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Takeshi avatar 2:00 PM on 09.12.2009
PS3 Saturday Night Shooter: WARHAWK

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Saturday again. Which means we get together to play one single kick-ass shooter for the whole night. Or at least for a long time. Last week we had a blast playing Resistance 2 CO-OP. Which also means SNS was a success. This week we're gonna check if Warhawk is still the great shooter we all know (spoiler: it is!).


Game name: Dtoid-SNS Password: TOID Time: 9:30 EST Host: Elsa (PSN: Elsa)

I'm going to mold SNS into something a bit different next week. Maybe let people vote whatever Shooter they really want to play on Saturday. Because honestly I don't really know who will play with us tonight. And I certainly don't want to be the guy who decides what we're gonna play and cram a game down everybody's throat. But I know out of experience that people are a bit lazy and rather want to see someone else create something and decide for them.

There are a couple of other things too. I know a few people would rather play on Sunday. Elsa is always having romantic dinners with an Old Snake look-a-like. Shipero is usually doing something else and I don't really care but I have to stay up 'till 9 am two days in a row rendering my well earned weekend almost completely useless (meaning I can't play on Sundays).

Now I need to shave my head and face because I look like a Gibbon. So if I don't show up at 9, I might have drowned myself in my imaginary bathtub.

Dtoid, get your games on! But most of all have fun!

(p.s. I couldn't create a theme for this week because I kind of did that yesterday already. I got a great idea for next week so keep your eyes peeled).

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