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TSuereth's blog

9:35 PM on 01.20.2010

49 Reasons You Need a PSPGo Right Now!

Until earlier today, I wasn't at all interested in owning a PSPGo. I might've been able to come up with, say, five reasons why someone might want one - and couldn't really say if any of them applied to me. But then I saw th...   read

10:14 AM on 01.01.2010

A Whole Freakin' Year - What I Played in 2009

Despite some unhealthy workaholism, I managed to play quite a few games last year. Many I finished; some I didn't; and several, I only tried the demo, which may not even be worth considering. Nevertheless! Every game I pla...   read

5:53 PM on 12.24.2009

Archaeological Discovery: Connectix Virtual Game Station

As unearthed from a closet while visiting my parents for the holiday Connectix Virtual Game Station is a Mac application for emulating the Sony PlayStation. I used this to play Final Fantasy VII (and later, Final Fantasy T...   read

3:03 AM on 12.17.2009

A Modest Review Proposal

Re: Why do we use review scores? I completely agree that review scores are easy, painless, and extremely convenient, even if they are an imperfect metric of a game's worth. I myself put non-trivial stock in Metacritic avera...   read

2:30 AM on 11.25.2009

I've Meant to Mention: Steam Business and other sundries

Every time I read my news feeds, I mark items that strike me as good blogging fodder. But lately I've been tied up at work and haven't had much chance to delve into a lot of these. So here are my brief, dumb opinions on s...   read

9:05 PM on 11.08.2009

Adventures in Awful Writing: Bionic Commando

In which I spoil the entire plot of Bionic Commando (2009), and your life becomes worse for it, as has my own. From 8- and 16-bit classics whose entire plot fit in a single paragraph, to Japanese RPGs translated into English...   read

1:10 AM on 10.08.2009

On War, Activision, and Sick Filth

Recently, a high-profile game has come under fire for using realistic settings and events to depict a bloody conflict. The game's makers - whatever their intentions - are so short-sighted that they've completely ignored the ...   read

4:38 AM on 09.27.2009

Inappropriate Rivalry - Batman: Arkham Asylum vs. Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Both Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) and Golden Axe: Beast Rider (2008) have fairly, let's say rich ancestry. The original Golden Axe is an unforgettable classic that you might still dick around with in the company of two frien...   read

3:34 AM on 09.21.2009

GEEK OUT - Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

On Monday (that's ... today!) the Federal Communications Commission is expected to lay out some official rules regarding Net Neutrality, a hot-button issue for Slashdotters and other super-nerds over the past few years. Ever...   read

12:43 AM on 09.03.2009

Pikmin, Overlord, Little King's Story - European Connection?

Source images fair-use-stolen from Codemasters, Marvelous, Nintendo I was talking with a co-worker earlier about Overlord, which I'd finally gotten around to starting yesterday, and am in love with. He recently started pla...   read

2:00 AM on 09.01.2009

Thanks, Assho- uh, Tim Langdell

Source image from the IGDA website, still not updated to reflect his departure Tim Langdell is kind of a dick. As kind of a dick myself, I should know. Now, I may never have incited a legal tussle over the word "edge" - b...   read

9:46 PM on 08.17.2009

Let's Google Investigate: SouthPeak chairman Terry Phillips

I needed a few minutes to cool off at work today - unfortunately there was no liquor nearby - so I dove into the Joystiq source for Matthew Razak's story on the SouthPeak/Gamecock/owed-monies scandal from the other day. It i...   read

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