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6:34 AM on 08.13.2010

The Skyoshock Issue...

Before I start, I suggest you see this video right here Done? Good.

So... Irrational Games presented their new game and it's Bioshock in the air. It may seem like I'm not happy with it, but honestly I'm not sure if I'm happy or not. I just have to see more of the game first.

The problem to me is that some gamers and media are giving too much thought in it being called Bioshock: Infinite.

To one side, that apparently means it's going to be a sequel, or prequel or at least set in the same universe because, you know, it has the same name. Final Fantasy does that 13 times (more, but let's keep the spin-offs away) and no one has problems with it being different and not a sequel.
And those are the same people that if the game called "Skycity" or something they would whine about the game being like a Bioshock rip-off.

To the other side, it means that the game will be like Bioshock but in the air, so there's no purpose in playing something they already played. The story is different, the setting is different, certainly there will be some different gameplay elements.
But for some reason, if it has Bioshock in it's name it will be the same thing. Perhaps this was caused by the Bioshock 2 (that mind you, was done by a different team, like the call of duty's infinity ward and the treyarch, 2K games edition).

I think that they gave it this title to convey exactly what the Final Fantasy titles do. You're going to get a similar gameplay (read First Person Shooter), it will have some of it's known elements like the Big Daddies, plasmids, little sisters, all of them may have a different name. And it will have things that are different.

And that raises a good question? Is it that bad that the game is similar yet completely different? Didn't you hope to have the same kind of experience that wasn't the same but felt as good? I know I did.   read

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