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Location: Deep in the Ancient Mountains of Western North Carolina

Gaming Obsession: I've been playing games, both pen and paper and on consoles for over 20 years.
I got started way back when with the Atari and now I'm on to the Holy Trinity (Wii/360/PS3).

About Me: I'm going to take a cue from KRA1D and just post a few pics in no specific order to illustrate some of my likes and inspirations rather than to drone on with teh text...

El Hombre Invisible

My Grrl Samus

My favorite Anthropologist, Franz

H.P. Lovecraft

The Turtleneck Monster, Chuck

Mr. William Gibson aka Teh Cyberpunk

My good friend from Black Mesa, Gordon

Good ole' J.D.

Before High Definition Consoles Ruled The Earth ; )

I grew up around Baptists

What I studied while I was in college

What I did that actually paid my rent after college

What I do now to keep a roof over my head

That's about all the time I have for this for the now. I'll add more later, I'm sure.

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A little while back I sent our good friend Occams Electric Toothbrush a care package. I sent along a few things that were special to me, and that I thought he'd enjoy. In return, Occams thanked me as only Occams can: by promising me a package...

Here is a photographic record of the package and its contents with some personal notes:

This is what arrived in the mail. Also: for the record, why my mail carrier now wears blue rubber gloves

Here are most of the contents. There is all sorts of goodness on display here, so please: feast your eyes and nourish your soul. I insist.

This is Dr. Max Furball. He is specially trained in locating and alerting me to the presence of anthrax and other biological agents. He is giving me the "all clear" in this photo.

I really like this guy! I'm not sure of his origin, though. If anyone out there knows, please leave me a note in the comments.

A Jabba figurine was also packed in. Without really checking him out in depth, I think he can squirt liquids. I'll have to look into this further.

Here is an amazing assortment of cards! I really, really liked finding these. I was totally addicted to collecting Garbage Pail Kids when I was a youngster!

This one in particular really gets me laughing. Something about false teeth flying out of someone's mouth always brings a smile. : )

This next phase is ALL about Cthulhu. In this package I received not one, but TWO Cthulhu figurines!!! So, put on your jealousy party hats and check this shit out!

This is MINE = Not Yours

Here he is again, in MY hand = Not Your Hand

Here we are together... You know, gloating...

Here he is protecting my gear from the YLOD and RDOD. Better than any extended warranty you can get at Best Buy.

Arts & Letters:

I love this picture! One day I will visit Hopkinsville KY. I owe this to myself.

I really love his choice in stationery! A truly wonderful letter! Thanks Occams!!!!


I won't divulge what's on this mix cd. But I will say that it has been glued into my ride's cd player since day one. Truly AMAZING!

And in tit-for-tat tradition: here is what I am working on in return... This is a rough draft, and I will eventually get around to filing off the rough edges and mailing out the cd. Oh, this is NSFW or anywhere else for that matter.


Well, that about wraps it up. Thanks again for all the wonderful things! You've brought me many, many smiles my good man! And, if you luck out Destructoid readers, you too could find something like this in your mail.

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