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TARDIScast avatar 2:00 PM on 08.05.2010  (server time)
TARDIScast Episode 6: The Podtecs, or The Doctor Gets Hot Coff…Chocolate…

After a week of delays, TARDIScast is back on track! For the handful of you who care, that is.

In this week's episode, we took at look at The Aztecs, one of the shows best historical serials. Not only was the a lot of attention paid to historical detail (especially considering the show's low budget!), but all the actors get some nice scenes of their own. The villain is also amazing, with the Richard III-esque bloodthirsty priest Tlotoxl. Seeing as the Doctor gets engaged to an Aztec woman in this story, our second topic is about the Doctor and romance. For the most part, romantic/sexual tension has been a common theme for the show since it rebooted, but was that a good thing? Were their precedents in the classic stories of the Doctor being a skirt-chaser?

Also, this episode ended up being quite crazy, with all kinds of inappropriate jokes and non sequiturs. I didn't even know where to start doing specific show notes! Don't miss Chris' hilarious Christopher Walken impression, which he uses throughout the episode!

(Direct Download)

Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), David (Hei), and SPECIAL GUEST STAR Chris (Scion of Mogo).

0:33: Intros.
2:30: Segment 1: Classic Who Review: The Aztecs.
39:57: Segment 2: The Doctor in Love.
1:20:37: Closing.
1:22:54: Post-show bonus: We look at this list of the "hottest female companions".

On the DVD for the story, the voice actors for the villains came back 40 years later to record an animated guide to making chocolate! Seriously!

I hope your reaction to this episode is like when the Doctor found out he got engaged:

Next Week: Be prepared for the scariest aliens even known, in The Sensorites! Also, we'd always like ideas for our next theme topic to cover. Or, perhaps, should we start covering the Doctor Who spinoffs (Torchwood, etc.)?

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