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Takeshi avatar 5:24 PM on 06.03.2008  (server time)
It has arrived... Best Present Ever Edition.

This blog is dedicated to one of the finest Destructoid community members.


Read on to see why.

It started when James (Ha-Puken), Shipero, Y0j1mb0 and yours truly were playing Poker on PSN. James and Jimbo were drinking shots of Tequila and I was drinking Coke. James wanted to send me a bottle so I could join the drinking. It turned out to be impossible to send a bottle of liquor to The Netherlands so he decided to send me something else. Something way cooler. Destiny or not, it was also my birthday.

Last Friday I got a note in my mail. It said the postman tried to deliver a package from The States. But I wasn't home and I had to pay a small amount of money so he couldn't deliver it to my neighbors.

Fuck dammit, here I am waiting for this package for weeks and of all days he delivers it on Friday, the one day I have to work early! Because of the money I had to pay they couldn't deliver it on Saturday (???? maybe because that usually the day that they hire temporary workers, I don't know). No delivering on Sunday so I had to wait until Monday. When I got home from work I expected a similar note but of course nothing arrived.

Today I was waiting next to the mailbox with my camera (inside joke) but again with no avail. I called the post office and guess what happened. The bastard delivered it yesterday but he forgot to write a note.

I ran to the post office and there it was...

(pics contain girl with big melons)


Told you!

You should know what it is by looking at the spoilers.

I like your wrapping skills. I only took me an hour to get the tape off discs...

Fuck me!!! Front Mission 3!

Some really badass music. If I say badass, I mean BAD fucking ASS!!

You all know US = NTSC and Europe = PAL. That could be a problem if you don't want to mod your PS2. And what do you know, my man James took care of that as well...

...I don't know what to say... except for this: BEST PRESENT EVER!!!

That's right. No problem whatsoever. The only thing is that I will have to import every game that didn't come out in Europe. Damn you James, I will spend heaps and heaps of Euro's thanks to you!

But what's a PS2 without it's peripherals?

I'm all set now, no?

No problem, I will get a converter tomorrow. I went to the shop and it was sold out. I think the guy in the shop was full of shit but we'll see... (if any of you has a tip, I will have to find something to convert the voltage from 110 to 220)

So there you have it. This is why Ha-Puken (James Ewing) is one of the finest Destructoid Community Members. No, THE finest.

Thanks Niero and Destructoid for being able to meet such a generous person.

But most of all thank you James.
I will not forget this.

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