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SystemFZero avatar 8:58 AM on 01.19.2009  (server time)
Top ten things I like about SEGA

Though i owned all things Nintendo when i grew up, but I still had a small place in my heart for the blue hedgehog (thats long gone now). I was jealous of Sonics pixel shading, and back then if it was prettier and shinier I just had to have it.
Unfortunately i never got a Master System or a Megadrive or err actually anything Sega, but then that was about it for Sega consoles that were not just over priced peripherals. My best friend at the time did have both of them, and for some reason she had OutRun, the day i played that game is the day my life changed FOREVER! so i basically ended up getting quite addicted to Outrun. (this blog is not biased towards the game OutRun what so ever)


10- Sonic the hedgehog, in 16 bit hes was a pixel god, but will remain at number 10 as Sega has screwed sonic royally up his blue backside.

9- NiGHTS... ON THE SATURN! before you lot say anything!

8- Yu Suzuki, the ex Sega gaming god and creator of such arcade gems, as Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, After Burner II, Hang-On and not forgetting the godly beast know by kings and profits alike, OutRun.

7-Club Sega - Japan, probably the greatest place in the world, probably the place I spent most money in whilst in Tokyo, and I plan on doing that again in March. I will stand and watch businessmen playing games, Have a cheeky grape ice lolly, because they are there in vending machines in Club Sega, buy something random and unseen till you get it, because its in a vending machine in Club Sega, I will play OutRun 2006 SP and lose because I'm playing against a Japanese business man but i will win sexy lady figures in UFO catcher machines to do with my other sexy lady figures. (thats all you can win)

6-My Uni days were some of the greatest days of my life, or maybe i should rephrase that to stupidly early mornings. Not promoting mindless vandalism here, but seriously, it feels so good, and Hull needed brightening up anyway.
"Float like a fly like a butterfly" well it was more like "extra oil and MSG"
So lets thank Jet Set Radio for existing so that Hull should look more beautiful, less inbred, and less as if the T-virus has entered the building and trashed the whole city.

5- Sega should really employ me to be there official Space Channel 5 Ulala! I think i could pull it off, if anyone actually knew who i was. "no I'm not from Jet Set Radio!"

4- The sexy exotic locations in OutRun, guaranteed to make a cold raining grey day much more lovely. Where else can you go from palm tree lined beaches, dusty desert trails, icy caverns and starry nights followed by European cities and ancient ruins all in approximately 15 minutes.

3- The Ferrari brand in OutRun, the closest I'll ever get to drive my dream car, the 360 Spider. God bless you Sega.

2- Drifting in OutRun, Picture yourself sat in the OutRun 2006 SP arcade machine in the Trocerdo on good ol Landan taaan, crowds of people behind you watching your mad skills, getting to the last track and beating Richard Jacques, (Sorry rich, i know you will take your revenge and kick my ass when its on on xbox live arcade.)

But If it wasn't for OutRun, I probably wouldn't like racers as much, leading me into being kick ass at sh*t racers like Kotobuki Grand Prix and Chocobo Racing and games that are actually worth something like MSR, Project Gotham and various forms of Mario Kart. Also telling my ex-employee about my actual obsession with OutRun lead to me developing racing games and I probably wouldn't of been part of the Need for Speed Design team. Yes I know, its nothing to be proud about (believe me I know...)
So thank you Sega, for creating OutRun, so that one day, i will make sh*t realistic racers for a living!

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