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Tablet's blog

5:40 PM on 06.01.2008

If you love it, buy it: Piracy

(I'm taking a spin on "If you love it,change it" because I felt like it) The dictionary defines piracy as: “Practice of a pirate; robbery or illegal violence at sea.” No, wait that’s not right, oh here it is: “Th...   read

7:24 AM on 04.26.2008

The Moment my 360 Died


4:55 PM on 03.05.2008

Video Games brought up in my job interview

Ok before I begin a little info, I am currently in my second year at university and I'm studying Product Design Technology blah blah blah lol, anyway for my third year I'm suposed to do a placement in industry to get a wider ...   read

5:58 PM on 03.02.2008

The Best 15 I've spent in a while

On thursday just gone I was bored, I'd had enough of level grinding on Blue Dragon and I wasnt in the mood to do any work so what did I do? I went to my local games shop where I found The Legend of Zelda 4 Swords Adventures f...   read

5:44 PM on 02.16.2008

Just a Quick Hello

Yep I'm new, throw stones at your own will. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Dan a gamer of sec... 15 almost 16 years. I love: 2D Handhelds RPGs/Puzzles/Arcade Shmups!!! I hate: People (not all but most) Ro...   read

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