!

The world is pretty amazing, I assume everything is metal inspired and you could basically take any screenshot from the game world and use it a heavy metal cover and the only thing that really got repetitive was the ambush missions... Thank God they are short!

The story is pretty great... except for the ending....

Eddie find a legend that tells him who he really is, which is basically the same thing the big bad tells him near the end... except Eddie only reacts to this information when somebody tells him about it. It really bothered me that Eddie was unfazed by finding out he had made a terrible mistake until the plot required him to...

And the ending itself was kinda silly... Ophelia was in the Sea of Black Tears for THREE MONTHS and not only is she STILL ALIVE but she didn't even prune a bit! WHAAA!?!

And how can we believe that Eddie didn't get any reward for saving the world? He was the son of a legendary hero and a the empress of demons... He started the rebellion, he did all the dirty work, yet we're supposed to believe that since he's a roadie his efforts went unnoticed?

Yeah, right! There Eddie goes riding a huge Hextadon summoning a fiery blimp and making faces melt! If that isn't the definition of stealth I don't what is! ¬_¬

And the ending is WAY too open ended... Schafer usually doesn't ending games like this... Maybe Jack Black said he wouldn't work on the game unless there was a sequel?
*End of spoilers*

The game was pretty amazing, and yet... It's not Schafer's best.. I wonder if it's EA's fault, Jack Black's fault or maybe actually Schafer's fault?

Torchlight is Diablo with a must faster pace... and it's pure crack! The look never stops to drop, the next level is always around the corner, the scenario changes before you get bored of it... it's SOOO addictive! And as someone with a huge backlog, I just have to love a RPG that can be beat in 10-20 hours!

I don't remember Diablo that well.. I didn't even beat it but I know the pet is new! It can go to town to sell your items so you won't have to leave the dungeon every five minutes to sell your loot... Instead you'll leave every ten minutes to buy new identify scrolls... ¬_¬

Still, it's nice to have a companion around, specially since you can teach it spell! I gave mine the ability to summon zombies and skeletons! A necromancer puppy! Beat that, Molyneux!

I played as the Alchemist, which is magic user of the game and I just loved the spells in the game, they are pretty effective, but sometimes you can aim them at areas you can't reach yet, which can make things too easy since you can kill enemies that can't fight back.. I guess the game needed an extra layer of polish? I did notice a few things here and there that could do with fixing, but the never ending search for look made me forget about them quick!

If there is one thing this game does is that it makes you a greedy bastard!

I can't really say much more... It's addictive, it's fun... it's cheap.. I see no reason not to get this game!

The latest Tales of Monkey Island was my favorite and yet... I can't say a word with out spoiling the game, and I really mean it! This game has things that will either blow your mind or make you very angry! I spend most of the game dazed by all the things I had discovered... Let's just say that after you play it you'll wish you didn't have to wait for the final chapter!

And of course the reason this got delayed... Mirror's Edge... I had only played the demo and didn't see what the fuss was about.. I only got it because it was dirt cheap!

But I soon knew why people loved AND hated this game so much... When you get things right and it flows perfectly it's amazing! And when you're being chased by the cops it's exciting to run for your life... until the game FORCES you to fight!

In many rooms you'll encounter MANY heavily armed enemies, in most of them you can dodge and avoid them even if they have machine guys you CAN simply avoid them, but sometimes the game makes up some excuse that forces you to fight... and it's not much fun... Specially if you don't want to kill anybody, which is weird since sometimes you punch people over a building where they plummet to their death and yet the game still considers you a pacifist!

The cutscenes are weird, the style doesn't match that of the game and I could swear that some characters look weird in the cutscenes... and yet the animation seemed rather fluid and stylized.

While I did enjoy the game I hope the sequel has less enemies or that it doesn't force you to fight them if you don't want to...

The tutorial could have been better too... Some of the moves I needed near the end I didn't know I could do until I saw someone on YouTube do it!

I had no idea Koei was doing iPhone games...

This is their first, and it appears to be a port of the strategy game based on The Romance of Three Kingdoms and it looks like they are making it more friendly for newcomers.

Hopefully it will be more newcomer friendly because I've heard it's a ridiculously hard!

But is it a good time to release it? There doesn't seem to be anything new worthwhile on the iPhone, but on other platforms we have too much on our plate, it's likely to get lost between the hardcore players with Borderlands, Torchlight and so many other game out now... even if you did buy it would be forgotten amongst all the new titles...

Let's hope it does well, because their might be a chance of us getting a Dynasty Warriors Touch or Samurai Warriors Touch in the future!

I was expecting my copy of Brutal Legend to arrive last week, so I wasn't sure what to play since I hate stop playing a game because I got another arrived... That's how I got a backlog in the first place!

As of this moment, it has yet to arrive...

I don't know why I played an RPG, maybe because I thought it would be hilarious if I beat a whole RPG before the game arrived?

Titan Quest is basically Diablo in ancient Greece where you fight mythical creatures from Greek mythology, except.... Halfway through the game you decide to go to Egypt... and then to Asia...

You'd think the change of scenery would make the game more refreshing but it actually pissed me off... What? Couldn't they find enough Greek ghouls to fill up a whole game? There are three God of War games and I don't remember them having to borrow monsters from other mythologies!

Frankly the game started to bore me when I reached the end of the Greek storyline and I was hoping that would be the end and when I saw it was just the mid point I got pretty pissed at the game...

The enemies aren't that hard unless they swarm you and the game is so generous with potions that all I had to do was stand in front of a boss and attack while constantly hitting the potion button...

The ending was lame and the expansion pack has you playing the WHOLE thing again but with an extra mission at the end.... Why can't you let me play the new stuff directly? This is an RPG! You can't expect me to play the whole thing again just for a final mission!

I hadn't even tried my copy of Bionic Commando and since my copy of Brutal Legend was going to arrive during the weekend I could just play it while I waited for Monday...

I don't know why they made the hero a swearing dreadlocks gravelly guy, but once you use the code and he looks like he should it stopped bothering me...

Making a sequel to a game this old is a tough challenge if you're doing it in 3D and not a 2D one like on XBLA or Wii Ware...

But gameplay-wise? It was pretty good! You start off with no arm at all and you slowly gain your arm and new powers as you progress through the game, once you can simply grapple enemies and throw them around it gets really fun!

But the first act is rather tame... I only started to get into it when I reach the second act, once you start having fights with more than one mecha it gets REALLY interesting...

The challenges also made the game a bit more fun, trying out what they ask you to do is usually fun AND challenging!

But the story... it was rather dumb... specially the ending... I can't help to feel the game was rushed, specially seeing how the act kept getting shorter and shorter and how thing made less sense when I got closer to the ending.... Skip the next paragraph if you don't want spoilers...

Why did Super Joe betray us? He had no reason to! And what exactly happened to Spencer's wife? They are trying to say she's the arm, but the arm is robotic! Are her memories in there? Is here brain in there? It doesn't make sense! Then again, if this was an anime and they said... "My wife is in my arm" I would just shrug...

Overall, I starts slow, gets better and ends oddly... It would have been much better with a little more polish storywise, and maybe make the acts more even, but it was still pretty fun...

I only played some iPhone games....

Family Guy: Uncensored is almost worth it for the Mega Man parody level... except the game is so short it will probably end as quick as an actual episode of the show... But it also has the chicken fight scene...

Hook Champ has a cool retro look and it's all about grappling along a series of levels being chased by a curse that won't let you leave the temple with it's idol... It's so challenging I haven't beaten it yet, but I don't mind... It's that good!

Hopefully I'll finally be able to play Brutal Legend this week?