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So Before you get the wrong idea about my feelings towards RE5, let me just say i love the game itself and
have put countless hours into it. Up until the realese of the dlc my love remained unwavering. But then
capcom went and lied to us! They lied to the very people who make it possible for them to continue what they
love doing...making games. Im not so much angry at the fact that it cost money for disk based content im
angry at the fact that they tried to lie to us and cover up the fact that they undoutably were planning to charge
us for disk based content . Prince of Persia offered similar content but was completly honest about the nature
of the download. Having said that the dlc is great and adds countless hours to an already great game. Truth
be told A 5 offered an amazing gameplay experince that i will forever be grateful for But like many things it
leaves a bad taste in my mouth at the lies of capcom and there lack of respect for us, their Fans.

Having tackled the inevitable Re5 dlc rant I will now tackle the Main Beast it self. Re5 offers amazing
gameplay with somewhat unexpected tweeks that harken back to the origin of the series. It may seem odd not
to be able to move and shoot at the same time but not as odd as it feels for me every time one of my
aquantinces turns on there xbox, puts in halo 3 and preceeds to shout obsenities into the microphone. While
the survival horror element of the previous titles is undoutable tuned down to almost abismal levels, it features
gorgeus visuals which make the game a truly engrossing experince and gameplay refinments that make it
stand out from its previous titles. If you have not already played RE5 yourself I reccomened that you do one of
two things. A) Bang your head against your computer screen until you bleed, or B) TRY IT OUT!

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