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Jesse Cortez avatar 6:44 PM on 09.08.2009  (server time)
Post Pax 09

Post Pax 09

As I lie in bed, fever and all, I decided to try to get my post-PAX thoughts in a blog. It took nearly 20 minutes of thinking (and chatting on irc) to even know where to begin. I decided to begin here:


I was really excited for this PAX, because as you may have read last year, PAX was a life changing experience. (To read that again, click here). I knew that this PAX was going to be something completely different. This time, I had already met TONS of you, gone to a couple of industry events, so even knew the Capcom guys, and had gotten some props for starting the Dtoid Community Discusses and the DtoidSF google group. So this time, there were people there that were actually really excited to meet me!

Another reason I was totally excited was that I had been given the opportunity to BE Mr Destructoid for an hour. That experience was one that I wont ever forget. Last years PAX I was just amazed to meet the man, Niero, himself. This year I was able to assume his character. It was so mindboggling how receptive people were to Mr. Destructoid. Some merely wanted to take a picture with the guy in the robot head, but one girl ran pretty much across the hall saying. ďIím sorryÖ.I just really want to shake your hand and say thanks.Ē That was in itself pretty amazing, and so true for my feeling to Mr. Dtoid himself.

The next highlight I think would have to be the Dtoid panel. Seeing the group that was there, all to support our website, was amazing (same goes with the HAWP panel) And if you havenít seen it yet, the performance by Chad and the community was AMAZING! I was pretty much bouncing in my seat the whole time :D

The show floor! I donít know what to say about the show floor other than I cant say I was there very often. I played a couple of games (which Iíll talk about on the DCD), but more than anything the show floor was just a collection of all the things that make me happy. Videogames, TCGís cosplayers, gaming tournaments, etc. I made a point to even make it to the freeplay area, to beat Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers! (Best game of all time :D)

I made this PAX trip not knowing what to expect, but I also made this trip with my best friend from college, Joshhest. From the moment I introduced you guys, it was exactly what I expected. Everyone in the community welcomed him as if he had been on the site forever, and I just want to say thanks to you all for being such an awesome community.

I wanted to give personal thanks here, but that would be impossible. I KNOW Iíd forget someone and feel horrible. So if I talked to you at all this weekend then I love you more than words can describe. I do want to give a special shoutout to Team Fedora however. I was amazed at how many of you joined the good cause, and although we didnít get like a group pic, Iíll try to put something together celebrating us all :D

Anyway, I need to take a nap to sleep off this stupid flu that I got (that we ALL got) so thatís about it. I donít know how to end this either, so Iíll just do it here.




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