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TARDIScast avatar 3:48 PM on 08.27.2010  (server time)
TARDIScast Episode 7: The Sensorcast, or...Alien Neckbeards!

Yes, TARDIScast still exists! Things have been busy lately, so we're actually two episodes ahead on recording! So, time to start catching up. Another episode might be posted in the next few days to catch up, and some of us might be doing something at PAX!

In this episode, we "enjoy" The Sensorites, a story which was...mediocre, to say the least. More bland than bad, we were still able to point out some funny situations, helped immensely by Chris being in a state of semi-delirium brought on by the medication he was on. At least the aliens in the story were somewhat creative, which led to our second segment, where we discuss the new aliens that have been created for the modern DW series. Some of them are pretty interesting, while others...well, just look at this guy. In the interests of catching up, the show notes are limited again, but hopefully by now any regular listening knows the kind of weirdness that goes on during a usual episode.

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Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), Matt (blindchef), David (Hei), and SPECIAL GUEST STAR Chris (Scion of Mogo).

00:24: Intros.
02:35: Segment 1: Classic Who Review: The Sensorites.
34:44: Segment 2: Aliens in Doctor Who.
58:54: Closing.
1:22:54: Post-show bonus: Some more of Chris' drug-addled brain!

"Next Week": We cover some (now-outdated) Who news, and take a look at another historical story: The Reign of Terror!

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