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TVs Frank's blog

6:48 PM on 02.17.2008

Sonic 2, Halo 3, and other games I never bothered to finish

When I don't finish a game, I tend to view it as a failure on the game's part, and not on mine. I mean, I just spent 50 USD on a game, I'd like to get 'my money's worth' by playing through all of it. You know? One example of ...   read

11:00 PM on 02.15.2008

I never finished an RPG

Wait...scratch that...I finished Paper Mario. Ahh, good game. Rpgs, they're like little adventures you can take. A dumbed down version of a fantasy novel. I buy them thinking "oh boy, this will occupy my time" but like a few...   read

1:51 PM on 02.05.2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Car Mods

Racing games, they have cars. One of the common themes in racing games is that you spend your race "winnings" on "parts" that make your car go marginally faster. When Need for Speed Underground came out, one could add Body ki...   read

9:40 PM on 02.03.2008

First Blog

First! you know, I didn't have a blog header image when I first made my avatar image. I figured "eh, I'll do it tomorrow" and when I submitted the form the site gave me some weird message that was like "Bad header URL ARF ARF" Then when I tried deleting an uploaded image, it was like "BARK BARK are you sure? BARK BARK" this, this is why I came here.   read

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