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3:48 PM on 08.27.2010

TARDIScast Episode 7: The Sensorcast, or...Alien Neckbeards!

Yes, TARDIScast still exists! Things have been busy lately, so we're actually two episodes ahead on recording! So, time to start catching up. Another episode might be posted in the next few days to catch up, and some of us might be doing something at PAX!

In this episode, we "enjoy" The Sensorites, a story which was...mediocre, to say the least. More bland than bad, we were still able to point out some funny situations, helped immensely by Chris being in a state of semi-delirium brought on by the medication he was on. At least the aliens in the story were somewhat creative, which led to our second segment, where we discuss the new aliens that have been created for the modern DW series. Some of them are pretty interesting, while others...well, just look at this guy. In the interests of catching up, the show notes are limited again, but hopefully by now any regular listening knows the kind of weirdness that goes on during a usual episode.

(Direct Download)

Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), Matt (blindchef), David (Hei), and SPECIAL GUEST STAR Chris (Scion of Mogo).

00:24: Intros.
02:35: Segment 1: Classic Who Review: The Sensorites.
34:44: Segment 2: Aliens in Doctor Who.
58:54: Closing.
1:22:54: Post-show bonus: Some more of Chris' drug-addled brain!

"Next Week": We cover some (now-outdated) Who news, and take a look at another historical story: The Reign of Terror!

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2:00 PM on 08.05.2010

TARDIScast Episode 6: The Podtecs, or The Doctor Gets Hot Coff…Chocolate…

After a week of delays, TARDIScast is back on track! For the handful of you who care, that is.

In this week's episode, we took at look at The Aztecs, one of the shows best historical serials. Not only was the a lot of attention paid to historical detail (especially considering the show's low budget!), but all the actors get some nice scenes of their own. The villain is also amazing, with the Richard III-esque bloodthirsty priest Tlotoxl. Seeing as the Doctor gets engaged to an Aztec woman in this story, our second topic is about the Doctor and romance. For the most part, romantic/sexual tension has been a common theme for the show since it rebooted, but was that a good thing? Were their precedents in the classic stories of the Doctor being a skirt-chaser?

Also, this episode ended up being quite crazy, with all kinds of inappropriate jokes and non sequiturs. I didn't even know where to start doing specific show notes! Don't miss Chris' hilarious Christopher Walken impression, which he uses throughout the episode!

(Direct Download)

Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), David (Hei), and SPECIAL GUEST STAR Chris (Scion of Mogo).

0:33: Intros.
2:30: Segment 1: Classic Who Review: The Aztecs.
39:57: Segment 2: The Doctor in Love.
1:20:37: Closing.
1:22:54: Post-show bonus: We look at this list of the "hottest female companions".

On the DVD for the story, the voice actors for the villains came back 40 years later to record an animated guide to making chocolate! Seriously!


I hope your reaction to this episode is like when the Doctor found out he got engaged:

Next Week: Be prepared for the scariest aliens even known, in The Sensorites! Also, we'd always like ideas for our next theme topic to cover. Or, perhaps, should we start covering the Doctor Who spinoffs (Torchwood, etc.)?

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5:22 PM on 07.21.2010

TARDIScast Episode 5: The Podcast of Marinus, Or Kung-Fu Chesterton!

Another week, another episode of classic Doctor Who for TARDIScast to review! This week, we looked at the less-appreciated serial, The Keys of Marinus. There were plenty of curious and funny moments in the story that were brought up, not to mention brains in jars, dollar-store traps, stagehand groping and Hagrid the sex offender! Before talking about the serial, we went over our personal best and worst episodes of new Doctor Who.

(Direct Download)

Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), Matt (blindchef) (who unfortunately had to leave early due to technical issues), David (Hei), and SPECIAL GUEST STAR Chris (Scion of Mogo).

0:30: Intros.
2:04: Segment 1: Favorite Doctor Who episodes (2005-present).
17:35: Segment 2: Worst Doctor Who episodes (2005-present).
25:14: Derek’s rant about The End of Time.
50:42: Segment 3: Classic Who Review: The Keys of Marinus.
1:14:02: No means no, Hagrid!
1:28:45: Wait. Why did they get into this mess in the first place?
1:36:25: End of show farewells, pimping and future episode discussion.

Next Week: Get your sacrificial knives ready for The Aztecs!

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7:13 PM on 07.16.2010

Oh god no! Not fan fic!!

The TARDIScast cast wants YOU to find us the worst doctor who fan fic!

With the help of listeners like you and the power of alcohol the TARDIScast cast will do a reading of the worst doctor who fan fic you can send us if we reach our goal of 350 subscribers! Send us your submissions before July 31st at [email protected] The cast will choose which one they believe is the worst and do a very special reading of it during an episode of TARDIScast. So send your story to us now and may the worst story win!   read

5:22 PM on 07.14.2010

TARDIScast Episode 4: The Podcast of Destruction

This week we looked at the...unique...2-part serial The Edge of Destruction. Apparently, though, the technical glitches and memory loss that affected the TARDIS and crew in the story seemed to rub off on us. We had initially recorded a segment where we went over our favorite episodes of the new (2005) series, but unfortunately that, along with our original intro, were lost. So, we went back and recorded a replacement intro, as well as editing things around so we could end up having something close to a regular episode. The first "segment" is a somewhat random discussion about Doctor Who, starting from a question about who we'd like to play the Doctor in the future. Later, we move on to our discussion about The Edge of Destruction, in which we were just as bewildered and confused as Ian was when he tried to strangle the Doctor and Barbara!

(Direct Download)

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), Matt (blindchef), David (Hei), and our guest, Ryu89! Special appearance by Special Guest Star Chris (Scion of Mogo).

1:09: Intros and Apologies.
3:35: Listener Question: Who should play the Doctor next?
5:10: Obama Doctor?
9:05: Bill Nye, The Doctor Guy!
11:24: Companion ideas. Jamie the Highlander: There can only be one!
19:42: Doctor Jean-Luc Picard.
24:26: Barbara's crowning moment of awesome!
24:54: Segment 2: Classic Who Review: The Edge of Destruction.
28:10: Ian's Insanity. With a montage!
40:10: The good ol' pre-Internet spoiler days.
50:17: Blame it on the spring.
57:20: A longer than usual conclusion, and some shout-outs to other podcasts.

Next Week: The formulaic (on multiple levels) adventure The Keys of Marinus, and we'll redo our segment on favorite nuWho episodes, along with our most despised ones.

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3:24 PM on 07.06.2010

TARDIScast Episode 3: The Dead Podcast, Or...Ian Chesterton: Dalek Kicker!

With no more new episodes of Doctor Who for a while, TARDIScast is going to keep on doing our serial-by-serial review of classic Doctor Who. This week, we cover the very first Dalek serial from 1963 (appropriately called The Daleks), where Ian Chesterton continues to prove that he is the best male companion ever! He's a science teacher who also knows how to: convince pacifists to become warriors, go spelunking in caves, pull off Metal Gear Dalek, and pretty much do everything that's needed to save the TARDIS crew's lives. As well, we also have a segment where we tell our personal stories about how we first started watching Doctor Who.

(Direct Download)
(Get it on iTunes once it's up!)

Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack (JackShadow), Molly (Mollygos), Matt (blindchef), David (Hei), and SPECIAL GUEST STAR, Chris (Scion of Mogo).

0:50: Intros.
3:30: Segment 1: How we discovered Doctor Who.
6:30: K-9 BattleBots and Vacuum Daleks!
9:55: Derek's a historian, so he has a long story about Doctor Who.
21:53: Some Doctor Who histories from our listeners.
27:55: Colin Baker: Bad Doctor, or bad scripts?
30:48: How does Molly pronounce Eccleston?
32:30: Segment 2: Classic Who Review: The Daleks.
36:00: The Thals, wearing Sub-Zero costumes and tight leather pants!
41:50: Dalek tipping.
44:55: More mispronounciations: Brimley, Alydon, Darlings, and (48:53) Anti-radiation gloves!
1:12:50: Badass teacher Ian.
1:14:18: Tangential topic: Can Rory be the next Ian?
1:21:00: Ian always saves the day!
1:26:13: Closing and Links.

Next Week: Some strange psychotic shenanigans inside the TARDIS, in The Edge of Destruction. As well, we'll go over our favorite episodes of modern Doctor Who. Which episode(s) are your favorites?

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1:30 PM on 06.29.2010

TARDIScast Episode 2: The Podorica Opens, Or...Release The Crack-en!

Series 5 of Doctor Who ended this past weekend, so TARDIScast recorded a full episode devoted to talking about the finale episodes, The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. We also offered some predictions and hopes for what we’ll see in the future of the show. Molly and Matt couldn’t make it this week, but Chris and Griff (our new token Brit) filled their shoes admirably.

(Direct Download)

Show Notes:

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack (JackShadow), David (Hei), Chris (Scionofmogo), Griff (Mark Griffiths).

1:30: General impressions of the finale.
6:30: Villain predictions.
30:00: Catchphrases?
38:00: Why doesn’t Rory turn into this?
47:15: Coalition of the Stupid.
1:03:30: Segment 2: The Future of Doctor Who.
1:39:30: Captain Jack the War Amp, and John Barrowman pick-up lines!
1:49:00: Outro and Links.

Next Week: We go back to our reviews of classic Doctor Who, with a look at The Daleks.

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11:38 AM on 06.27.2010

TARDIScast Episode 2 Records Today! (Thoughts on the finale)

So, as most of you Doctor Who fans know, last night was the season (or series, to use the British term) finale for the show. I'm sure a lot of you have watched it by now, and so has the TARDIScast cast! For our second episode of TARDIScast, we'll be giving our reactions to the two-part finale (The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang), our overall impressions of the season, and maybe our predictions/dreams for where the show will go from here.

The usual cast will be here, and we'll try to bring on some guests (pretty much whoever gets a hold of one of us on Skype) to share their thoughts. Even though the finale has given us a lot to talk about, we'd always like to have your questions. Was there something about the finale that you particularly liked, disliked, or didn't understand? Do you think the series is going in a good direction? Where would you like Doctor Who to go next? Are fezzes cool? Let us know! (And if you've got a very spoilery question, send it to us at [email protected])

Also, there will be dancing!

(Credit to Analoge for the gif)   read

7:12 PM on 06.24.2010

New Thread!

TARDIScast now has its own thread!

We are currently looking for any brits out there to join us for an episode or two so if you are interested shoot us an email or just post here!

This week we will be talking about the finale as well as the dalek episodes from the classic series.   read

3:56 PM on 06.22.2010

TARDIScast Episode 1: An Unearthly Podcast

Aaaaand welcome to TARDIScast, a new Doctor Who podcast by members of the Destructoid community! Every week, we’ll talk about Doctor Who news, in-depth topics on the series, and our story-by-story roundup of every Doctor Who serial.

Being our first episode (and the first time that some of us had ever talked to each other), the discussion went all over the place. We tried to catch up on everything that’s gone on in Series 5, as well as the show in general. In future, things will hopefully get a bit more focused and organized. Here’s some rough show notes:

(Direct Download)

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Molly (Mollygos), Jack (JackShadow), Hei, Matt.

0:00-5:30: Intros and general rambling.

5:30-48:50: Thoughts on Series 5, Matt Smith, Amy Pond, Steven Moffat (Spoilers for everything up to The Lodger)

48:50-1:24:20: Classic Who Review: An Unearthly Child

1:24:20-1:28:19: Wrap-up and Ending

Next Week: Thoughts on The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, and a review of The Daleks.

Send your questions and comments to: [email protected]

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12:05 PM on 06.19.2010

TARDIScast: Wanna help?

Hello! A few members of the Destructoid community are trying to put together a Doctor Who community podcast. The first episode records tonight at 2PM PST (that's 5PM EST, and 10PM London time).

At the moment, the cast consists of Guncannon, JackShadow, Mollygos, Hei, and possibly Analoge.

We'll be getting together on Skype to discuss last week's episode, "The Lodger", and the very first ever episode of Doctor Who aired in 1963, "An Unearthly Child", among other topics.

This is somewhat of a test-run episode to see what works and what doesn't, so if you'd like to be involved or have a specific topic you'd like us to discuss, leave us a comment below.   read

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