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Takeshi avatar 10:30 PM on 09.14.2009  (server time)
PS3: Firmware 3.01 now live and a question for you while you're downloading.

(Obviously a short-blog. You weren't expecting me to write a novel about a firmware update now did you?)

Just mere minutes ago Sony release the new 3.01 Firmware. I've downloaded and installed it. And that about all I can say because I don't know what the changes are.

For those who are about to get into cardiac arrest: Fear not the nice gray friendlist is still in tact. And the bigger fonts too. In fact there aren't any changes we can see. Which can only mean Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is now playable for everybody. At least that's what I'm guessing. I myself didn't have any issues with the game. So maybe the ones that had problems can enlighten us if the game now runs as smooth as before.

Now while you're updating your PS3 I want to ask you something. Can you tell me what feature you would like to see in the next Firmware? Try to keep things a bit sane will you? We all know people really enjoy typing that "those guys over at Sony are a bunch of fags". But then in all-caps and with more grammar errors. But I'm just curious about your ideas and most of all why you would love that feature.

Forgot somethin: I personally would like to see two things.

1. I would love to be able to have full control over all the features on the XMB while in a video-chat. For those that never use it, you can't look at your trophies for instance. It's great to discuss the trophies in a chat room. "How did you get that one?" "How many more trophies do you need in that particular game?" etc.

2. I would also love to have full in-game XMB while playing PS1 and PS2 games and while watching a DVD or Blu-ray. Right now if you're playing a PS1 game you will remain logged in and can receive messages and sorts but you have to quit the game to read and reply them. This is obviously a bit harder to implement but it would make the PS3 much friendlier in use.

That's all I really want. I give the PS3 a 9.5 now. If it had those functions it would get a round and sold 10.

EDIT: Sony updated their blog and it says:

"Hi everyone, PS3 system software update 3.01 is now available for download. This is an optional update that improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software."

So yeah, that's Uncharted for you.

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