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I am 15 I have an Xbox and I like games (obviously)some of my favourites include: Bioshock, Cod 4, Halo 3, Tales of Symphonia, Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode One, Half Life 2: Episode Two, Gears of war, Gears of war 2, Final fantasy 1-12, Dead Space, WoW, all Mario Karts, Mario 64, Super Mario World, .hack//gu vol. 1-3, Animal Crossing(GCN/DS), Pokemon and many more.

I listen to music and I play guitar and trumpet. I also listen to failcast (woo) and think it's awesome.

I am fairly new and I apologise if I have any spelling mistakes in my posts and/or this (I will fix them if I notice or if anyone points them out), Also who doesn't love zombies
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T snitch
4:43 PM on 03.13.2010
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